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People blog for different reasons, but many post with hopes of seeing feedback from readers. Here at we’ve studied why some posts and blogs get more comments than others, and want to share our advice with you.

  1. You need visitors before you’ll get comments. You won’t get comments until people visit your blog. Start by reviewing our famous post on How to Get More Traffic to understand the basics of building an audience. Posting on a regular schedule is an important part of building traffic, which will lead to more comments. You can see our recent research on increasing page views too.
  2. Have a clear and strong position in your posts. Clarity in writing helps readers form their own opinion to share. A post titled “I’m not sure if I like bananas” is less likely to compel a response than “How I learned to love bananas” or “Why I will never eat a banana again”. Writing well and having interesting thoughts is by far the best way to encourage more comments (and follow The Daily Post for regular advice on writing better). Being provocative, or picking polarizing topics, can help attract comments too, but be careful: the more intentionally provocative you are, the more polarized and uncivil the comments you receive are likely to be.
  3. Reply to every comment you receive. This rewards people for leaving a comment, and also shows new readers that you care about comments, encouraging them to leave one too. Be a good host: be more polite and forgiving than your visitors. allows you to reply to comments via email, a convenient way to keep conversations moving along.
  4. Ask your friends. If you are writing about a topic your friends are interested in, send them a link and ask them to comment. If you pick friends with blogs you can offer to return the favor. This ensures every post you make will get at least one comment, provided you’re willing to give one in return.
  5. Start conversations. In real life, most conversations start by reciprocation. “How is your day going?” “Fine. And you?”. In your post, don’t just offer an opinion. Supplement your point of view with invitations for other people to offer theirs. At minimum, end posts with a question inviting people to answer.
  6. Customize the comment prompt. The text that appears above the comment area is customizable. It says “Leave a Reply” by default but you can make it say whatever you like. We strongly recommend asking a question like “What do you think?” or “What is your opinion?” as questions are requests for people to respond. Go to Settings-Discussions to make the change.
  7. Write a response to another blogger’s post on your blog. By excerpting a small paragraph from another blogger’s post, and writing a response on your blog with a link back to their post, you invite them to visit your blog. automatically tries to contact their blog for you, letting them know you have linked to them. If what you say is interesting, they’re likely to comment, or at minimum, respond in a kind with a post on their blog. In both cases you’ll be starting a conversation which leads to more comments.
  8. Use’s discussion features. We’ve built in lots of goodness to help you start and grow conversations. If you go to Settings->Discussions you can find them all. Make sure you have it set to send you an email when you get a comment, so you can reply quickly. If you don’t get many comments, consider turning comment moderation off so comments appear immediately (if you have it set to email you when a new comment is left, you can always remove questionable comments quickly).
  9. Run a contest. Create ways to encourage first time commenters. After someone has left a first comment on your blog, it’s psychologically easier for them to leave a second one: they’ve broken the ice. Running a competition where you give a prize away, say a $25 amazon gift certificate, to a randomly chosen comment on a post, can encourage many first time commenters, as well as new readers to your blog
  10. Create interesting polls. It takes less effort for readers to make a choice in a poll than to write a comment. Use this to your advantage. The more people you get to participate in your polls, the more who will want to return to see the final results and have comments about them. Read about creating polls here.
  11.  Tell relatable stories. A post where you offer a story that your readers can relate to invites participation. For example, if your blog is about baking cakes, and you share a story about how you messed up a recipe with disastrous yet entertaining consequences, it’s easy to ask readers to share their stories of similar disasters.
  12. Make a post out of the best comments from your readers. If you see a fantastic comment on your blog, create a post where you quote what they said (and link to their blog if they have one). Show your readers that you value and read their contributions, and more people will be motivated to comment in the future.

Also See The Daily Post’s advice on Comment Community, and our previous post on Comment Etiquette.

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  1. Michael Langdon

    Looking to build traffic to my blog having started it after getting into sports photography. Your article provides a great building blocks latform for me.

  2. Sheila (Storm)

    Fabulous blog post. ‘Liked it’ too. Such a lot of great tips here. Thank you.

  3. Eko Virgo

    blog pemula

  4. omaraqui2000

    No veo la razón por la cual ha causado tanto impacto este artículo, si alguien los sigue al pie de la letra, significa que no tiene otra cosa de que ocuparse (no es malo) Existen blogueros que escriben simplemente para descargar lo que piensan, independientemente de lo que piensen los usuarios

  5. lindaandmeagen

    Check out our celebrity blog! Feel free to leave feedback :)

  6. charinabrooks

    Thank you Scott!

