Add Spotify, Rdio, and GitHub’s Gist Embeds To Your Site

We’re happy to announce three new things that you can embed into your site!


Embed music from Spotify by right-clicking any song, album, or artist in Spotify and selecting “Copy HTTP Link” or “Copy Spotify URI”:

Then paste that into your post editor, making sure that it’s located on its own line all by itself. You’ll end up with something like this when you view your post:


If you’re an Rdio user, you can embed music from them too. Copy the URL from your address bar when looking at a track, artist, or playlist and paste that into your post editor. Here are a few examples:

If you use the Mac application for Rdio you can copy URLs from there as well. If you click the “Share” button you’ll see a URL to copy right at the top. Paste that in to your post editor and you’re all set.

GitHub’s Gist

We’re big fans of the code repository website GitHub here at Automattic and many of us use their Gist code snippets website. While we already have a cool way to embed code into your site, we realize many of you want to post Gist-hosted snippets too so starting today you can. Again, just copy/paste the URL out of your address bar onto its own line in the post editor.

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Alex Mills


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  1. #NoteQu#

    i love this….

  2. spinningonthewebb

    Very cool new feature!!!

  3. The Hook

    This could really upgrade my blog! Great share!

  4. baronen

    Well, I can´t get it to work. Ok, got a link, but no player.

    • Alex Mills

      Make sure it’s a plain-text URL and not a clickable hyperlink, i.e. don’t use the add link button and instead just paste the URL into your post.

      Alternately you can wrap it in a shortcode, like so: [spotify]URL here[/spotify] (or rdio or gist)

  5. baronen

    Thanks Alex, it works great! As an old WordPresser I like it! Well done!

  6. Daniel Bachhuber

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  7. Jerami Community

    Is it free or premium/upgrade?

  8. pauljpastor

    Well done!

  9. pravinchn

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  11. meenas17

    Well done!

  12. reverendopeach

    Reblogged this on Don Temón and commented:
    Interesante. Podré poner música en el blog. Me gusta…

  13. atxblogger

    This just made my ability to share songs via wordpress so much more awesome. Thanks!!!

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  15. Alexander Maxham


  16. mohdaswad

    thanks for the information…:))

  17. badru


  18. Adnanomatic

    i still don not understand how to embed GitHub to WordPress.. :(

  19. racheldaytona

    Reblogged this on rachelempowernetwork and commented:
    Wow this is such a cool idea I just had to sure with you guys. I’m thinking about adding it myself!

  20. neraka69

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  21. aishaloveslife

    This is amazing!!!!!! Can’t wait to do this.

  22. Germano "Iceman" Neres

    A nice feature, man! Do not wait to start using it.
    Every day is more rewarding in the WordPress blogging!

    Congratulations, Alex! Nice work!
    And thank you!

    Hugs from Brazil!

  23. Darren Bayliss

    Great stuff, this should brighten my blog up, kind regards

  24. that girl again

    *its own line

  25. Niko

    Thank you so much, this are great features ;-)

  26. Saint Pauly

    Awesome! One more reason to love WP!

  27. mkalshamsi

    great idea

  28. Bosstiger

    really really awesome :D

  29. Noor Hadi P

    Awesome, cool dude :D

  30. Konstantin Kovshenin

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  31. Μάνος

    Very nice!!!!

  32. 7times49

    Awesome! :) Will use the Spotify one! :)

  33. thatfellow

    Sweet. Love the Spotify addition.

  34. Kevin Cole

    Any idea how this plays out with the Intellectual Property laws? For instance, does Spotify carry the burden of paying that when you embed their stuff on your site or are you still on the hook for it?

  35. ah0098

    hey thank you this is so good post

  36. sungame

    Great! Does it work for Spotify playlists as well as for tracks and albums?

  37. wordcoaster

    What an awesome new feature–thanks!

  38. Frank

    On the Spotify Free Option, you are limited to listening to one song five times in a month . So if the Spotify link is listened to five times in one month, then presumably the link will no longer work, until the next month ?

  39. ThePearLady

    It didn’t quite work with the method provided (copy spotify url and paste as picture indicates), but snatching the real URL and posting — voila! Brilliant. And, thanks for the feature. :)

  40. Vinny

    Does this work if I put it on my sidebar or a widget? I’m using the Bueno template and would like to have a playlist static on the side,


    • Alex Mills

      Yep, you can use the text widget for this but you’ll need to use the shortcode ([[spotify]url here[/spotify]]) rather than just the URL by itself.

  41. cashzilla

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    This is great!

  42. DomeniiNebunie

    Great feature! :D it’s not working for me though :(

  43. Natalie Gorna

    This is AWESOME!

  44. Jan Lumibao

    Awesome! Definitely using this to share music I work out to.

  45. Ebrael Shaddai

    Well, instead of single songs only, most of us would like to post full playlists. What about?

  46. Graham Howes

    very cool!!

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  49. babystrollerpeople

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  50. ifcindylouonlyknew

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  51. every record tells a story

    This is cool – but you need to remove formatting on the code in order for it to work – I have now gone back through my site and added it to all my posts – excellent!

  52. compnotts

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  53. Sachin

    I take it there’s no way of text wrapping around the player, or of embedding the compact, small-artwork version, as seen on Pitchfork reviews e.g. The problem with the embedding on as is, is that the player is a bit obtrusive, attracting the reader’s attention rather than the text.

  54. patsquared2

    Tried to download Spotify and it was blocked by Chrome for a possible Win 32 infection. Did this happen to anyone else?

  55. sweetopiagirl

    This is amazing, I love technology!

  56. crystallaurenabstracts

    Wonderful idea since music inspires my artwork Jazz in particular. Thanks for this information.

  57. E

    Does the viewer need to have Spotify installed for this to work on their computer? or will it work regardless?

  58. HK Johansson

    The Spotify integration is a winner!! Very nice!

  59. Jan Deelstra

    Ok, I have Spotify on my desktop, but what’s a page editor? Help I’m drowning in technology and can’t find my way out….

  60. exiraal

    Will we be soon able to embed Deezer ? Thanks :)

  61. makeyourmarkonlife

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  62. atiyakm

    Really Looking forward to adding this to my blog page. How do i attract more readers? Any add-ons that would help?

  63. Jake Jackson

    That’s a great tip. Thank you. Will look it up now!

  64. entertainmentgallore

    Really great

  65. coolcounterculture

    It’s shame Spotify isn’t ready available for non-US peoples. I guess iTunes will have to do.

  66. makestock

    Very nice

  67. c59c

    Great features! I learn something new everyday on WordPress.


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