New Theme: Petite Melodies

If you’re seeking a fun, playful look for your blog or website, we have the theme for you!

Petite Melodies

Petite Melodies is a beautiful new premium theme designed by Sol Linero. Choose from three quirky illustrated styles: Want a sweet design for your baby blog? My Petite Melodies is playful and childlike. Or maybe you need a place to showcase your illustration — we’ve got you covered with Pencils and Crayons. Or perhaps you’d like a more modern design? Un Blog should do the trick.

My Petite Melodies
Pencils and Crayons
Un Blog

In addition to multiple styles, Petite Melodies also includes two ways to display your posts, space for a brief welcome message, and social media icons for Email, Twitter, and Facebook.

Add a touch of whimsy to your blog by visiting Petite Melodies on the Theme Showcase!

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Caroline Moore

  • Jun 28, 2012 @ 4:05 pm
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  1. Cyndy Otty

    What a cute theme! :-)

  2. hazzrri

    Reblogged this on hazzrri and commented:

  3. Brenda Nepomuceno

    These versions are stunning! Thanks for allowing such a cool theme to be free!

  4. Brenda Nepomuceno

    Oh, wait. Except it isn’t. Sorry I missed the word “premium” amidst such awesomeness.

  5. Mickey Kit

    It has a nice vibe. Like maybe Richie Petrie’s bedroom wall was decorated like this when he was really little.

  6. мυнαмαđ яoмđoиι

    Nice :mrgreen:

  7. Neeraj Bhushan

    Yup. Funky. Not always a blog should be a SERIOUS looking thing. Good. Will certainly check its features before going ahead with one of other blogs that I am planning to be a funky material. Thanks for the work and the share here.

  8. simonrphotography

    Nice! Tempting me to try a premium theme for my blog!!!

  9. Robie

    Wow, how cute!

  10. tjdeen


  11. Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Asturias

    We love this one! Chulísimo!

  12. Eric

    Beautiful theme!

  13. octubre10fotografia

    Wow, how cute!

  14. beatproductionsoftware

    Great theme!

  15. thesofisworld

    Woooow I really love this one… so delicate!!!

  16. oldevillageshoppe

    Very pretty theme!

  17. drglenh

    Great stuff, Caroline… you are making the world a better place.

  18. timethief

    I love the subtle colors and the playfulness. The theme is packed with useful features too including the “Showcase” style, featured images, etc. I’ll be playing with it on my test blog to see if it will be a good choice for my personal blog.

  19. timethief

    Yikes! I just read over the word “premium”. :( I assumed it was a free theme.

  20. Megan Cunningham

    I like this theme, very cute :)

  21. megacolby

    Reblogged this on Colby is Mega and commented:
    Like the theme!

  22. acitygirlscountrydream

    LOL @ Brenda and ditto

  23. Roni Yusron

    Beautiful theme. I like it.

  24. John

    Never any free themes that are really nice. Ick.

  25. J'miah Nabawi (@jmiahspeaks)

    LOVE this! Right, nice, funky and ALIVE! for what I do working with children and families for our literacy campaign. G’wan gurl!

  26. victorworang

    I think this is the first childhood-like theme on WP. The team is very creative. The header looks very impressive..

  27. zhindie

    Nice theme, like it.

  28. Gian Carlo ♥ the Daydreamer

    Clean theme! Pleasing to the eyes

  29. airyz

    Cool! Aaawwwwwwww <3

  30. Soma Mukherjee

    What a beauty. I have been looking for this… can’t wait to start using it… a stunner and one of the best themes.

  31. canbria

    Very cute and sweet theme ;)

  32. newvoiceworld

    Really awesome. I like it.

  33. teddypesidas2005

    Wow! Awesome.

  34. bettyspecial


  35. Sanu George

    Wow!! So sweet!! Very Beautiful and Cute!!!

  36. trangquynh

    Wow, love that, so adorableeeeeeee

  37. drobinsguy

    Love this theme!

  38. Prasad


  39. Margie

    This is a very fun theme. It would be well worth paying $60 if I didn’t know that next month an even better theme for my blog might come along. I have the CSS upgrade, however, so there is no reason I can’t use some of the design ideas from any premium theme and incorporate them into the theme I am currently using!

  40. osaroboeghosahenry

    The theme is fantastic.

  41. dreya07

    very cute!

  42. Christine

    This is gorgeous. I love the font, the linen-textured background… any chance it can be set up to preview my blog with one of the two other designs?

  43. jehanjihan

    Nice :)

  44. fromthericefields

    Will be passing this one up; nice, but doesn’t suit my blog style.

  45. bunthoeunp

    Very cute!!

