Big iPhone/iPad Update Now Available

Screenshot of Version 3.1 of WordPress for iOS, showing Panels & Sidebar

Today is an exciting day! A new version of WordPress for iOS was just pushed live, and it’s been dubbed the “biggest update ever”. It features a completely re-imagined interface for both iPhone and iPad that takes mobile blogging to the next level. It’s most noticeable on the iPad: a sliding panels interface enables you to quickly get to any part of the app and rediscover your content.

New Interface

As soon as you download the app you’re greeted by a new welcome screen that guides you while adding your blog(s) to the app. Once authenticated you’re taken right to the Reader, where you can catch up on the blogs you follow, find topics you like, and now use a friend finder to discover your friends’ blogs on

On the iPhone you’ll see a list icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Tap or swipe to open the sidebar, revealing all your blog’s content, as well as the ability to upload a quick Photo and access your Settings.

On the iPad the sidebar is right there, the first panel to the left. As you tap items in the list they’ll open in panels allowing you to drill deeper into the app.

Screenshot of Version 3.1 of WordPress for iOS, showing Enhanced StatsEnhanced Stats

In the latest update of WordPress for iOS you can now view your full Stats right from within the app. This means more details, more control, and much better use of screen space. For the iPad the panel expands to the size of two panels for better viewing.

Reader and Quick Photo for iPad

The big, beautiful screen on the iPad is a perfect fit for the Reader. You can now keep up with blogs you follow, browse topics that interest you, and check out the latest Freshly Pressed posts. The panels interface makes it easy to navigate around and even visit the full site right from the app.

The “Quick Photo” function is one of the most popular iPhone features, and now we are bringing it to the iPad as well. Use your iPad’s built in camera to take a photo or select one from library. It all works as seamlessly and as fast as it does for the iPhone.

Friend Finder

Did you know you could use your accounts on other social networks to find friends blogging on In the latest update of WordPress for iOS you can do this right from the app – finding your friends on Twitter, Facebook is only a tap away. You can also securely search your device’s address book to find your friends’ blogs.

Post Formats

Post Formats are an important part of many themes these days and it was time for WordPress for iOS to get the ability as well. By using post formats you effectively choose how your post will look once published (if your theme supports them).

Screenshot of version 3.1 of WordPress for iOS, showing Improved Comment ModerationMore Enhancements, Bugfixes, and Tweaks

* New Post Preview for iPad: When viewing a post on the iPad, you’ll now get a nice preview of the post including formatting and images.
* All-Around Landscape Support: Nearly all areas of the app support landscape orientation now, including all of the tabs in the post editor. (You’ll notice this on the iPhone and the iPod Touch.)
* Easy Site and Dashboard Access: A no-brainer. We added buttons in the Sidebar to view your site as well as a Dashboard link so you can access your full WordPress dashboard (“/wp-admin”) right from within the app. Thanks to this you can now easily update your theme, manage your users, access your tools, and more.

In total over 180 enhancements and bug fixes made it into version 3.1 of WordPress for iOS.

Get WordPress for iOS

Download the app from the App Store today! If you’re on a device, go to and we’ll send you directly to the store on your device.

You can read more about the update over on the WordPress for iOS Blog, and make sure to follow the app on Twitter to receive the latest news first.

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  1. Chris

    Reblogged this on Chris McLeod and commented:
    This pretty much fixes every gripe I’ve had with WordPress on iOS. Lately I’ve been using Blogsy for blogging from my iPad, as it supported Custom Post Formats. Now the Official app does so too I may switch back.

  2. summerfield84

    Love this update. Thank you!

  3. Daniel Bachhuber

    Reblogged this on danielbachhuber and commented:

    Post format support. I love this update.

  4. dotdapple

    Nobody likes us Android users. :(

  5. Mikalee Byerman

    Yay yay YAY!!!

    Thank you from the bottom of my iPhone-loving heart! :)

  6. bgddyjim

    Looks good so far.

  7. Raquel

    Fantastic! I was thinking about buying an iPhone, but now I’m sure I’m going to! ♥

  8. Gary Lum

    I love it. Thank you so much. This makes reading blogs I follow so much easier.

  9. Michael Glover

    Looks really good! I am liking it a lot!

  10. Jackie P Cain

    I love this and I would have reblogged from it but it wouldnt post. It gave me no options in the blog to box either. I assume that’s not right.

