New Themes: Just Desserts and Oxygen

Happy Thursday! We’ve added some exciting new themes to our ever-growing collection, and we’re happy to tell you all about them.

First out of the oven is…Just Desserts. Yep, that’s a theme! Designed by Andy Rutledge, Just Desserts is a deliciously stylish premium theme that’s perfect for blogs centered on food.

Just Desserts

With its responsive, single-column layout and unique presentation of images and posts on the front page, Just Desserts gives you a delectable canvas on which your mouthwatering photos and text can really shine — even when viewed on smaller mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

There’s much more to be said about Just Desserts, and we’ve provided all of the tasty details on the Theme Showcase.

If all of the dessert goodness left you breathless, we can supply you with some…Oxygen. Yep, that’s also a theme. Although, it may also leave you breathless because it’s simply stunning.


Designed by DevPress, Oxygen is a minimal yet beautifully crafted free magazine theme. With the help of your amazing images, the crisp and well-balanced design will transform your blog into an online magazine that looks sharp and professional.

Oxygen contains many features and customization options, including a showcase page template with a featured slider, featured images, seven widget areas, and a carefully tailored responsive layout. To read about these features and more, you know where to head — the Theme Showcase.

Happy blogging! We look forward to seeing what you bake, photograph, and write, armed with these great new themes.

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Michelle Langston

  • May 10, 2012 @ 1:11 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Jacob

    They look amazing, thinking about changing to Oxygen.

  2. Sandra Pawula

    Oxygen has many beatiful options and features!!! I’m adverse to such a narrow column for writing though so I’m not sure it would be right for me. I look forward to seeing how it looks on the blogs that adopt it.

  3. Kojiki

    Oxygen take my breath away…WOW..I need oxygen….Thanks Dream Theme

  4. Christine

    Gorgeous. If only I could stop EATING food for a moment to WRITE about it… Alas, that beautiful theme is for someone else!

  5. timethief

    I like magazine styled themes and Oxygen has features I like. I’m going to give it a try in my test blog.

  6. fromthericefields

    I like the features! I wonder if I should use this theme for my blog.

  7. tenbrokenbullets

    Oxygen is simply GORGEOUS!

  8. kellieanderson

    Oh, Michelle, I am in love with Just Desserts. As a healthy food blogger of just over one year I am wanting to make the leap to self-hosted, and this post has come at just the right time to inspire me to take the plunge. Thank you for the push. Just gorgeous.

  9. John Todaro

    Nicely designed–especially viewing for smaller devices.
    (Man! Those Sicilian Pistachio cookies look awesome! Do we get free samples if we switch?)

  10. Shane Peltzer

    Oxygen might just be my new favorite free theme! Thank you so much for letting us have it. :)

  11. tom4p1

    Oxygen looks incredible.

  12. cuda101

    Yummie yum yum :D

  13. Marlene Enterprises

    Looks very yummy!

  14. favourosas

    This is lovely, thanks.

  15. especially4ugiftbaskets

    I think I may try out your new Oxygen Theme. It looks great! Thank you.

  16. MJ

    Loving the Oxygen theme! Love the Just Deserts one too, but I don’t use enough picture graphics to do it justice :)

  17. Ebrael Shaddai

    It’s cool, but the header font is too clear and Text-font too small…

  18. eaneel

    Very nice themes, I like them.

  19. myintelligentheart

    Very interesting and amazing :) and yummy too!

  20. Balsillie & Associates

    Great for a food blogger.

  21. guen

    Working on my blog with the new theme – OXYGEN! Nice. Thanks for this.

  22. Olivia Ashe, writer

    Why is it, all the blogs I really like are premium? ;)

  23. BornOnSaturday

    YUMMM I love macarroons :0

  24. pursuingmydream

    Wow!!! it´s cool, i tried oxygen theme now ;-)

  25. Elena

    Love the first one!

