New Themes: Portfolio and Grisaille

Feeling creative? You’ve come to the right place–we have two new, fantastically artsy themes for your viewing pleasure!


First up is Portfolio, a clean, sophisticated premium theme by The Theme Foundry. Catalog all your creative efforts–photography, illustration, sculpture, poetry, and more–with a flexible and easy-to-use interface. Drag-and-drop simplicity coupled with a generous featured post slider helps you create an attractive, professional site with ease–which means you can spend more time making beautiful things!

Read more about how to create your own Portfolio on the Theme Showcase.


Next comes Grisaille, a free theme by Nudge Design. The term “grisaille” refers to the practice of painting in monochrome, particularly shades of gray, to achieve a three-dimensional effect–very appropriate for this classic, grayscale theme!

Grisaille is the perfect combination of grunge and minimalism, and it’s sure to complement to your work no matter the subject. It’s a great way to share your experimental pinhole photography collection, showcase your local museum’s latest exhibits, or blog for your contemporary painting class. Maybe you’re not into art and you just want a classy look for your site–that’s cool, too. Whatever your passion, it’s sure to flourish with Grisaille! Read more about its features on the Theme Showcase.

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Caroline Moore

  • Jun 7, 2012 @ 4:18 pm
  • Themes


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  1. мυнαмαđ яoмđoиι

    I Like It…. :D

  2. Charlousie

    Nice themes!!

  3. Manuel Rivera


  4. Mikalee Byerman

    Love the headline font of Portfolio — just wish I had more artsy/creative things to display on my blog, instead of just words! ;)

  5. Christine

    Oh, Portfolio is gorgeous! I love it.

  6. Moco Scribe

    At last this is just the sort of creative theme I have been waiting for! I really love Portfolio, thanks!

  7. angelofthesky

    The lighting in the art is incredible.

  8. Jennifer Avventura

    These are both fantastic! Thank you. :)

  9. Christian Fluttershy Cheerilee Alvarez

    The Grisaille theme looks beautiful!

  10. everfirsts

    They’re good themes and I like them.

  11. Jacob

    Yet again, more beautiful themes!

  12. TheMeth90

    Grisaille is very nice, thanks.

  13. Extrementz

    Portfolio is cool.

  14. xubobo

    I really love Portfolio, thanks!

  15. Paul T. Shafer

    Did I read somewhere you can “try these themes out” on your current blog to see what it would look like?

  16. guenbt

    Awwww, I just finished changing my theme yesterday to Pilcrow. I should have waited. I like Grisaille but I love the Portfolio font header. I will try this soon. Nice themes, thanks WordPress. :)

  17. siabyul

    Love Portfolio type themes! Thank you so much~
    I’ll try it out :)

  18. Kale

    I like portfolio. Too bad it’s not for free…

  19. glminute

    Love, love, love Portfolio

  20. thesofisworld

    Wow I really love Portfolio theme… it’s so clean and bright. CONGRATS!

  21. beyondanomie

    Portfolio looks smashing, but given that I tend not to purchase themes, it’s good that another clean theme like Grisaille has been added to the free options. Thanks! Might experiment with it on one of my blogs when I get bored of the current theme.

  22. dadiwongenomblikenasobud

    Nice looking, clean, clear and close.

  23. LovingGodWithExcellence

    I really like Portfolio. It’s clean, and elegant.

  24. Jayviemar

    Nice theme!

  25. tahir2012

    I really like Portfolio

  26. Nyoman CNd

    Is it possible to change my blog theme with this theme?

  27. 7theaven

    Damn, I wish Portfolio were free..

    Any other theme like that/similar to that which is free?

  28. Anna

    Portfolio is lovely!

  29. myaimgroup

    Nice I wish this post was up a few weeks ago! I will keep it in mind for my photographer friends.

  30. tenbrokenbullets

    Considering I’m a graphic design student, Portfolio makes me smile. A LOT! Haha, thank you!

  31. A. Maryam

    Nice theme but many look alike.

  32. southernmusings

    Nice and status quo. Someone give us something out of the box, like DePo Masthead.

  33. Rindy Portfolio

    ‘Portfolio’ seems like an appropriate theme for me ;)

  34. shil

    Looks really good. Gonna try it.

  35. junnysan

    Portfolio is nice. Grisaille is so artistic. Like it.

  36. Satusatuen

    Love Portfolio so much… but

  37. whosthattalllady

    I love Grisaille, but is it a bad thing to keep switching your theme?

  38. MikesFilmTalk

    Nice additions to the themes on offer.

  39. m3diawolf

    Very nice themes.

  40. Anna Jones

    Ugh, once more, minimalistic, purist, BORING WP themes. Guys, I love WP, I think you offer the best features, but on themes you really drop the ball in my opinion (and yes, I’m aware it’s a matter of taste). I just don’t understand why, with millions of different blogs, you stick mainly to those minimalistic themes. Surely there are more users than just me who need and want more baroque, opulent and creative themes. Why can’t you make those happen just as regularly as your clean, boring ones?

  41. ekopunyablog

    Awesome themes.

  42. jcwusthoff

    I love Portfolio. I absolutely love it. Almost as much as my all time favorite “Coraline”

  43. femmegypsy

    I LOVE the portfolio theme. So clean. And perfect for a photographer, definitely going to recommend it to my mom.

  44. roisingrace

    Love, love, love these themes! They’re simple but so effective! Very nice :)

  45. aishaloveslife

    Love the Portfolio!! So clean! Love all white themes!

  46. Laurelindoren

    I wish I could afford one.

  47. Earl

    Is there an option to change the text “view project” on Portfolio?

  48. i9CRIE

    I love

  49. schnellangeld

    It looks very professional and clean, I like it.

  50. Farizal Akbar

    Where I can get Grisaille theme?

  51. starscraper99

    Awesome themes :D


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