  11. Lindsay

    I’ve already got the app on my iPhone and Samsung tablet. Thanks for the upgrades

  12. coordinatedkate

    Looks great! Thanks!

  13. Matt

    Great update. I’m glad to see the WordPress app go from a simple reader to a feature filled machine!

  14. countrybydesign

    Reblogged this on Country By Design's Blog and commented:
    I need to check this out!

  15. It's A Rush World

    Reblogged this on Its A Rush World and commented:
    Wow!! this is superawesome! It’s great blogging on the move! :))

  16. Liam Wise

    Love it!

  17. Steve Marchand

    I am writing a very long project entirely on my iPad and this update makes it so much easier! Thanks guys and keep up the good work. I just renewed my account and I don’t regret it…

  18. Pete (@pc0)

    Awesome, great work!

  19. stylelifeinc

    Looks incredible, does it support setting featured images from within the app? So far that’s the only thing that has stopped me from using my iPad from start to finish. But great job anyway.

  20. vanbraman

    Just in time for me to learn the new features before my trip to Israel next month. Thanks for the nice update.

  21. JAnthony

    Reblogged this on Thoughts of a Man.. and commented:
    Nice look, about to update on my iPad

  22. rommel

    Perfect perfect timing! I will be away. Wait! I already have the apps. Do I have to download again?

  23. Cyndy Otty

    Saw the preview from the State of the Word, but still: wow! It’s nice to see more of the dashboard coming to the app. Thanks for the wonderful improvements!

  24. Liz

    Fantastic update. Thank you so much. I can now blog wherever I am. Good job everyone who made it possible.

  25. Liz

    Reblogged this on Liz J Fox Design and commented:
    To all my iPhone/iPad friends, WordPress has a really great update just for us.

  26. Tiana Feng

    Finally a place to read all the blogs I follow conveniently :)! I LOVE the reader. So much easier than adding individual feeds to flipboard :)

  27. threeweeksinnz

    Can you please tell me where my stats have gone? I liked being able to click on stats as soon as I opened the app.

    • Dan

      Tap the Menu key (the button with 3 horizontal lines on it) and then tap your blog and then the ‘Stats’ button. The app will remember the last section you were viewing, so it will open Stats every time if you leave it there when you exit the app.

  28. allergyfreemouse

    Looks great. Unfortunately, my stats no longer work on my iPhone

  29. amandacornelius

    Too bad it glitches so bad I couldn’t even post >.<

  30. Michael

    Thank You. I have just reinstalled this in my iPhone and iPad. The features are superb. But, I do not have the “Avid Reader” in my devices.

    • Isaac Keyet

      The Reader is a specific feature – if you only have self-hosted blogs in the app and have not signed in to you won’t see it.

  31. John Hayden

    Very impressive. iPads and other tablets may soon be the most popular way of interfacing with the internet. Tablets are a natural for blogging. (Someday I hope to be able to afford an iPad.)

  32. Elena

    Woohooo! So happy! My app was messing up, hope the upgrade will fix that :) Thank you!


  33. Jay Dee

    Is this iOS 4.3 friendly?

  34. Breathe, Laurie

    Alas, I still have a stupid phone and nPad. (notepad)

  35. thecrowsgroove

    Installed the app on my iPhone. Looks absolutely great! One problem though: I can’t see my blog statistics from the JetPack plugin on my self-hosted blog. After entering my WordPress username and password, the app gives me the following error: “There was a problem connecting to your stats. Would you like to retry?” Is this a temporary glitch maybe or am I doing something wrong?

  36. TheBlackTwig

    This is excellent. I could not fully utilize the previous version that I just deleted it for my iPad. Recently, I’ve been meaning to purchase the Blogsy app. I’m glad this came before that. I’m exploring it now. Thank you WordPress. :)

  37. Francisc

    This update is really big… actually it looks more like an upgrade. Thank you guys, the app works fantastic; I can finally use it for blogging.

  38. LightHouseBlues

    GREAT approvement, this is so good, now the app is really useable!

  39. friendlytm

    I like the feature of posting pictures on my iPad. It was not possible before. However the quick edit doesn’t work. I can’t assign my new post as sticky post. Also no draft. It is still not 100% good. Will need to go back to my laptop for posting.