  26. yousef59

    Interesting themes…

  27. LLevon soluções em T.I

    Very nice!

  28. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Thanks for the new themes, but I’ll stick to my current one :-)

  29. ragingcamel

    oxygen looks nice…. thinking of changing my current, chaos theory theme, with it. Should I?

  30. Vlad

    i’ve just changed to oxygen and I feel soooooooo great !
    Especially on the fact that I can finally customize my links colors :)

  31. weloveprophet

    Wow! Oxygen is truly breath taking :-) Thanks a lot for the addition.

  32. elisabettagasperini

    Wow! Just desserts seems so delicous!

  33. La.stefi

    Just changed to Oxygen: wow! The only thing I can criticize is that the widget area on the left has some defaults and cannot be deleted. But it is perfect, really!

  34. Raise Expectations

    Cool themes! Both look great.

  35. Lohanne Castro

    OMG… I love the Just desserts Theme!
    It’s so cute.

  36. siabyul

    I get excited every time a new theme comes out :) woww I really love oxygen!
    I just wish the posts would have a wider width when you click on them.
    It’s a little narrow for me since I like posting medium sized pictures
    but I think this is my favorite theme so far~ thank you

  37. tulasikorwar

    It’s totally awesome and unique. It makes my page much more beautiful and colorful. Thanks a lot for cool stuff!

  38. Blogger

    Oxygen is a good theme!

  39. trangquynh

    Just Desserts is totally gorgeous <3

  40. Sufyan bin Uzayr

    Tried Oxygen on my blog. Loved it!
    Thanks! :-)

  41. thebasicbaker

    Awesome!!! I like!

  42. CO

    They look amazing, Oxygen is my favorite.

  43. jahcijoy

    Wow. These are extremely appealing.

  44. 374CORE

    Wow. Nice themes, look so gorgeous.

  45. crazykindness

    Hmmmm! Very interesting!

  46. rustymcpiperman

    Just desserts? I guess we all eat them. Why not. I can always try a new one.

  47. Karen Datangel

    Just switched one of my sites to the Oxygen theme! I LOVE it! Just Desserts is a great theme too! Thank you WP for the new additions!

  48. nabzzee11

    Just Desserts looks delicious.

  49. PaleInk

    I like Oxygen and might try it out soon.

  50. violenthue

    Some mouth-watering themes, Michelle ;)

  51. Nveam

    Loving the new themes.

  52. Kristin Shoolbraid

    Oxygen looks really well

  53. yellowtomni

    Both Themes look very stylish and functional. The Preview of Just Desserts is making me hungry just to look at!

  54. kimberlycsmith

    Great, just as I am trying to breathe and lose weight. I enjoyed both. Thank goodness I couldn’t smell the desserts:)

  55. cloudo2412

    Wops!!! Let me try it, and have some feedback for your hard word. Thanks!!!

  56. The Liberty Professor

    Thanks for the new themes! Any chance we’ll soon see a patriotic theme of some sort? It would be perfect for my blog.

  57. Merry

    Love these new themes!!

  58. thedarkestskin

    Wow!That was a perfect paradim shift for cuisiniers! I bet you!

  59. Cebry Sidh (B2UTY Jowo bias HyunSeung)

    Is it free or premium? I’m very interested in Oxygen.

  60. Annie

    Big fan of Oxygen. Looks great on my photoblog. Even designed a rough header to go with it! Thanks a ton dear team! :)

  61. jcquiroz

    Nice job! Really, I like it.

  62. wardenhouse

    Great features and so simple to use!

  63. therehobothchurch

    Wow!!! Love It!!

  64. darulmawa

    yummyyyyy ….. it’s look delicious ..

  65. Darren Bayliss

    Liking these :-) think I’ll need to start a new blog all bout food :-)

  66. simonrphotography

    Looks a great fit for my photos. Nice job!!!

  67. marcusbonnick

    Really like the Oxygen theme, I may try it out tomorrow.


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