  7. musicainstrumentalinka

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  8. veritas2

    I find that the trouble is the blog template design. I have 3 blogs on WP. I forget the template I once used but no one could locate the “Comment” button/icon. I once decided to cut & paste the thing into an email so readers could find it. That’s when I found a better template. Why hide the thing?

  9. skpreo

    Reblogged this on Zinging leaves and commented:
    I liked Scott’s ideas so much so that I purchased him mindfire book, which did fire my thought process a lot. Scott is building his advice on the unfailing principles of mutual respect, integrity, humility, thankfulness, craving for success, etc. No wonder the points he is able to churn out are excellent points. I hope Scott would explain a little more about how to offer amazon reward points for the comments. I am a newbie and like this idea.

  10. alfathsikumbang

    hank you, useful. First thing I must is reading other blogs and comment.

  11. jmnartsy

    I enjoy receiving comments on both my photoblogs, ‘tho it’s not a vital thing for me (the Likes are very important). However, I will not reply directly to that comment as I do not wish to see my Gravatar/comment in my Recent Comments widget; I use that widget as a promotional tool for my commenters. So, until such time as WordPress changes how nested replies are treated in that widget, I will reply to my commenter via email, privately. Recently, I was surprised by one of my commenters telling me she’d never ever received a private email reply before….she hasn’t lived…I’ve been blogging since 2005; it’s not an uncommon experience for me! Good suggestions for the newbies on WordPress.

  12. gauravdey

    This will surely help me in my blogging arena.

  13. spdk1

    thanks for the tips! I already do a few of these, but a few were things that never occured to me.

  14. lauradreams4love

    Thanks for the info, I hope I get more visitors :)

  15. Carole from Type Dynamics

    Interesting and useful article Scott, thanks for posting

  16. Po' Girl Shines

    Well I for one freakin’ hate banana’s guts!

  17. Sunite

    Seems like there’s some fantastic way to get a lot of feedback using the comment box. Also don’t be afraid to use other social network such as Facebook and Google+ to get feedback using their comments, because if they like it there… you’ve got more of a chance of people on there to visit your blog…

    For my blog, iv created, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Pages and accounts which actually help me to gain a lot of feedback from what my blog is about. Also Don’t hide the Facebook or Twitter buttons on the bottom because that’s not going to help as noone is going to scroll there. You want them to take your content every where they go. So place the buttons on the right or left side on a widget, somewhere at the top or something so they can go to the page and like, follow and circle you!

    Hope that helped :) Follow My Blog? Click My Name :)

  18. Writings of aragamuffin

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    Now here’s how you can acquire more readers of your writings…

  19. doyleswidow

    There are some really good tips in this article. I hope they work to attract more readers to my blog. I intend to write professionally in the future, so attracting readers to my blog is important for me. Thank you for the advice.

  20. yessiesuniartie

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    Thanks for sharing this its hepl me out cause i’m new at wordpress. I will try ….
    Thanks …

  21. Sharon Settle

    This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I work hard to create relatable, informative and entertaining posts and when I get little to no comments- it is a huge disappointment. For me blogging is about creating a sharing environment for a like-minded community. I appreciate the practical advice in this article and I especially appreciate knowing that attracting readers and encouraging responses is a common problem. Reading this article was a bit like going to a support group meeting.

  22. queentracey1

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  23. raven2298

    Very new to blogging so I’ll comment here and hope I get some visitors and comments :)

  24. Shi Hao
  25. Hae_RyN's Blog :D

    thanks for all the great tips … :D
    So should I start commenting here?

  26. lettersfromawhoremongerswife

    For several days I’ve sought help from WordPress…unsuccessfully. I upgraded to a Premium Theme, Debut. My comments, comment ‘counter’, Leave A Comment Button or Leave a Reply Button have disappeared. The only comment button is on my About Page. Would someone please help me resolve this issue? I have gone throught the steps in the Setting-Discussions section of the Dasboard (several times). Nothing is working. Each response I have received from WordPress tells me the same thing…Settings-Discussions, etc.

  27. bwbears

    Indeed, this is the most interesting and significant post since “how to get more traffic”. It is vital for us beginners to read things like these. Thanks wordpress!

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  30. Lucky Max

    I’ve got a here a link from a concurring blog wich has some images that you can put in your side bar: I use it on one of my blogs and it works ! Then it can depend of what kind of blog you have.
    The images are from Nacho Gomez. They are free to download and free to use.
    And that’s one more tip to get more comments !

  31. Jackie Paulson

    I have been blogging for two years wondering why I don’t have more followers..hum

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    I’m new and I wanted to have more readers and It’s really hard to gain them.

