Spotlight on Street Photography Blogs

Public places, candid snapshots, fleeting moments captured. That’s what street photography is all about, and the following eight blogs do it beautifully:

Jimmy on the Run

365 From the Archive

Über die Webbographie

Sami Alramyan

Without an H

Perpetuum Mobile

A Walk with My Camera

Bones, Mugs & Harmony

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  1. Picture-Bandit

    all in black and white… very nice suggestions thanks.

  2. barbaraelka

    I love Mimo’s work from 365.
    And über die blog is a great find. Dynamic work.

  3. tenaciousbitch

    LOVE your photos! They have so much character and emotion! I particularly LOVE the first one on this page, Jimmy on the run and Perpetuum Mobile! Thanks for sharing!

  4. El Santo

    These are awesome! I wonder too why street photography all seem to be in black and white? Would they lose the power of intimacy if portrayed in color? Because I imagine that one with the boat would look great in color.

  5. Gunta

    I would suggest for some of the best street photography I’ve seen (EVER) of NY City.

  6. hudsonvalleysocialmedia
  7. seleniozg

    They are really nice, especially the first……

  8. yousef59

    black and white …colors are great

  9. Tim

    I love a great black and white. This are wonderful pics.

  10. Margaret

    Great post. Love the idea of choosing a theme and then featuring a number of blogs suited to that theme. Especially love the street photography! More like this please!

  11. candiidom

    Reblogged this on candiidom.

  12. Balsillie & Associates

    Some really fantastic pictures there!

  13. Illustrious Peacock

    Really fantastic. Brilliant suggestions! Thank you.

  14. SocialMediaCDN

    Reblogged this on Social Media CDN and commented:
    Some great photos!

  15. Moco Scribe

    I love these!

  16. Illustrious Peacock

    (Absolutely loving it)

  17. peixesloucos

    i am photo-blogging on WP more or less 5 years about pavements. so it is street photography including street art, random usual things surrounding us everyday in Europe.

  18. newbbieblogger

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  19. bmust

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  20. ' - Eduardo Tetê '

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  21. Artist Emma Dexter


  22. Sushant Kumar

    Lovely pics.

  23. Peggy Sweeney

    simply stunning. What if you find a photo you would like to use for your blog…. is it ok to write to the author of the blog and ask permission to use one of their photos? Thanks!

    • Erica

      Yes, if you’re not sure about the photographer’s policy on using their images, it’s best to contact them directly. And of course, always provide a link back to their blog!

  24. sagikphotography

    If I may suggest my blog as well :-)

  25. topgunusa

    Great photography! Hope to see more

  26. Kirsten Dinesen

    Totally awesome shots…..really nice work!!

  27. thehealthywarrior

    Nice photos, no poses, just very real life.

  28. Dermatology Tami

    Reblogged this on Dermatology Tami and commented:
    Beautiful pics~

  29. publibolivar

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  30. Elana Web Design

    Very nice photo shots!

  31. oldevillageshoppe

    Great photos!

  32. facelikeafryingpan

    beautiful works. especially loved the cyclists.

  33. Bell'Dora

    Amazing photos, thanks for sharing!

  34. fitfallon

    I love these pictures capturing everyday life

  35. Jason Roberts (@json5)

    B&W and street photography go together like green and grass

  36. a solemn punch

    An awesome show of talent. All I can say is WOW.

  37. Marc Phillippe Babineau

    I love the intimacy of street photography! Great hub!

  38. LA Edwards

    Let me begin by saying – I love your work! Your photos are awesome. I love that fact you use black and white imagery. I especially love the first picture with the couple holding hands riding their bikes. :-)

  39. irisoniris

    I’m not a photographer (street or otherwise), but as a sub-genre of the arts, street photography has been an endless source of writing inspiration for me, and looking at masterful captures probably serves as my greatest writing trigger. Thank you for this! I’m following all of them.

    And, I would also like to share my favorite street photography blog.

  40. phrenzel

    wonderful group of talent here I am following them all. Thanks

  41. Miles

    Reblogged this on MDCPhotos.

  42. ~mimo~

    Thank you so much Erica for featuring my blog! I am honored! Great to be know about other street photography blogs to follow too.

  43. ~mimo~

    Reblogged this on Mimo khair's Blog.

  44. ainunhabibah

    nice pics :) i really love it
    keep capture :D

  45. Arpon Files

    Excelentes fotos. La espontaneidad, la naturalidad, la falta de poses y la toma en el momento adecuado magnifican las tomas. Felicidades

  46. Java Steel Pipe

    Love this pictures.all in black and white. especially 365 From the Archive

  47. Arpon Files

    Reblogged this on Espacio de Arpon Files.

  48. pravinchn

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  49. Vera C.

    You have got a nice eye for a moment of ordinary life. Beautiful!

  50. Victor Santana

    Reblogged this on Artistrict Journal.

  51. Anna

    i love black and white on the street! Really amazing moment!

