New Theme: On Demand

Another beautiful theme worthy of the red carpet has been added to our ever-expanding cast of premium upgrades.

Designed by Jason Schuller of Press75, On Demand was created to bring videos front and center. Adding them into posts is a snap, and you’re free to use virtually any embeddable video format from any video service. On Demand also works brilliantly with shortcodes.

On Demand: Home Page

On Demand: Home Page

Also included in On Demand is a custom Featured Posts widget that allows you to pull in any number of posts from a specified category, as well as several nice Theme Options to help you show off your site content exactly as you’d like it.

There are lots of other goodies offered by On Demand. A custom background color, custom website logo, social media links, four widget areas, and full width page template all come rolled into this video-friendly theme.

On Demand is a premium upgrade for your blog; read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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Philip Arthur Moore

  • Mar 29, 2012 @ 4:00 pm
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  1. Annie

    What an awesome time to come up with this awesome theme!!

    I have been seriously considering making a video blog and this is exactly what I need to start one with! Thanks to the ever so creative team of WordPress! :D

  2. My Era

    Gorgeous theme. :D

  3. Mikalee Byerman

    Very dramatic! I love when your themes allow for customizable components like color and multiple widget areas — you’re making a nice menu of choices available for your bloggers, and we appreciate it!

  4. Armando Netto

    AMAZING theme. I’m very satisfied with mine, but i’ll test this one later. ;)

  5. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    i use video regularly on my blog and have complained often (and loudly) that the design team needs to come up with different color “play arrows”. Not only should we have options for the arrow being in different colors, but the square around it too. A white arrow on a ski video is, well, you get the picture, or don’t, in this instance! This is a creative start but it doesn’t solve the problem for those of us with other themes.

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      I feel your pain! But keep in mind, though, that this issue doesn’t actually have anything to do with themes and everything to do with how video player makers choose to code their players. I’m willing to bet money that the reason most play controls on videos are muted is because those colors work extremely well with a variety of hues. That said, I totally get you and also wish for more variety sometimes. :)

  6. Matt's Photo Contest

    The black I think works well for a video theme. The content carousel is another great feature for the video theme.

  7. J Roycroft

    I like it but I’m still waiting for the ideal Journalist theme to upgrade to from my current one.

  8. Bob Chenoweth

    Great looking theme and might be worth the expense. One question: does the theme require video stills in the slider area, or can these be static images from featured posts or pages?

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      Static images will absolutely work, Bob. Give the demo site a spin and you’ll see that static images are predominately used in the featured carousel. It’s only on individual Video format posts that videos are necessary.

  9. xenajd

    Beautiful as always guys!

  10. wordcoaster

    Not a premium user, but look forward to reading blogs that use this theme.

  11. Master of Awesomeness

    Great theme, I would use it for my site but I don’t have the money for it now, but when I do this theme will probably be on my site.

  12. Bob Chenoweth

    Thanks! I’ll give it a closer look!

  13. rommel

    I bought it!!! Can’t wait to play around with it. Thank you WordPress!!!

  14. marketingon1

    Beautiful themes!! Thanks for those great works of art!

  15. themecloudorg

    I remember buying this theme back in 2008. Wow, this theme has been around for a long time! It’s better than it was before. Nice to know the author behind it. Nice work. :)

  16. drhiphop

    This would work really well for my content once I take the step towards an upgrade. Thanks!

  17. bwbears

    Wonderful theme! I may apply it to my blog later. :)

  18. The-Marnray

    Hmm, I might consider creating a movie blog with this design.

  19. diamondzmind

    I am absolutely in awe with your concept. It is a clean design but yet it has many facets to it. Make you think of all the things you can use this theme for. Good work and Great job, I like it. I am considering utilizing your design, one question – how hard (complicated) would it be to create one such as you have here for my videos or similar to yours?

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      How hard (complicated) would it be to create one such as you have here for my videos or similar to yours?

      “Easy” and “hard”, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder (how do you like my cheesiness? :)), but setting up your theme as it’s shown on the On Demand demo shouldn’t be too painful. If it is, then please let us know! With all premium themes comes access to a premium themes support forum and more detailed documentation than what’s sometimes shown in the Theme Showcase. If you ever feel like you need help or direction, then we’re all ears.

  20. raincoaster

    This is a seriously impressive theme.

  21. violenthue

    This can’t get any better, but I believe you will come up with something even greater! <3

    Absolutely gorgeous. I have a fascination towards dark colours.

  22. Lu

    I’m truly impressed. Could this be “the one” that I finally upgrade to???

  23. shamusoconner

    Probably one of the best premium themes I’ve seen. I have no use for it now, but maybe in the future.

  24. aridnaxela

    Am I right supposing all these themes here are only usable for users since I haven’t found a download option yet? But I adore this theme and would love to use it for my personal WordPress Site so I’d love to know if it’s possible to download this one?

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      You’re right, Alexa. This announced version of On Demand is only available for users, but a slightly different version of On Demand is available directly from Press75 for users. Keep in mind that the pricing and set of features in the .com version of On Demand and the .org version of On Demand will have a few differences, but not so many that your experience with the theme wouldn’t be nice either way.

  25. Raise Expectations

    Great theme. If I had a video blog, and was very serious about it, I would give this a try.

  26. trangquynh

    One of the best themes so far.

  27. Zain R. Mian

    The theme’s pretty epic. Too bad it’s premium.

  28. newblogger21

    Nice theme. I like the dark color theme and the settings.

  29. helen liu

    So creative and special!

  30. thedarkestskin

    Nice theme and very creative at that!

  31. SavvyWP

    This is a great theme from Jason. Well worth the money!

  32. awpsolutely

    Such a beautiful theme — I recognize the Press75 approach to design. :)

  33. Merry

    Love this theme! Very cool idea.

  34. navedz

    Impressive theme!

  35. Words of Little Relevance

    Oh I like it a lot. It’s not for me, but I know I’ll enjoy browsing other people’s blogs where it’s used.


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