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    Thanks great tips ..very informatic … :)

  35. thomaswrites

    Nice Article. Ive returned to WordPress with a new blog after a year’s absence. I love WordPress and everything associated with it – but……..the one thing that annoys me slightly is the Freshly Pressed selection. Freshly Pressed is a great idea, but the target and orientation of the selection is somewhat homogeneous, no? Some of the blog posts are great but, and maybe it’s just me here, I think that a never-ending rotation of photo-blogs and recipe sites becomes a bit repetitive and fails to do credit to the full broad spectrum of WP blogs out there. This information may well be elsewhere – but how does the FP selection get chosen? Other than that – keep up the good work!

  36. Tsundere Works

    Then I shall start by advertising here~!

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    Thanks for all advices, its such a good thing for those who’s starting blogging now…

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    Great post! thanks for the tips, i really need more traffic! maybe i should try to have a version on my blog in english!

  39. raincoaster

    It was easier before we had the new super-collapsing comment box.

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  41. carinissima

    Merci pour tes bons conseils!

  42. procrastin8or

    FAO Jackie Paulson: Please don’t get offended but you’ve been a subscriber to my blog for over a year and you have only ever offered a handful of comments – most were just links to your own blog(s) without any attempt on your part to discuss the contents of the article you were commenting on. Some people might get upset if you are using their blogs solely to attempt to hijack their traffic.

    Perhaps if you engaged with the blogs you followed, offered encouragement and joined in discussions people may be more inclined to visit your blog and offer comments back?

  43. winnymarch

    really helping :)

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    A very interesting article…time to consider the stats!

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    Great advice for bloggers

  49. chapman75rex

    Bueno es verdad muchos y mi caso no es la excepción, escribimos como un ejercicio semanal de desahogo, es un golpe a lo que nos punza las entrañas de ves en cuando. También esta que una de las normas de cortesía es responder a las preguntas o inquietudes que nuestros lectores nos dejen. Quizás muchos nunca nos escriban, por que solo se deleitan leyendo. Como quiera que sea, es importante ser consistentes, perseverar en la escritura de manera que el blog no caiga en el aburrimiento de las letras muertas.

  50. fancywriter

    I will try to follow the ideas.

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    thank for informations.

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    I am still new and this has been very helpful. Thank you!

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  54. timberbookshelves

    Surely more people should comment here! I started a blog to see what happens. So no issues with success, I am enjoying the process. I am learning as I go. The list will be helpful, I have no doubt. I have found a few things out though – the majority like “light” blogs (can’t blame them) and this indicates readers point of reference for the use of blogs. While a blog is classically thought of as a person typing earnestly – large numbers of people seem to read engaging pictures far more than words. Thank you for the ongoing help. My wee blog is
    Lets see what happens, and good luck to you all with your goals.

  55. duogo

    thax for the tips, they are realy helpful and am straight away going to start using them, i realy need a traffic.

  56. Debbie Jeffrey

    Wow! Thanks. I thought of some of these, but don’t want my readers to notice any business ripples. Life should be fun.

  57. Faizah Zainal

    my writings are not that impressive but recently i’ve got myself a few “likes” on some posts. i hope to get more likes and comments too.

  58. lenaleansaywhat

    Thanks for the insight it was sooooooo helpful…….. Love Word press perfect place to start a blog!!!!!=)

  59. kellieanderson

    Fantastic pointers for us all. I do quite a few already but here’s one that I think may be useful: visit sites of all new subscribers and if you like what you see, leave a comment, or at least press the like button. I get quite a lot of new bloggers subscribing (don’t know why though, maybe we all do?) and I have gotten in the habit of visiting them, and even following a few that I really rate. It is great to share the love a bit as we all remember how lonely was our comment section when we first started. I don’t know if it gets extra traffic but I think it encourages comments from newbies right off the bat, which is good. And hopefully in this regard it is a two-way street. And, as it says above, ALWAYS reply to comments, even if it is just to thank them for commenting and wishing them a nice day.

  60. Alexander Maxham

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    Thanks – I have posted my first ever blog today, so I will be following your advice :-)

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    I’m new with this blogger world (just started) and very appreciate with your sharing
    Thanks :)

  65. kepimarie

    Understood good tips:)

  66. freebirdmani

    In a nice way, the best to appreciate and reciprocate. I do see some people already getting out to the wilds with their comments and I do not see if that is the way we can build the audience. Also a lot shows on how you blog with the kind of audience you want to attact in the way you show respect to others. Like the author of this post already mentioned – Be Kind, Be sensible and Be respectful.
    Blogging is a way to sharing if done in a right sense of acknowledging and responding back.

    Happy blogging to all & Thanks for sharing your advice.

