Look at These Gorgeous Blogs

We’ve added a user showcase where you can view stunning customizations made by people just like you. From complete redesigns with CSS to adding pizzazz with Custom Fonts to clever use of options like background and header, this showcase will spark your imagination and inspire creativity.

Discover details about what each showcase blog is doing with WordPress.com themes and customizations by clicking a thumbnail to see a colophon-style list of credits on the left.

Colophon-style Credits on WordPress.com

We’ve also updated footer links so blog owners can show off the types of customizations they’ve made and visitors can learn more by clicking the “Customized” link in WordPress.com footers. A “Customized” link will appear next to the theme name for blogs that are using Custom Design tools like fonts or CSS.

WordPress.com Footer Credits Link

Things we like to see when looking for showcase-worthy customizations are blogs with good traffic, beautiful design, well-written articles or stunning images, recent content updates, and involvement helping out in our CSS Customization forum.

Be inspired, customize your blog and make it that perfect place for your creations.

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  1. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Ditto on the gorgeous! Absolutely phenomenal!

  2. Sandra Pawula

    Very cool! I love to see the creative custom changes people make to their blogs. I’ll enjoy this.

  3. iamlenise

    Oh wow..those ARE lovely, each of them looks so fun and creative..deciding if I want to go back and pick out a couple to visit for a closer looksy :)

  4. leanneb


  5. John Hayden

    Creativity unlimited! I use and greatly appreciate Custom Fonts.

  6. herahussain


  7. susielindau

    I love this feature since I am always looking for ways to “freshen up” my blog! Thanks WordPress!

  8. yousef59

    Is very nice!

  9. PiedType

    Great idea! I’m always looking for new and different ways to improve my blog.

  10. theartmotel

    Love this….you’ve hooked me….Now to try to make this happen in my little WordPress corner of the WP World. Thanks WP!!!

  11. propellere1

    This is great! So many beautiful blogs out there. How can I put my blog on this showcase?

    • Sheri

      There isn’t a way for you to add your blog directly. Blogs are picked based on a number of factors including things like good traffic, beautiful design, well-written articles or stunning images, recent content updates, and involvement helping out in our CSS Customization forum.

  12. AlphaBible

    Like they used to say, you could get (the first mass-produced car, the Ford Model T) in any color as long as it was black. That was a plenty good start, but we’re even more glad that they didn’t stop there! Well, except maybe for the Secret Service, but who’d want to keep their blog a secret?

  13. ptaheru777

    Very nice, I’m a sucker for exceptionally creative fonts; these blogs really do inspire.

  14. rconnor1967

    Some real awesome themes….Have a great day on purpose!

  15. Moco Scribe

    Erm….I noticed that my site wasn’t listed….was this an oversight : ))

  16. Books & Art - Spirit & Soul

    So Many options ! wow!

  17. ritesforgirls

    Inspiring – WordPress you never fail to further impress!

  18. xspababe

    Outstanding, I’m always looking for new things.

  19. The Hook

    Very cool shares. Thanks!

  20. kuihmor

    Very interesting and creative!

  21. Paul T. Shafer

    Sheri, Sheri, quite contrary, I’m going to use these tips to make shaferpower.com look just scary!

    Sorry. It’s getting late. Time for bed. Thank you Sheri for the insight :)

  22. bonenurse

    Nice example(s) to start patterning over!

  23. kumarbvr

    Real help for starters like me… Thank you…

  24. balajiit


  25. rizver

    It’s very good.

  26. tangazanasi

    WordPress inspires me in all ways!!!!

  27. bartekbrzozowski

    Very gorgeous and elegant! Thank you for all that!!!

  28. kenneth@buddha jeans

    Great blog design, and prove that the theme is not the most important factor making a blog, add your own style, write about interesting things you know well and use 2 hour more research on your post before posting. But when it come down to it, content is king. Looks awesome. Con grat. Kenneth

  29. samfast1

    Awsome customs

  30. Alex (@jiksaw213)

    Oh my.. that blog was made with the default Twenty Eleven?! Unbelievable, so cool!

  31. neelkanth

    It is so nice and eye catching.

  32. Par Images

    Great ideas.

  33. dparker53

    Nice designs… refreshing.

  34. hallucinatingmartyr


  35. Andy Szpuk

    It’s the real deal.

  36. websitelinker

    This was very good.

  37. أنوار الولاية


  38. therehobothchurch

    Love the new features…

  39. bestrockmusical

    amazing at all

  40. thecrazyragdollcatlady

    Some really nice ideas there. I just started my blog, but I hope to be able to make it look at least half as nice as some of those!

  41. magicarganoil

    Love your site and great tips. I’m new to blogging and find this most enjoyable and easy!

  42. Guaymi

    Very cool shares. Thanks!

  43. Val

    This is brilliant bar one thing – would it not be a good idea to say beneath each which theme it is? Please do that, it would be so helpful! :)

    • Sheri

      We’ll look into it. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Sheri

      I have one quick update: we are planning to add filters to the sidebar so you will be able to filter by theme. We’ll also see if we can find a way to note the theme name in the showcase grid somehow too if we can.

  44. baeile1234

    It’s interesting to see the blogs.

  45. Val

    @sheri – sounds great. Thanks. :)

  46. superdefective

    very nice indeed

  47. socialaspects

    Great idea! I’m always lookingfor new and different ways to improve my blog.

  48. drummergeorge

    Any chance WP gives away fonts for free for deserving bloggers (you know, like a scholarship) ;) ?

  49. LonelyAngel

    Gave me huge inspiration for my blog, thank you very much x

  50. rohitrathod

    Awesome! At least some of customized themes are free!
    Love you WordPress…..

  51. simonrphotography

    Amazing. This is the dream I will be chasing for my own blog one day!!!

  52. Ajay Sreedhar


  53. salvationphotography

    Love! Working on some of my own as well <3 Love seeing other artists in action.

  54. Kerstenbeck Photographic Art


    Really nice collection of stunning presentations – I am investigating new themes for my Photoblog and have found some really great ones with WordPress! Thanks for sharing!


  55. Music From My Soul (Poonam Malik)

    Very Nice ….

  56. vivianspunk

    Very gorgeous!

  57. Murat Ozkent

    Looks really nice. Congrats…

  58. Kyle Writtenword

    I really enjoyed this! How exactly did you choose the blogs you featured? Mine isn’t totally -amazing- as I don’t have even a basic understanding of CSS or HTML or anything, but I’d at least like to be in the running lmao. :)

    • Sheri

      The blogs in the showcase are ones that have crossed our path while reviewing popular sites or by involvement helping out in our CSS Customization forum. Not every blog we find will be included in the showcase, but we love seeing everyone continue to work on site customizations!


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