Instantly share posts on Tumblr

The second you publish a new post on, you can instantly share it on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and now Tumblr with a feature called Publicize. This helps you get exposure to multiple audiences without having to manually share your content on all your favorite social sites.

With Publicize, you can make your home on the web and automatically share your content on five other social platforms. By publishing to, you maintain ownership of your content, which you can choose to export at any time.

To activate Publicize for Tumblr, head over to Settings → Sharing in your dashboard and click Connect to Tumblr. You can select from any of your Tumblr blogs once your account is connected.

After you have connected, your new posts will be shared on Tumblr and no other action is needed.

Example of a publicized Tumblr post.

We also have a Tumblr sharing button you may not have seen, which can be displayed at the bottom of your posts and pages. With this enabled, your readers can share your posts on their own Tumblr blogs quickly and easily. Visit your Settings → Sharing panel to enable this under the “Sharing Buttons” section.

As part of our updates we have removed Messenger Connect as a supported service and have centralized Publicize options under Settings → Sharing.

Need help? Read more about how Publicize works.

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  1. susielindau

    Tumblr is definitely on my list of programs to learn how to use! Here is another motivator. Thanks WordPress!

  2. Jeremy

    Reblogged this on Jeremy Herve and commented:

    A great addition to the Publicize feature!

  3. Alli

    Yes! I’ve been looking for a simple way to integrate these two services. Thanks wordpress!

  4. Cutaway Creation

    Great stuff!

  5. Alli

    Will there be a toggle for this feature in the mobile app? Or can we assume if it posts from the mobile app, it posts to all services authorized?

  6. hforhelsinki

    Thank You! Just what I needed!

  7. Morgana Rose

    I’m so excited!! I’ve been waiting on this!!!

  8. lolly (@jiggabits)

    What about photo posts? Is there a way to publicize a WordPress post, with images, as a Tumblr photo post? Or at lesst have them visible through the Tumblr dash?

  9. yousef59

    Thanks WordPress!

  10. Cathy

    Well this is wonderful :)

  11. Anthony Sherratt

    I’m still a rookie so pardon the question but is this a plug-in? I don’t seem to have a SHARING in my settings…

  12. David Bennett

    Hmmm, the sharing on Tumblr doesn’t handle captions very well… Off to tall Support about it.

    • mdawaffe

      Thanks for the report. We’ve fixed the caption problem. Note that we’ll probably be tweaking how your content is formatted for Tumblr, so you may see some changes in the future.

  13. Michael

    Nice. Only if it would not just cut off the last word in the few lines shared…

    • mdawaffe

      Thanks for the feedback. In a non-scientific and informal poll, we found that most people wanted to only publish an excerpt of their content to Tumblr so that visitors would come back to the source to read more.

      • Michael

        Okay, I agree. But could the excerpt not cut off at a specified amount of characters, but at a specified amount of words?

  14. simonrphotography

    Another great addition!

  15. robertptome

    It’s great to have another option like that. I hope that publicizing to Google+ is comming soon!

  16. Dawne at D Magazine

    Excellent! Thank you!

  17. grapefriend

    My photos are often only showing up as a polaroid symbol or not at all when I auto-share to my Tumblr ( – any ideas why?

    • mdawaffe

      The little icon you mentioned is the expected (if imperfect) result. We’ll be improving the photo experience over time, though.

  18. Inge

    This is great! I don’t have to share it manual then anymore! Thanks for the upgrading. :)

  19. stickyquote

    This is what I’ve been waiting on BigUps WordPress!!

  20. highhand

    What about using this on sites that are self hosted?

  21. Ju-Don Roberts (@jmarroberts)

    Is this available for WordPress blogs?

  22. bassfishingarchives

    Hmmm…. Well, I don’t have “Sharing” in my settings options (I have Share This) and when I tried to install the Tumblr plugin it failed. any ideas folks?

  23. loosewanderer

    I have a question regarding Facebook connection: I have a WordPress Blog, a Facebook “Page” and my Facebook “personal page”. The idea is to use WordPress as the main blog place, then publish each post at my Facebook Page automaticaly via “Publicize”. Then I would like to “Share” some posts that were publicized at the Facebook Page to my personal page. The problem is that posts publicized by WordPress in Facebook do not have Facebook’s “Share” button. Only “Like” and “Comment”.
    So the question is: How can I publicize posts to Facebook that appears there with the “Share” button?
    Thanks in advance!
    Andre Pessoa

    • Justin Shreve

      I believe Facebook pages treat “like” as both a like and a share button. So if you like something on a page, it will show up a an “entry” on your timeline. I don’t think there is a separate share feature.

  24. Dave Faulkner

    OK, but why still no Google+?

  25. molly98

    This is great! I am looking forward to using this tool. Thank you WordPress! :)

  26. Jacob

    This is amazing! Thanks

  27. Janice Heck

    Super idea. Thanks, WP.

  28. PoshPinkGeek ♥

    Finally :)

  29. matpacker

    Reblogged this on Mat Packer and commented:
    Very nice WordPress! This certainly makes life very easy for those of us who still use both networks…though lately I’m preferring to Tumblr.