  67. Butterfly Jewel

    Some of these I have done. However, I think I’ll try 6, 9 and 10. As a matter of fact, I’m heading on over to those settings to play around with my comments button :-)

  68. sincitizen

    I post my opinions on things and wind up isolating people. Some people seem to take offense because they’re doing the thing I rant about (i.e. buy sweatshop phones from the largest company distributing them). It’s tough being a minority of something I feel morally strong about.

  69. ronkelessex

    Wow what a response to your post, It was very helpful for me and an insperation to all who read it, Thanks Scott.

  70. Beth Ann

    I have read great posts on building comments and I think I am pretty much doing most of these with the exception of polls …..just not really into that at this point but maybe someday. When I have done it hardly anyone responded so I suspect my followers are not into that. My blog is driven by comments as I do a Comments for a Cause donation each month to a different charity so I LOVE comments. The more comments I get the bigger the donation. I have found that even if I “publicize” what the charity is that month to that particular charity it does not really affect the number of comments which I am surprised about. I mean if someone offered me money just to comment on a blog occasionally I would certainly be doing it. I suspect sometimes they just don’t “get” blogs and how to comment. Thanks for the great post and the helpful ideas even if others have not found them helpful I did!!! :-)

  71. symone1176

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    thanks :)

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    More comments is my goal.Your tips are so useful.Thanks for your sharing.I’d also like to share my valuable things for you.

  76. beautifulimages

    I wonder if a lot of people don’t want to have to sign up to wordpress to like a post or make a comment. I have about a hundred views most days and only a few comments or likes. Maybe people don’t like my blog, I don’t know?

  77. notesfromhp

    a big buzz for me as a newbie….
    needs learn how to fly ….
    terima kasih… thanks

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  81. keeper @ chindia-alert

    Scott – your advise is probably good. I started my blog over two months ago and to my surprise after a couple of weeks, started to I get over a hundred comments a day. But nearly all are ‘spam’. How can I tell? They do not make any reference to the content of my posts or pages. Usually a couple of complimentary sentences that could either have been software generated or copied and used over and over again.

    My question is: “How do I get meaningful comments”?

  82. ahk75

    Hi! Gentle men this place is very interesting

  83. ahk75

    Pls try and make WordPress very purpler to many people.

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    being newbie its quite tasking trying to figure things out on my own. this article is very helpful.

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    The advice is quite a long list but I know for sure it would help me on this department. My personal blog is barely a month old and as of today have a handful of visitors. I’m so grateful your article” How to get more comments” would inspire me to keep on blogging. I’m eager to learn the techs while working on my blog.And I enjoy reading the above comments from other bloggers too. I’ll make your blog part of my daily reading routine.

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    Thank you, this was incredibly helpful!

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    what a wonderful medium just have more bliss 2 ur elbow

  93. roughseasinthemed

    Actually I thought your post was totally useless. Seriously, it was banal and nursery level and I have no idea why people are still groping around at this level.

    BUT, what was interesting was your comment about 1% get comments. That sort of feedback is useful. More of that sort of analysis and less kindergarten would be great.

    • Scott Berkun

      Given your comment attracting wisdom, what advice can you share to help us escape banality?

  94. syakira25505

    it’s great !.. thanks..:)

  95. roughseasinthemed

    Hi Scott, thanks for your polite response to my somewhat brusque comment. I tend to get exasperated with reading the same advice all the time, and people saying how brilliant an idea it is to visit other blogs and leave comments – you get the drift. I thought the post by the Stanford students was seriously feeble. However, what would I do? Revamp The Daily Post. It feels sort of hit and miss at the moment. It’s tagged as ‘an experiment’ – still? How about making each day something specific – beginners day on Monday (begin the week yes?) which would mean people like me would know to leave that day alone. Grammar on Thursday? I think the phototag is already on Friday? Top tips on Tuesday? A different guest blogger every week on a Wednesday? There seem to about three or four of you who write permanently. Incidentally I have no idea why I attract comments on my blogs. I actually did do a poll about ‘what do you want to see on this blog’ but as we all know people never answer what they really think in polls!! There was some good qualitative feedback though. Do you want me to write a post? Or shall I do it on one of my blogs? ;)

  96. jamii yetu

    Hi! I’m new and also I wanted to have readers and it’s really to gain them.

  97. Phyllis

    This is excellent advice. I have a relatively new blog, “Free Education for Homeschoolers.” Since I implemented some of your tips, traffic and comments are increasing.

    Thank you.

  98. Armand Rosamilia

    This blog post is also working for me because I’m following everyone who commented with a wordpress blog, lol… always great to have new friends!

    Armand Rosamilia

  99. Chana

    Hi Scott,

    I’ve just started blogging, and I’ve learned alot about wordpress, it’s features and widgets, and of all things blogging. Your suggestions are much helpful, thank you!

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