Freshly Pressed’s Best Of July 2012

The month of July has come and gone and we featured over 600 posts on Freshly Pressed. So here is a look back at ten of these stories: those we thought were the most interesting and those the community loved and engaged with the most.


Photographer Fraser McAlister shares the shots he took on a trip to Scotland: photos of hills, lochs, insects, and more spotlight the country’s beauty. The unique green/gray palette made this photo series feel visceral.

Crocheting to Change the Planet

We get a glimpse at the Crochet Coral Reef project in St. Petersburg, Florida and learn about climate change’s effect on the biodiversity of the ocean. And how could you not love jellyfish made of yarn?

Why Blogging Scares Me

A young blogger shares why she waited a month to put up the first post of her new blog devoted to life and food. Her honesty and openness left an impression on us.

An Open Letter to Jessica Redfield

Miles Venkman somberly compares his own experience with The Dark Knight Rises to that of the late Sports blogger. The shootings in Aurora left a mark on many communities, including WordPress.

Dirty Thirty: The List

What would you like to accomplish before you hit the age of 30? One young woman shares her aspirations. Everyone should make lists like this and actually push to fulfill them.

Why sweat the big things? Worry about the small (really important) stuff.

This food blogger discusses what frustrates him in life, and shares a wonderful and unique sorbet recipe. As before, honest and thought-provoking writings about life really engage people.

5 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Blog Header!

Donah takes us through how she created the images that top her blog page. It is a clear tutorial that can be helpful for many bloggers who are looking to improve their pages but aren’t sure how.

Friday Fifteen

This bibliophile shares with us a handful of 15-word book reviews, focusing on books from the U.K. to celebrate the Olympics. It is a series, so check out his other quick reviews.

10 Things That Suck About Being a Guy

This sometimes earnest and sometimes tongue-in-cheek post highlights the pitfalls of masculinity. This post is quite universal; most of us men feel this way at sometime or another.

The Olympics Are Fabulous (Sometimes)

Lastly, Julia Hass shares her opinion on the Olympics–not the athletes or the sports events, but the teams’ clothes. The nations’ official uniforms were all quite different and quite intriguing.

What were your favorite Freshly Pressed items and blogs posts of the month?

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  1. Mikalee Byerman

    I LOVE the idea of a “Best of” — it really helps those of us who are huge FP fans…just in case we *gasp* missed one (or two…or three…).

  2. Joe DeGiorgio

    Freshly Pressed did knock it out of the park this month. Some posts were good enough that I felt the need to post comments. Let’s keep it going!

  3. morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer

    You gather a wide range of interests in your selections of Freshly Pressed blogs. It is always a treat to look at the page of new blogs to celebrate for their recognition of being outstanding.

    I like comparing my taste in writing by comparing blogs I follow with the Freshly Pressed ones. So far I have four blogs that I discovered before YOU DID! So I guess we’re on the same page!

  4. storybookapothecary

    awesome! Go Sweet Jelly Bean! Love that blog :-) x

  5. New Heights Dance Ministry

    Why am I not in freshly pressed yet? Oh yeah, I still need to write an epic article about dancing. :-D

  6. mamadoveonabox

    Great review of the weeks best pressed. Each blog in its own right has a story and a good one to tell.
    Thank you ~Jenn

  7. Eric

    Being a guy is awesome :)

  8. Good News Place

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  9. Ann Marie Woolsey-Johnson

    Friday Fifteen is a top pick! Couldn’t agree more.

  10. brulionman

    thnx for this set, I found McAlisterium as a coolest photo blog over last few months

  11. Sunite

    Great stuff :D These articles seems to be fantastic!

  12. brookliyn

    wowwwwwwwwwww thtz amazing

  13. tiwakorn999

    very good

  14. stspectator

    I ve read six of them and they were all great posts.Thought provoking and memorable.

  15. amar1229

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  17. victorworang

    all is good, and be sure olympics suck the most attention this summer.. haha :)

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  19. bizworldusa24

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  20. Rajesh Bhadani

    really nice images!!!!!!!!!!
    i like it very much

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  23. Megan Cunningham

    The Olympics Are Fabulous (Sometimes) my favorite :)

  24. Kaberi Chand

    These were indeed the best of freshly pressed-July

  25. ana pauper

    food bloggers are really amazing :D I should start a ballerina recipe section on my blog asap ;)

  26. Marie Midtlid

    I’ll definitely check the ones I missed out on! Thanks for the summary!

  27. generaliregi


  28. generaliregi

    I love the beauty which is brought out by this piece of art.THANK YOU

  29. livingwinters

    Such a helpful, friendly site. Thanks for the backup!

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    very good

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    Nature is truly spectacular, love this pic. Just calm and sere portrayed.

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  34. Life and all things love

    Loved all ten of them. The open letter to Jessica Redfield could not have been more moving. A beautiful tribute to a woman who deserved to live….

  35. christrocks

    This is a neat collection of blogs! I may stop to take a look at a few of them :) I usually don’t look at the freshly pressed, but it’s nice that you rounded up the best of the best.

  36. redbeads

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    great arts..!!!

  38. kushanharsha

    I love those images

  39. Matt Blake

    I always enjoy looking at the freshly pressed page, quality posts are a good read. I can only hope one day i may make it to the freshly pressed page!

  40. thisarefunnypics

    Great and inspiring list, thank you :-)

  41. thechiropractorstudent

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    Amazing view.

  42. Fortyteen Candles

    I love reading Freshly Pressed every time I log on. As a new blogger, I really appreciate how it turns a vast blogging world into a small and friendly community. Thanks!

  43. syariefbajaber

    Looking art the style

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  45. septyan22

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  46. Anna

    These are wonderful choices, the crocheting one was one of my favourites of the past few months too.

  47. Neal Saye

    I LOVED “WhyBlogging Scares Me.” I agree that thinking that nobody will CARE is always a concern!

  48. ristaboncel

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    it’s been a long time since I haven’t seen a place like this.. It would be great spot for vacation purposes sometime

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  57. Luna

    Love your picks, just wondering how I can get my blog up on freshly pressed?

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  62. vietnamtourism001

    The Olympic atmosphere with thousands of people launch a propaganda is noisy. Various colours of clothes, flag, hat, shoes create the excess in the festival.

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  64. Blogger

    The ‘5 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Blog Header!’ is a good post! I made my header with this way! :-)

  65. Daniela


    I am glad I found this post because I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH ever since my post ‘Is Blogging Addictive’ was freshly pressed on 25 July, only two months after I started blogging! To say that I was surprised would be understatement. I was ecstatic. Not because I thought it will bring loads of readers (I did not know that would happen) but because you liked my post! The post I wrote straight from the heart and without any pretence. As it turned out many people found that speaks to them, resonates with them. And that is the biggest prize anyone who puts words out to people can hope for. That those words travel and touch others. For that I am truly grateful!


  66. saviraputri

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  68. teeceecounsel

    Freshly Pressed! This has been an easy way for me to find posts that standout without having to search every magazine by the streets. WordPress is making lots of sense!

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    nice photographic work!!!!

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    love your picture (:

  74. Mr.Jay

    I like Dirty Thirty: The List most!

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  76. momof03

    Love the pic that was taken in Scotland

  77. gladiuspoeticus

    Why not do a seperate freshly pressed for poetry? Poetry is hot in WP lately. More and more people use it as a means of self expression. Artistically or not.

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    I like

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    the Crochet Coral.. I like this :)

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  84. Hands-On Green Matters

    Just to send silent Thank You for putting back search tag for similar topic – another way that I learn from other bloggers.


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