  30. pulindave

    This is great feature..thanks wordpress once again for making this world better place to live.

  31. bdtouristclub


  32. guenbt

    Gosh! I just deactivated my tumblr account for I don’t want to post manually from WP to tumblr. Hehe. Great Work WordPress! I’m thinking of activating tumblr back. Soon though! Thanks again. ;)

  33. seapunk2

    Thank you!

  34. thesofisworld

    GREAT GREAT GREAT idea!!!!

  35. angelolazzari

    Thank you very much WordPress! That’s what makes you unique!! (thanks to the people who work in!!!! :) )

  36. Mariano B. Marques

    This is simply great! Congratulations and thanks, WordPress!

  37. beebeesworld

    Thanks for the info-I will try it.

  38. mediel

    good idea ! :)

  39. hallucinatingmartyr

    So excited, thank you :)

  40. gouessej

    Can you do the same kind of feature for (and Diaspora if possible) please?

  41. cravesadventure

    Thanks for the information – appreciate it, especially when it comes to getting the word out there!

  42. Sakimichi

    Thank you WP :)

  43. PonderViaN

    Sadly the live messenger option is gone :(

  44. vstarfire

    I want to coordinate my posts from Word Press to Tumblr, Posterous, Blogger and Type Pad as well as Facebook. Can this program so that? I’m not so interested in Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

  45. Randy Jay Braun

    Reblogged this on randyjaybraun and commented:
    Simplicity is the word of the day.

  46. Mark Neal Communications

    Great feature, hope you add it to jetpack soon… please

  47. joramrocky

    Good move

  48. ecodolphin

    I like it! This is very, very cool…..

  49. xubobo

    I like it! Thank you.

  50. Best Colors

    Thank you! This is very helpful.

  51. Julia Kovach

    Thanks! You all are rock stars! xo

  52. sweetmother

    i have my wp connected to tumblr, but it did NOT automatically post to tumblr when i wrote a new post. it’s all connected in my settings / sharing section, but nada. annoying. i did ‘schedule’ my wp post, would that make a difference?

    • mdawaffe

      There’s a bug that prevents scheduled posts from correctly Publicizing to Tumblr. We’re fixing it now and it should be working as expected soon.

      Sorry for the hassle.

  53. Sly Uses

    I like it, thank you, but the excerpt is much too short. Will there be an option to choose the exerpt length? Or an option to send the whole post?

    • mdawaffe

      We appreciate the feedback. We’re still adjusting various settings; we’re trying to make it as smart as possible without introducing new settings.

      • Sly Uses

        That makes sense. If it helps you to have a report from the field, sometimes I’m seeing as few a 6 or 7 words showing up, although the average is more like 12-15. This is still not enough to get much of an idea of anything in the post, so people will only click over to my wordpress site if the accompanying image somehow leads them to do so.

        • Justin Shreve

          Thanks again for the feedback and samples. We have already made some updates on how we handle media/text and will continue to investigate the best way possible to get people clicking back to your WordPress site.

  54. WPSpy (@wpspy)

    Waiting for PUBLICIZE for self hosted sites as well.

  55. JHMinecraft

    This is excellent, just create my Tumblr account and will be sharing soon :)

  56. drhiphop

    very helpful

  57. jualsusuhigoat

    A great addition to the Publicize feature!

  58. JD

    finally! great news since i also have a blog on tumblr. nice job guys! =)

  59. daniashofi

    great :)

  60. dorothyadele

    Great idea!

  61. avidescribe

    It is a really cool feature. It will help us ‘missile’ our posts around the world!

  62. 7theaven

    How does it work? It shares the photos only? or the featured image? or the entire post? (incase I’m using a photo based theme on tumblr)

    • Justin Shreve

      For text posts an excerpt is shown, and a custom message if one was typed into the publicize publish box on the post screen. For posts with photos attached or a gallery or slidshow we select a photo and an excerpt of the content.

  63. Cutaway Creation

    Would like to see images/photos from my posts show up in my Tumblr posts like in facebook, once this feature is added it will be great. I hope this issue will be addressed soon.

  64. allvoxman

    I’m so looking fordward to Publicize for the platform… Is there any scalability issue that makes it impossible?

  65. hnublet

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  66. Iwona Yvonne Swiatczak

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    Posting to Facebook

  67. souldipper

    When I hit the “connect to Tumblr”, I get other windows and requests for email, password, etc, etc. With each post, I see that Tumblr is not connected and I go through the same routine. What am I doing wrong?

  68. d3gu5

    Reblogged this on d3gu5.

  69. DB

    Reblogged this on Omnia Vincit Veritas.

  70. nursilmanjaya

    Reblogged this on nursilmanjaya.

  71. RaviRanjanKr

    Reblogged this on RranjanK's Blogs and commented:
    WOW found Interesting blog by Justin Shreve.. Have a read

  72. i9CRIE

    Thanks WordPress XD

  73. chamnolasco

    Thank you for this post. Big help for newbies like me. :)

  74. sunnyimblog

    Wow!!!, this is great and awesome feature! A must for every blogger to use.

  75. mophosophical

    It doesn’t seem to carry the tags over to the tumblr post?


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