New Themes: Ari and San Kloud

Today, I’m excited to introduce the latest additions to our ever-growing collection of free themes.

First up is Ari—a responsive and minimal blog theme designed by Elmastudio. This theme is beautiful out of the box but it’s also packed with cool features including two color schemes, three custom color options, a custom header image, a custom background, and a custom menu. With all of these features, the Ari theme will be suitable for a wide range of blogs. Yes, for yours too! So be sure to read about it on the Theme Showcase page.

Ari Theme

Next up is San Kloud—a bright, colorful theme with a playful feel—perfect for a tumblelog or journal. It features three color schemes, fun post format icons, and support for a custom header image and custom background. See more details on the Theme Showcase. San Kloud is designed by

San Kloud Theme

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Takashi Irie

  • Mar 20, 2012 @ 4:46 pm
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  1. Ian Stewart

    I love Ari. I switched my blog to it right away! :)

  2. Mikalee Byerman

    Thank you for continuing to add to the arsenal of free themes…we poor bloggers do appreciate this! ;)

  3. Christopher

    Thanks, WP, for keeping them coming!!!! Though I’m a devote Bueno guy, I’m tempted by your new releases every time!!!! Love you…

  4. Bosstiger

    I do like both themes, the Ari theme is good, it is a three column theme and it is well designed, the San Kloud theme, I think it looks best on its orange view, well both themes are too great, new themes, new inspiration, keep up the good work :D

  5. Sandra Pawula

    Love the minimal themes like Ari! Keep ‘em coming. Many thanks!

  6. Matt's Photo Contest

    Oh, I’m so glad you have some new themes. I always love to browse the newest themes at WP!

  7. Donkey Whisperer Farm

    I will look into this theme. Thank you!

  8. wildlifewatcher

    Thanks WordPress for these fine new theme choices. I eagerly let my friends know about WordPress and how wonderful this blog press is! Your staff is ever-so-helpful, too!

  9. Sajib

    Thank you for all the new addition although I’d say nothing beats the theme that is currently active on my blog. :D

  10. rmsocialmedia

    I’m new to WordPress, but I must say: I’m impressed!

  11. timethief

    I like Ari and will be torture testing it (lol :D) in my test blog before switching it using it. :)

  12. sannekurz

    Loving it! And was fun to read German samples for a change – very entertaining!

  13. ghambertani

    I like this theme. Simple an classic look and many feature

  14. Mayris

    I feel like switching to Ari theme now. Yohoo.Kudos WP for always keeping us abreast with this cool themes.

  15. pdrhodes53

    I like the new themes and look forward to the others you discover.

  16. siobhanmp

    I have just changed the look of my blog with San Kloud. I found it the easiest one to use as regards changing the background colour. Thanks,

  17. Shane Peltzer

    Damn, I just switched to Splendio (which I love!) but that Ari theme…wow. Tempting.

  18. Air Cooled Underware

    So Many themes to try. I think I will have to start a test blog just to be able to try some of these on for ‘size’.Thanks for the continuing creativity.

  19. walterdoege

    Very intersting themes…my blog is a work in pogress and my blog till now is words, phraes, paragraphs and so on

  20. georgesg1

    I like the san Kloud , I have been watching thems for a long time and it is the 2nd one I approve , becaause it is soft
    to the eyes And the riting is easy to see , for example naerly black font on a black background would be hard to see ,
    black on white is also hard on the eyes , my first choice is andreas 4

  21. hewhospeaksless

    I like the them both but I’m gonna have to stick with my old theme. I’ll change it when I get some followers and have some posts. :)

  22. viveka

    Like them both .. thanks for given us something new and fresh. Have tried quite few out – but so fare I will stick with “forever”. Like simple themes that don’t take to much away from the written word – and both here is just perfect. Thanks!

  23. globalinforation

    I am new to wordpress but I am impressed.I like your posted pictures

  24. bwbears

    I love these new themes, particularly Ari… keep them coming!

  25. emsitewa

    i like both of them because they are a blend of nature… They look beautiful. Congratulations!

  26. harirnurdin

    Thanks WordPress for these fine new theme choices’.Love the minimal themes like Ari! Keep ‘em coming. Many thanks!

  27. Dinar Latest News

    Really nice post. It’s very helpful for all guys that are new with WordPress.

  28. raulnayak

    San Kloud has indeed caught my eye… Thanks!!!

  29. trangquynh

    Thank you for a great post, I’ll try it on my food blog as soon as I can :D

  30. Agus Hadi

    It’s feel so “Cloud”. Simple but amazing, and of course I love something simple like this. Good work Ari.. I like it. :-D

  31. christrocks

    The San Kloud theme is cute! Not for me, but I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from this addition.

  32. jessiethought

    Ari has an interesting layout. I like it.

    Thanks, WordPress, for all your work.

  33. Raise Expectations

    Cool themes. I like Ari better because it’s more minimalist. San Kloud’s cool too. It might be better for a kid’s or a game type of blog.

  34. Teews

    Thanks a lot for the updates^^ kinda cool:)

  35. 19800000131mimmo

    i like both of them because they are a blend of nature… They look beautiful. Congratulations!

  36. The Retiring Sort

    I like the way San Kloud displays all posts on the home page as distinct pages – very clear, yet a little whimsical!


    I would like to have a larger header for the Ari theme. , is there any possible way without 3rd party hosting?

  38. respuestablog

    I like the minimal design of that first Ari one. Very clean! thanks for sharing both

  39. thedarkestskin

    Thanks so much WordPress for all these interesting themes.

  40. Sandra Lago

    Really nice themes!

  41. Annie

    Ok so I think if I compare the two, I like ‘Ari’ better. I would like to experiment with it’s features and use it on my personal blog!!! :)

  42. My Camera, My Friend

    I like Ari. Nice clean theme.

  43. micheal1985

    good theme , i like it

  44. chokolatt

    Liking the San Kloud theme :D!
    Colors are just nice <3


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