    • Isaac Keyet

      Tap Settings on the Post editor (the gear icon in the bottom toolbar) to change the post status to Draft. You can also save your post as a draft by tapping Back when done editing – you’ll get warned about unsaved changes and have the option to save it as a draft there.

  40. happytravelerandgoodart

    The posting of pictures on iPad is now great. But I cannot add sticky post to my new post. Also I want to create drafts and check ABC etc before publishing it. It is no longer available with the new updated app!

    • Dan

      To save it as a draft, tap the gear-shaped settings icon and then change the Status to ‘Draft’.

  41. Prabhat Jha

    This has fixed so many shortcomings in previous version, looks great.. thank you… great release.. thumbs up

  42. arthurb3

    Updates are a good thing!

  43. RachelShelleyRX

    Excellent update, thank you! It lags a bit on my 3GS, but that gives me yet another reason to get the iPhone 5 once it comes out, so no hard feelings whatsoever from here.

  44. onelifethislife

    I love the new look and my phone doesn’t crash or the reader doesn’t freeze when you want to read more of a post. Excellent work and it’s much appreciated! Thanks WordPress! Now only if there was spell check….

  45. huckleberrymediacompany

    When I first loaded and added my blog I could not get rid of the welcome screen (to add blogs). So i had to shutdown app on iPad and re-open it. Just FYI. Loving it so far tho. Thank you!

  46. aaderinto

    Reblogged this on aaderinto.

  47. Richard Hudak

    Can one design a blog on the app, or must that be done with a browser?

    • Isaac Keyet

      You have full access to your blog’s Dashboard from within the app (same as what you would see in a web browser). You should be able to change your blog’s appearance using the dashboard view, but doing it on an iPad should be much easier (more screen space).

      • Richard Hudak

        So to clarify and ask the question better. Can one establish a brand new blog with the app without first resorting to a browser?

    • Isaac Keyet

      Yes, you can create a new blog from within the app. Just select “Create a new blog” when the app launches, and you’ll be able to do it right there.

  48. ly

    I’ve been searching for a reason to buy an iPad. This app will be it!! Thanks, WordPress.

  49. lpuarmy

    Wonderful update, love it.

  50. bethie8

    Awesome update, it makes life so much easier.

  51. jordanforty

    So, I just started using the new app yesterday and I have to say, I LOVE IT!! So much better than the old one, which I felt wasn’t as user friendly. This, though, is a wonderful step in the right direction. THANK YOU, WordPress! :)

  52. serespdi

    Looks pretty good so far :) Now ‘on the road’ posts will have the same high quality standards as the ones posted from a computer!!! :D Awesome revamp! Keep up the good work fellows!!

  53. Mark

    This is so well designed, and the stats page is perfect. Very easy to use on my iPhone, unlike the previous version. Great work, app team!

  54. Andrew McAllister

    Looks like a great update.

  55. girlinafoodfrenzy

    Brilliant! Thank you WordPress for recognizing the needs of users with iOS as the new update is brilliant. It’s streamlined, effective and so very much needed! Much appreciated again :)

  56. mochicho

    I cannot read my Jetpack stats, event though I could do it in the previous version. I’ve removed the app twice and reinstalled. I goes to the page and gets stuck loading it.

  57. bernicelovez

    I LOVE it. I had been hoping and waiting for such an update! Thanks so much. :D I knew of the update only after reading this post and immediately got my WordPress app updated LOL. Really gonna enjoy my blogging experience even more now because I use my iPhone for most things now so I hardly touch the computer.

  58. Heart To Harp

    Not supposed to leave question here, and I can’t get support without paid account… But I have downloaded app three times and reader function still does not work. Can’t get Fresh Pressed or blogs I follow on iPad with the new app. What gives?

  59. Heart To Harp

    Another thing that does not work along with the reader function; when I press the stats button under my blog, I get the screen with all of today’s fresh pressed pics and titles, and the log in header as if I was logging in via on my computer. But there are no stats.

  60. todayiwatchedamovie

    I have never been more excited about an app update! Now I don’t have to deal with Safari crashes while looking at the WordPress reader.

  61. mochicho

    Still won’t work. Previous version was working perfectly. There’s a glitch somewhere because I’m not the only one who’s mentioned that.

  62. lawliming

    Love what you guys are bringing. Keep it up and good job! Love WordPress!

