Posterous Joins Twitter

It’s been just over two years since we first launched our Posterous importer and I never could have predicted how the blogging space would evolve so quickly in that time. As you may have seen in the news today, the Posterous team is joining Twitter, which we know will be exciting for our friends at Twitter and well-earned for Posterous co-founder Sachin Agarwal.

We’ve had an over 250% spike in the number of imports the past few hours, so it seems timely to recap how the importer works:

  1. Sign up for a new blog.
  2. In your dashboard, go to Tools → Import and click on “Posterous.”
  3. Enter your Posterous login details, and we’ll email you when the import completes!
  4. Take the time while it’s running to have a sarsaparilla, then explore some of the great designs available for, and start following your favorite blogs from your account so that you can read them all in one place.

Once you’re all set up, you can easily create new posts with the New Post button at the top of your screen, and you can also publish posts by email.

If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 support staff for help.

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  • Mar 13, 2012 @ 5:40 pm
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  1. testbeta (@testbeta)

    aha cashing on competition going off? so there is now blogger and wordpress tumblr is more of a reblogging thing mostly photoblog? oh now i see how many accounts and blogs of mine would go if they shut it down! posterous going! realized it just now how it would affect me! oh! but then you guys don’t have free uploading of music! do you? yeah yeah space upgrades!

  2. Cathy

    This is nice :)

  3. Sajib

    Hehe, good timing for bringing in new people. I still don’t understand why people use other platform (unless they require extensive editing option) rather than ignoring its beautiful themes and amazing features — all for free.

    Hope to have some new folks!

  4. Photography Contest

    Big news for Posterous, Twitter, and WordPress. I’ve used the importer to from my self-hosted WP blog and it works well!

  5. farfourr

    very good information Brian thank you so much

  6. chuckrenfroe

    at the risk of looking foolish…what the hell is ‘posterous’?

  7. Marc Phillippe Babineau

    Looks like a great new addition to the many tools that make WordPress the best all-around web hosting site! Thanks for the heads up and all of the new, innovative additions you keep making for us here!

  8. worldofdub

    Does the current functionality only cover Posterous spaces that use the URL rather than those that use a non-posterous domain name?

  9. worldofdub

    Update to comment – just check in Posterous & you can still get to spaces that are using custom domains with the URL.

    Note to self – RTFM before posting comments.

    • Daryl L. L. Houston

      At present, you can still get to URLs too. And many people may stick with Posterous. Presumably, if Twitter decides to shut the service down, both and custom domain blogs will go away. We’re just trying to make sure people who’re nervous about the change know we’re ready to welcome them. :)

  10. atmystyle

    who is Posterous?

  11. Chorwin

    I had experience this before, so, when I started my new blog years ago, I trust here…
    Hopefully it will continue to be available even after I RIP. :P

  12. nalub7

    Congratulations! Very good!

  13. GADEL

    Wow! Thank God I’m already on WordPress.

  14. SabaneroX

    I think there’s no need to run from Posterous so far, Posterous is still working good and Twitter haven’t stated anything about shutting down, I keep a blog on wordpress, and a lighter blog on Posterous and I see no reason to shut down my posterous space to bring it into wordpress, at least not now.

    • Daryl L. L. Houston

      There’s not been an announcement about Posterous shutting down, but it’s tempting to interpret the Posterous announcement that they’ll be working to help users figure out how to backup and export their blogs as a hint that a shut-down is on the horizon. It does sound like even if the service is to be shut down, Posterous/Twitter is going to be good to their users and help with a transition. So there’s probably no need for alarm or anything. We did want to make sure we were ready to embrace any users who did want to go ahead and migrate, though.

  15. connieflynn

    I have no idea what any of this means. Could you speak in plain English please?

    • Daryl L. L. Houston

      Posterous is another blogging service. If you don’t have a Posterous blog already, then you can just ignore this posting. If you do have one (it sounds like you don’t) and are nervous about Twitter’s purchase of the company (such purchases sometimes lead to shut-down of or drastic changes to the original service), then we wanted to make sure our users knew we had an importer that would help with migrating Posterous content to

  16. timethief

    I don’t have a Posterous blog to import but I do know others who have and who will be using the importer. Thanks for both the importer and the announcement.

  17. NSpeaks

    It would be great if you could fix the version of the importer as well. Its broken.

  18. Alex©

    It’s a lil bit too late. I had deleted my posterous blog after copy-paste it to my blog. But anyway… this is a cool importer. May be you guys can help us about import-export from wordpress to blogspot also? There’s a problem with its size limitation :(

  19. jstrommen

    It’s too bad for Posterous. Twitter hasn’t really done much for Tweetdeck since acquiring that service. They’ll essentially do what most other companies do in this situation is take what they like and let the service phase itself out. I’ve already transitioned my main sites off Posterous and have them backed up on So thankful for the import feature, WordPress!

  20. kapeka

    Damn. I just recently discovered posterous spaces as replacement for MobileMe Gallery. Their image posting feature is great and the ability to manage members and followers seemed quite simple. Well, seems I will have to try to set that up in WordPress now.

  21. tranquilspace

    Well, I suppose it IS preposterous that I’d never heard of posterous, but it looks like this news makes the world post-posterous, so I guess it hardly matters any more :)

  22. they still let me vote

    Will this lead to a new word in the language:


    …and – if so – should it be hyphenated?

  23. Aleister Nacht

    Good luck with broadening your market for bloggers. Thanks for the “heads up”.


  24. scroungelady

    Welcome and keep on bloggin’.

  25. Wayne

    Is there a wordpress to Posterous importer?


  26. aspectsofwriting

    This is great congratulations

  27. myspanishtranslator

    Brilliant! :-)

  28. mommy miel

    ok nice to hear about it i mean nice to read.. :)

  29. Christophe H.

    Hi team,

    I really think that if you want to get more posterous migration, you must provide a free DNS mapping as they do. $20 a year on is quite expensive.

  30. Agus Hadi

    Oh no, I don’t know about this yet. I think I need to get back to may dashboard and looking for this feature. Oh poor I am. Thank you about this information.

  31. PeterJones


  32. Stéphane Krzywoglowy

    I started an import from Posterous last friday. But i still hadn’t received any email and it says that it still processing. When it will be done?
    How can I have any help from the WordPress team?


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