New Theme: Balloons

Today we have a unique addition to the themes collection – Balloons is a charming theme by Chris Magiera.


Let your imagination soar – or, perhaps more accurately, float – amongst these playfully parallaxed balloons. The simple one-column design makes this theme perfect for a microblog, if short-and-sweet suits your tastes. The childlike style also lends itself well to showing off those photos of your adorable kids (Grandma will thank you).

Catch your own bunch of Balloons on the Theme Showcase!

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Caroline Moore


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  1. New Heights Dance Ministry

    Looks OK! I still like Oxygen best, but this one’s nice if you want something laid-back and simple. :-)

  2. trangquynh

    Lovely theme, I will try it on my blog ASAP. ^^

  3. christrocks

    This is a really cute theme! I don’t think it will suit my blog, but I will keep it in mind for future use. :)

  4. Zen

    That is such an adorable theme! I would’ve loved to use it, but the one column thing is a deal-breaker for me. :(

  5. Mikalee Byerman

    …now you have me considering a microblog — sounds adorable! :)

  6. Sneha Krishnan

    Aww… this looks so cute.

  7. David Bennett

    Love the quirkiness

  8. Duct Tape Doodler

    What a cute theme!

  9. Saadia Humayun

    I love the fonts in this theme! Is there any way I can get balloons off the screen? Everything’s falling into place with the look. The only snag is the floating balloons. :(

  10. ciburuan

    So wonderful.

  11. Eric

    Beautiful theme!

  12. Charlie Black

    Balloons theme is so cute it just may ‘cheer up’ the Devil.

  13. timethief

    What an interesting theme. I’m going to have fun playing with it in my test blog.

  14. guenbt

    One column is something that I do not prefer but with this new theme, I’ll make an exemption. I so love the fonts used in this blog. So, I am using it now. I guess the balloons suits perfectly for my blog, celebrating simple and special moments of life. Thanks WordPress! You never failed to impress me.

  15. emmy50

    It is nice.

  16. John

    Another one for the girls…

  17. Claudia

    That’s such a cute theme! I really like it.

  18. lalabueno

    I liked it, but it isn’t surprising.

  19. Jessica

    I just activated on my blog! It’s so cute, I love it! :D

  20. izmir escort bayan

    Nice themes. ;)

  21. x_o)/


  22. cabizlady

    Balloons always bring excitement! Very Nice!

  23. The Open Suitcase

    Super layout for a casual blog – great design.

  24. goharrr

    I just activated this theme and I am in LOVE with it! Thank you!

  25. ahyounglee

    You are amazing! Thank you so much!

  26. Chic Pinay

    Super nice! Amazing! I’m using it on my blog now. :)

  27. Mo Jangda

    This is my new favourite theme :)

  28. scuffer12345

    What a great idea and the suggestion for the little ones to post is perfect, thanks.

  29. victorworang

    Balloons on my bday, thanks… :) Though I’m growing up now… haha

  30. Triyoga Adi Perdana

    It’s cute. :D

  31. nisa

    Celebrate your life!

  32. disclamaboy

    Simple… :-D

  33. Matt George

    The grey color for the background is great. I’m still scrolling the blog up and down to see the balloons move on the blog up and down. It’s a very unique idea. Nice work on this theme.

  34. rutialon

    Too many “cutesy” themes lately. Are designers affected by the recession and the hot summer?

  35. Blogger

    Good theme! :-)

  36. twinflameunion


  37. kareemmaehz


  38. Naby

    I just activated this theme. Thank you so much. Have a good day ~

  39. drndark

    Great theme!!!

  40. mylittlebexi

    I’ve decided to use this theme, I love it, but I’d really love it if my widgets could go on the side and the writing was a little big bigger!!!!!

  41. Arun

    The theme is awesome but any chance of getting two widget bars to the left and right?

  42. RiaCestaLily

    Simply nice looking theme, it’s easier for the reader to focus on the posting because it only has a one-column design. Great work!

  43. Pocket Full of Blessings

    Love this theme and activated it to my blog. I do wish there was a balloon beside each post that had the post date…that would be adorable.

  44. LittleBanditHats

    Cute! I’m pretty happy with my current theme, but this is nice and simple.

  45. tomte

    Oooooo…….pretty! Why must there be so many amazing themes to make my theme decisions hard??? Why???

  46. Brittany

    What a cute theme! Totally love it and am activating it now :)

  47. purplecoatstoryteller

    I came back onto WordPress on the perfect day. These balloons are perfect for my message website. What perfect timing. Can the color of the balloons be changed? Oh, I just gotta go get busy on it. Thank you, thank you. I love it’s simplicity, yet, beauty. Marvelous!

  48. Kale


    Wait, it’s for free, right?

  49. canbria

    So cute :)

  50. Pepper Bells

    It’s adorable!!

  51. Laura Brazzo

    I LOVE IT!!

  52. The Clarences

    The Clarences love & support Balloons!

  53. faisalyusupabdau

    Amazing theme.

  54. otherdirection123

    Hey, do any of you know how to change a theme?

  55. ashleybeatrice

    I used this theme for my wedding blog! It worked perfectly with a few tweaks of the CSS. :) I love the balloons!

  56. nicole

    By far my favorite theme so far! Thank you so much! (And so happy it’s free!)

  57. caramelkandi

    Cute. Yes, grandma will like this. ;)

  58. lilium789


  59. Polaris

    Now, that is a beautiful theme. Congratulations Chris! A truly well-deserved inclusion.

  60. Haamaaguri

    Lovely. :)

  61. thegoodolddayz

    Nice! Well done!

  62. Jims Blog

    Very nice, where is the color?

  63. krystelswedding

    Do you do themes for wedding pages too? :)

  64. MarlaGottschalk

    More themes like this, please! Love the “sketch” like quality of the headings. If this allowed for another column for widgets it would be perfect.

  65. FromDev (@FromDev)

    Very nicely done theme. I wonder if there is a theme for a tech blog where code snippets can be posted?

    • Caroline Moore

      You can always post code using the tag regardless of the theme you're using! If you're looking for a "tech"-y design, you might have some luck poking around the Theme Showcase -- a search for "tech" pulls up quite a few. :)

  66. xenajd

    More one-column themes please! There can’t be enough!!

  67. ajaysnair

    Hey, it’s nice… can you make the balloons as a static background?

  68. Moco Scribe

    I like this a lot. It’s perfect for the online book I am planning to write, nice and simple!

  69. phoebekay17

    Cute theme. :)

  70. abdullahlu

    Beautiful theme.

  71. hils

    This is really cute :D

  72. siarracoen

    I like the theme a lot, as every little balloon can symbolize an idea or whim I have… that is lovely as a start-off point for my new blog, too. :)

  73. The Silent Spectator

    I love it! It’s really cute and clean. One thing I like most is the font style.

  74. fashionapparel2012

    Lovely theme.

  75. yousef59

    Very nice theme!


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