New Theme: A Simpler Time

There’s something about this time of year that always makes me wistful for the good old days—the simpler times, if you will—when all that mattered were family, friends, and a whole lotta blogging about everything under the sun. I miss those days, don’t you?

Fear not, my fellow blogging friends. We’ve got you all covered today with a theme that will make you want to stop time and write about everything in your lives until you can’t write anymore.

A Simpler Time, designed by Denise Chandler, is a theme that’s beautiful, bold, and memorable—pretty much exactly like the types of stories you’ll be writing alongside it on your blog:

A Simpler Time: Single Post

A Simpler Time: Single Post

It’s a traditional blog theme in the sense that it offers everything you’ve come to expect from a WordPress theme—widgets, custom menus, and custom headers, and more—and it also looks incredible. If you’d also like to mix it up with different colors and fonts, try the Custom Design upgrade. You can do all of that and more.

A Simpler Time is a premium upgrade for your blog; read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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Philip Arthur Moore

  • May 17, 2012 @ 2:48 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Jacob

    It looks lovely for a diary-type blog, though I don’t think it would look great on my blog. is creating so many nice themes at the moment!

  2. Galois

    It’s a very beautiful theme! :-)

  3. timethief

    What a nice fresh and simple looking theme with excellent features too. I’m thinking it would be great on a gardening blog or a Christmas themed blog. Thanks for providing it.

  4. iamlenise

    I really like this theme..It’s very quaint, reminds me of summer and lemonade..the comment marker looks like a postage stamp, how cute :)

  5. Tim Wayne

    A red version would be perfect for Christmastime.

  6. kindkerry

    What a lovely theme! Kudos

  7. thederelictdog

    Nice! A surprisingly refreshing venture from the typical ‘innovative’ themes.

  8. Sandra Pawula

    How creative! A unique departure. Not quite my style as I’m stuck on a clean, minimalist look. But I appreciate the creativity and know some people will love this creative flair. I especially like the serif font and creative font for the headlines.

  9. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    Love this! I look forward to seeing it around! It feels really home grown! Just wish it were free…

  10. viveka

    A simpler time … great name on this beautiful theme …

  11. Miss Rambler

    Ooooooh!! I’m thinking about a theme swap now!

  12. ptaheru777

    I think the new theme has a lovely ‘retro’ feel…but I don’t think ‘times’ were ever simple.

  13. jessielansdel

    Very pretty theme. I really like this. :)

  14. LaPichardo

    If I ever start a journal blog or one about travelling, this would be THE THEME. Thank you!

  15. Juan D.

    Great job Automattic team!

  16. Robinsons Land Corporations

    It’s calm and soothing to the senses.

  17. kumarbvr

    While we need to keep things simpler, we also need to change with times.. Gone days are always sweet….

  18. Irfan Hussain

    This is a beautiful theme.

  19. apensiveonmyown

    You know what? The first time I saw this theme I felt like, you know, home. :) Nice job, indeed. :)

  20. Evi

    It’s simple and sweet. It would be nice if it were also available for self-hosted blogs. :)

  21. Tiwie Indt

    I love it, but I think it would be even greater if it were red. :D

  22. The Beltane Daily

    I saw this early this morning, and although i only just brought the Just Desserts Theme i had to have this one. i just love the fonts and the Ribbon Labels on the sidebar. As a new wordpress blogger this has made my new blog all that i wanted it to be.

  23. avtarsingh9

    What a gorgeous idea. It’s like fresh wall gardening.

  24. Vlad

    This looks so nice, green, and eco-friendly! :) I love the widget titles’ banner-like design.

  25. K

    Darn, Why do you care about your clients so much? I think I’m…in love with you guys. Marry me? :)

  26. ♥ trés fab ♥

    It’s cute, clean, and true eye candy! Nice!!!

  27. violenthue

    It’s purely amazing. <3

  28. Val

    Very pretty for a personal blog.

  29. Alex Moom

    A Simpler Time-great name for this beautiful theme.

  30. zoren28

    It’s a beautiful theme. I like it!

  31. Po

    Sorry, but this template is everything BUT simple. In fact, it’s packed.

  32. Darren Bayliss

    I like this very much. :-)

  33. katharinetrauger

    FINALLY! You finally read my mind! Oh, thanks!

  34. H.Indra Kusumah

    It’s really a good theme.

  35. engrmuh

    Beautiful and unique.

  36. emedizzla

    I think it will be very good for diary blogs, its very beautiful.

  37. beebeesworld

    Relaxing theme-I will follow your blog and hope you will check mine out as well.

  38. Wesli Sinaga

    It’s fascinating..!! Keep up the good work, WordPress..!! :)

  39. Sarah

    Great theme! I love how often WordPress introduces lots of great themes. :)

  40. websiteguides

    kool! really does take me back to the old days when family would get together and have cook outs in the back yard. Would not say the days were simpler just that when your a kid the parents have the burden then.

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      Would not say the days were simpler just that when your a kid the parents have the burden then.

      Hm. That’s a decent point. I should probably call my parents right now and thank them. :-P

      • websiteguides

        I do like your taste in site layout art work. I immediately got a feeling of home when I saw the page. Denise did a very good job on the page. Will be watching your posts to see what else you find and post. Have a great day Philip. Lester

  41. Crystal

    This is great! Keep ‘em coming!

  42. alivfaizalmuhammad

    I think that the space for the header is a kind of too big. What do you think?

  43. simonrphotography

    Great theme, I will definitely keep this one in mind for a future update!

  44. Kale

    Not quite fond of green but that’s beautiful!

  45. Marcia

    Like another poster pointed out I, too, think the post header font size is to big. Half the size would look much better. I’d change it myself but can’t see paying $30/yr to purchase the CSS package for one minor change. I bought the theme and love it except this one minor detail

  46. daneandangela

    Too bad that one wasn’t there when I started my blog! My blogs title is “Our Simpler Times”! Its named after the beer from Trader Joe’s though ;)

  47. chrisplumber1

    I love the color.

  48. Mark

    Great to see such a well designed theme, because so many WordPress themes look exactly the same. You raised the bar!

  49. Write On! Publishing, Wayne Tilden

    It looks a little “seasonal” to me, unless there’s an option to change colors. I want to see all the options before I use it.


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