  52. terrandweller

    Reblogged this on terrandweller2 and commented:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)Since the onset of color television, I haven’t cared for black and white pictures. I have changed my mind. The street photos have changed my my perspective. The street pictures are very artistic and have captured my attention as no other. Kudos. Great work!

  53. munggur

    Love those photoblog. Thank you for WordPress that have been generous to provide more and more themes that very fit for showing those photos! Bravo!

  54. ka1t0

    Nice, Great, and I like it…^_^

  55. zoo-octan

    dear Erica. Thanks for the latest one on street photography. i even got my photo them for my blog based on an earlier newsletter recommendation. i’m very keen on photography but my blog takes a different spin on things by concentrating solely on the old / “new” realm of instant photography and The Impossible Project –

    Thank you.

  56. kristen98

    These photos are amazing… thanks for sharing.

  57. nudetopia

    Lovely photography, great blog!

  58. V. Lyn

    Reblogged this on Drayton's Gazette.

  59. borky101

    Hmmmmm too bad mine is not in the list.

  60. robertruteng

    Pretty nice pictures….You took the moment where everybody never think to capture this moment :)

  61. monster9527

    Reblogged this on monster9527 und kommentierte:
    nice !

  62. indiephoto101

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    What a beautiful collection of street photography!!!

  63. kp999

    Lovely Photos…Thanks for sharing..

  64. mcbiz101

    These are all remarkable photos,they are something really

  65. sabby1052

    Street photography is wonderfully “in the moment”…I myself used to at one time take my camera where ever I went and took random pictures of interest……

  66. jigarmori

    Nice photography… “Without an H”.. it’s beautiful ..

  67. odelettechen

    Fancy Black and White Photos!

  68. ceciliawyu

    Reblogged this on Sustain-Able 余 : Cecilia's Blog and commented:
    This is exactly what I had in mind today…when I see how some of the people I’m mentoring with very little formal arts education are busting their guts to learn something new!

    I keep telling them there is a reason why they stood out amongst so many who try to get attention….they just NEVER QUIT! :)

  69. mithanoerat

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  70. mithanoerat

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  71. Elena

    this is true ART

  72. Sha Poe Ryu Elam

    Nice Photo’s, makes you wonder what was being thought in that moment !

  73. hansmaennicke

    Reblogged this on hansmaennicke und kommentierte:
    Danke für diese professionellen Inspirationen.

  74. bellaxite

    Reblogged this on bellaxite and commented:
    jawsome! :)

  75. Giardinoblu

    Very beautiful moments^ really great shots:)


    Looks nice! But I would add a little bit more light

  77. Stephan

    Nice streetphotography! I will more!

  78. simonrphotography

    Great pictures! Some are really stunning…

  79. Shaka

    thanks for chosing perpetuum mobile to show it here. Makes me feel so good that me and my girlfriend are somewhat good at what we are doing . We love to take street photography and perpetuum mobile is one of the projects we are working now. Thanks again for choosing us to show here.

  80. Orlando Uy

    thank you, Erica. I am deeply grateful to be included in this feature.

  81. fbtde

    Great pics. Good idea – all in black & white. I love taking such kind of photos, too.

  82. braveheartinyou

    i like them… go on !!

  83. Coloreblog

    I really like your photos!

  84. brandinm26

    Someone showed me this blog post, I am a avid photographer and always looking for ways to challenge myself, I joined WordPress just to see what other photos these artist post. Wonderful suggestion, love them all!

  85. Aseged99

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  86. rancidez

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  87. haydensayo

    That is a skills of a person in a way of showing of excellent photography. Keep on going Erica…

  88. Yogi

    It’s Awesome!

  89. gnbkpolis

    “Perpetuum Mobile” has an absolute fantastic perspective and impression.

  90. Filip Głuch

    Very nice pics! However B/W style sounds like a ‘artistic shortcut’ to me, don’t you think?
    Cheers ale WP users!

  91. Ms Tina and Bear Bones

    Love these photos :)

    Check out my photos and filmstrip from traveling if you want!

  92. Digital Dave

    This is a great selection of street photography. Street photography is one of the lesser respected forms of photography in some ways. Yet it’s actually pretty difficult to do good street photography.

    Nice selection here, thanks.

  93. f1consultancy

    this is lovely – thankyou for making me smile :-)

  94. Tóxica

    Reblogged this on Cantina Tóxica.

  95. filmcamera999

    some superb street shots here! unique and special.

  96. thegingerclara

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  97. silkemariedesigns

    Reblogged this on silkemarie and commented:
    gorgeous photography, imagine one of these black and white images mural size on your wall!

  98. Alma

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  99. wiredrick

    I think for humanity purposes, photographers like this, help preserve and capture the human condition. Great job. – Wiredrick

  100. spatters

    Reblogged this on Stuart Patterson Photography and commented:
    A great list of street photography blogs. Grab a coffee and flip through some of these beautiful and touching images.


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