New Themes: Standard and Chalk

Today I’m happy to announce two great new additions to our collection of premium themes.

First, we have Standard, a sleek, exacting theme designed by 8BIT for professional blogging with an emphasis on contextual display of your content.


Your content, in each of its various forms, deserves to be presented with unique distinction. Thanks to Standard’s support of post formats, it can. Image, video, quote, status, and link posts all receive a beautiful visual treatment.

If your visitors are browsing on a mobile device or tablet, Standard has got you covered. Its responsive layout adapts gracefully to smaller screens. View it in action on the demo site, or head on over to the Theme Showcase to read more about Standard and its features.

Next, we have Chalk, an innovative theme designed with a strong focus on online educators by The Theme Foundry.


Posts containing to-do lists, chats, links, podcasts, photos, and video are beautifully styled. Chalk comes equipped with a responsive layout allowing your blog to look great on screens both large and small. A custom options screen is also provided enabling you to change colors, add social media links and much more. Want to discover more about Chalk? Head on over to the Theme Showcase and read all about it or take it for a test-spin in the demo site.

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Michelle Langston

  • Mar 22, 2012 @ 8:18 pm
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  1. John Saddington

    We’re so pumped! Thanks WordPress! We can’t wait to serve more publishers!

  2. Natasha McNeely

    Not quite my style, but great themes! I’m sure plenty of people will want to use those. Thanks for continuing to make new themes!

    • John Saddington

      thanks for the look! we appreciate WordPress and their continued support of offering the highest quality goods to their community! what fun, right?

  3. Armando Netto

    Standard is just perfect, its a pity that it’s an expensive premium theme.

  4. Sandra Pawula

    Standard is a good standard! Love its sleek, elegant design. I could see trying this one.

    • John Saddington


      Thanks for your consideration! I love how you consistently use the same “style” of your posts, with an image left-justified and then content formatted around it.

  5. Mikalee Byerman

    Diggin’ the style of Standard — especially the quote post format. My blog color scheme is red/black, but I’m looking at the possibility of a daring departure — this might do it! :)

    • John Saddington

      we’d love to have you try it out mikalee! we built it for publishers like you in mind, who love to showcase their content (in many varieties) first and foremost!

  6. Master of Awesomeness

    Cool themes, but they cost money, darn.

  7. Egill Erlendsson

    Reblogged this on Egill.

  8. Brandon

    I’ve got to admit. I was really excited about the Standard theme, and then right when I was about to get it, I realized it was $69! I’m so sad now…

  9. Andy Szpuk

    The adaptability feature (to a small screen) of Standard has to be a massive plus! Great layout too.

  10. River

    Wow, cool! The theme designs just keep improving. Thanks for your hard work!

  11. drhiphop

    thanks! us online educators and educators who use new technologies really appreciate something like this in order to serve diverse student needs.

  12. Lore

    Both of them interesting, but a way too expensive…

  13. Maggie ♥

    Standard is awesome! :D

  14. Fringe Paranormal

    As always your WordPress themes look great! I just wish there were more free themes that had the 2 column option similar to that of the “Duet”. premium theme By 2 columns I don’t mean widget areas but actual 2 column format option.

  15. xenajd

    Chalk looks gorgeous. I wish there were other themes though that were similar to my blog (WP 2011 theme), just like one single stream of content with one simple navigational bar at the top.

  16. Tour de Townships Careers Expo

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  17. dudakluppel

    Reblogged this on dudakluppel.

  18. Viperio

    So beautiful, so expensive… :(

  19. mobilewn

    Chalk looks gorgeous. I wish there were other themes though that were similar to my blog (WP 2012 theme), just like one single stream of content with one simple navigational bar at the top.

  20. Bosstiger

    these themes they are so good looking, everytime with the new themes are better and better, they let your imagination and creativity have a palce to expand, keep up the good work :D

  21. bwbears

    “Standard” looks fantastic – minimalistic and sleek with a modern feel. Must remember to try it out at a later time.

  22. Lostvirgin's

    Reblogged this on PANCASONA.

  23. violenthue

    Standard is really impressive ^_^

  24. Perennemente Sloggata

    I really like the standard theme and I hoped it would be free. I’m sooo sad now!

  25. alambalitour

    Great theme, Thank you for sharing!

  26. mypage1st

    Reblogged this on mypage1st.

  27. astutechris

    Wonderful themes, I like that!

  28. LubbyGirl

    I like the Chalk one, but sadly cannot afford to buy one until I get good at this. For now I’ll just stick to the free ones. Thanks for all the great ones you provide.

  29. jessiethought

    Chalk looks pretty nice, for simple blogs.

  30. Raise Expectations

    Very cool. Both are slick and nice.

  31. thatbeautifulgirl

    Standard seems sleek and gorgeous, good work!
    Chalk is fun and bright, I think I’ll try that out a few days later when I post some stuff . . . :)

  32. Park Nukyeon

    I like Chalk.

  33. Balu

    You guys are doing an awesome job. You make blogging easy and lovable with all your creative theme work!!

  34. The Retiring Sort

    I like Standard – nice, crisp, clean – Home page shows each post clearly & distinctly. For now, I’m happy with my free setup ant its features, but do I like this one, too.

  35. iano10

    Wow, I thought they were free.

  36. Kread-EX

    Standard is really wonderful. If I ever made a blog more serious than my current one, I’ll definitely buy it.

  37. rhedo

    wowww…superb gonna try one :-)

  38. christine

    Oh, I love these! I am going to preview the book of alice in Chalk right now… a change might be headed my way…


  39. nalub7

    Congratulations, very good!

  40. Melvi Yendra

    Great themes!

  41. vicvega66

    Far too expensive and nothing special, thank goodness I paid for the HTML upgrade.

  42. thedarkestskin

    Wow! fantastic. These themes will go a long way toward boosting the overall morale of bloggers.

  43. georgesg1

    A 3rd Theme that I like , Because black on white is hard on the eyes also 2 pale colors !

  44. ismailimail

    Standard is the theme I was looking for, but only if it is free. Hope WordPress would get inspiration from this theme to build their next free one.

  45. milano01

    cool theme

  46. hannane2

    wow great theme.

  47. The Fashion Slave

    you guys rock… thanks wordpress… :)

  48. flashback80style

    I’m new to this but i will keep this in mind. Thanks

  49. ras del experienso

    interesting, leme try it out in my blog

  50. Words of Little Relevance

    Neat. I like their clean lines and simplicity.


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