  46. cantueso

    But it should be “petites” as a plural or “petite melodie” as a singular, otherwise it looks odd. In English there is no plural for an adjective, but it would look odd to you if I wrote “many book on the table” or “few mistake here”.

  47. ♥Yểu Điệu Thục Nữ♥

    So lovely!!! >_<

  48. micker01

    Very pretty, I like it so much.

  49. Raise Expectations

    Awesome theme! This would be perfect for a kid starting a blog. The only bad thing is that it’s not free. :(

  50. devilscorpion123

    I love the font.

  51. procrastinationsociety

    I love this theme; it’s very cute.

  52. ➠ Postcard from Stockholm!

    I love that theme!!! Well, I want to buy it for my self-hosted WordPress blog. Is it a exclusive or do we have the chance to buy it for self-hosted blogs too?

    • Caroline Moore

      We’re so glad you like it! This theme is exclusive to and not currently available to self-hosted WordPress blogs.


    Woow fantastic baby^^


  54. riansaiyan


  55. mo18on

    Blog is one of my most favourite ones ever! I may sound fake since a lot of people go on and write these post even if they don’t mean it, but seriously, I really admire.

  56. jaymbecaro

    Amazing theme! It looks like a 3D scrap book! It really focuses on the blog posts and you can read them easily! :)

  57. mynerdysecret

    Creative and quirky. Shall consider using this for my new blog! Thanks for the suggestion

  58. Traffic Royal

    Really nice theme, but just for personal use, not for business.

  59. mynameisverma

    Wow man, this is a really awesome theme.

  60. konfetko

    It`s so nice!

  61. Ritz Einne

    Cute theme. :)

  62. Carlos Alberto Junior Spohr Poletto

    Very good champz! :)

  63. Anna

    These are fantastic! I love the variations.

  64. hakaner

    Nice theme…

  65. mollya6

    I love this theme.

  66. Nicolette

    Very adorable. Great for a particularly-themed blog – there should always be options for different things. My favorite aspect is the sidebar, I must say.

  67. Chic Pinay

    i love this theme. i hope you would come up with vintage-look themes. :)

  68. zainal

    Very pretty theme..!

  69. Club Penguin BP Owner

    Not my favourite, but good design!

  70. Ana-Mihaela Nuţa

    it’s amazing

  71. Katarina Ningrum

    So cuuuuute! :D

  72. thetravelingreader

    It fits right in with my color scheme. Too bad it’s premium. Hehe. But really, it’s super cute! :D

  73. karisaratri

    Reblogged this on karisaratri and commented:

  74. mebelmebel

    Ah… how nice it is! I love it! I should give it a try.

  75. emamdesign

    Like it, nice theme.

  76. deerrulz

    I really like this theme, but exactly HOW do you get it???

  77. Sofie's Diary

    Love your designs.

    • Caroline Moore

      Thank you! Wish we could take all the credit for this, but the design was done by Sol Linero, a fantastically talented illustrator. :)

  78. Chloe


  79. Kale

    So cute!

    Not that I have a blog to fit that one but still…

  80. Nabila Firdausi

    Is it free? Please… I want it so… I want it free. :)

  81. newbiesyetnerd

    Reblogged this on Newbies Yet Nerd and commented:

  82. hefashion050

    So amazing and fantastic!!!!!!!

  83. ashapia13

    Very cute and nice :D

  84. TacticalAssassin

    It’s OK, not the best though.

  85. hgharden

    I love it! I might use it for my blog! :D

  86. Isabella

    Love it!

  87. regzman

    So coooollll… I so love it!

  88. mediel

    Wanna buy!

  89. Sarah

    It is indeed whimsical! So cute :)

  90. Sarah Jordan

    That is so freaking cute!

  91. kolembo

    What a beautiful little thing!
    The preview on my blog makes the poetry look so nice, I might try it!

  92. LittleBanditHats

    This is adorable.

  93. Giadore Shin

    Cute :)

  94. loofee32

    Wowwwww,Very pretty theme!!!

  95. geniuswords

    Wow! Such a cute and unique theme, and the layout is so refreshing. :)

  96. paec

    The best theme I’ve seen yet, even in the premium set. Fantastic job on this! :)


    Great!! Thank you for the theme! ;)

  98. iamlenise

    Aww, how cute… reminds me of pink lemonade on a warm summer afternoon. :~)


    Very cute theme. Well designed and refreshing. If I may say something, in French we write the adjective in in the plural. It should be “Petites Melodies” but perhaps it’s not written in French?

    • Caroline Moore

      Thank you! We’re really glad you like the theme! The theme title is more like an homage to the French language but in English, if that makes sense. :)

  100. Gustavo H. Razera

    Too cute… I’d use it if I were a teenage girl. Nothing against it, though. Its target audience will love it.


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