  63. christrocks

    This looks fantastic! Great job (once again), WordPress :)

  64. eideard

    Downloaded app and just now wandering through my personal site – – a site – I can’t use the siteview because my iPad says the site certificate is invalid or expired!

  65. Shahood ul Hassan

    Reblogged this on Technically Non-Tech and commented:
    That was a much needed update indeed. It just made iPad some more productive. Really missed the Reader and Dashboard features. WordPress was one of those rare examples where an Android app is clearly better than its iOS counterpart. Now both are pretty much even. No need for third party apps anymore. Good work!

  66. Shubhan Chemburkar

    Are you guys planning to updating the Windows Phone app as well?

  67. Wendy Brooks

    I am thrilled about the rollout of the new update 3.1 for my iPhone & iPad. I hope this fixes some of the issues I was having with the older version. I’m getting ready to try it out now!

  68. rigmover

    Stunning, just used the new updated WP on my iPad, so nice to use.

  69. badcanto

    In the Chinese version, “stats” is translated as “狀態”, which is wrong. It should be “統計”.

  70. sugrbug

    Great update. I love this app. The stats are not coming through on the new app. Any suggestions?

  71. Gracie

    This was an awesome update, the interface is a lot better and friendlier, in my opinion. Thank you WordPress!

  72. ☆ MagicAperture

    Well thanks, this was a loooooooong time in coming. However it is still very buggy. Lots of error messages popping up and when I view my own images in “posts”, they are weirdly formatted and all squashed.
    Good effort but I have to say, it’s not that polished yet.
    That will be a bronze medal for you.

  73. TheWordpressGhost

    OK, better than the old one. I get that.


    How does it work?

    What are the real problems with it?

    I don’t want to use another wordpress product and find it is a mistake to learn it in the first place.

  74. cate b

    This is beautiful! I love it.

  75. franksting

    Still no ability to share your posts from within the app though? What’s that about?

  76. angelalmyers

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  77. Kaleb

    I definitely thought the headline of this blog post was using “big iPhone” as a synonym for “iPad”. Whoops.

  78. M.C. James

    This is a great update for the iPhoneand iPad, but why can’t I center photos in the app or choose hyperlink options (ie., open link in a new window)? If you make these two things possible, it will be perfect.

    • Isaac Keyet

      It’d be nice to get more media options in there eventually. In the meantime you can change the markup yourself:

      * add target=”_blank” to the anchor to have the link open in a new window
      * center photos by adding aligncenter or alignnone to the image’s classes, like <img class=”someclasshere aligncenter” />

  79. Rohan Chandra

    Reblogged this on Rohan Chandra and commented:
    Looks great!

  80. disclamaboy

    Wow, I like it.

  81. SLR - See Love Remember

    I had stopped using WordPress on my iPad, which was a pity as it works so much quicker then starting up my computer all the time, but now I can give it a re-try again! Thanks :)

  82. maiomar86

    It crashes !

  83. Little Mikhael

    Love the new UI. Awesome update.

  84. ironbubbles

    I’ve been trying to use the WordPress app on my iPad with the previous update and it wasn’t user friendly in my opinion. Now this new update has blown that notion out of the water and makes it more accessible to use!

  85. csd7227

    I love the update! It makes mobile blogging so much easier.

  86. taomingzhang

    Thank you. Update is great!

  87. adamcarr82

    So much better! Well done, it’s just a little slow on my iPod but fantastic! Just what it needed! Perfect! Thank you!

  88. Lorraine M. Pasquali

    Now I really need an iPad!

  89. jessielansdel

    I have been longing for this update as I use my app all the time for my blog, BUT….I know this isn’t a WP issue but Apple will not let me update my apps even though updates are free because it keeps sayi g my card was declined. .And this for a Free app or free update. So I cannot update at the moment. :( This seems to be an ongoing problem with Apple and ITunes.

  90. mochicho

    Two days later and I still cannot see my Jet Pack stats. It starts to load them and gets stuck on them. Am I the only one? The other icon tells me there was an error want to retry? And on and on. I don’t think we’re there yet.

    • Isaac Keyet

      Some users have had trouble getting Stats via Jetpack to work. We’ve released two bug fix updates to deal with these problems, version 3.1.2 will be available in the store later this week and should resolve your issues. If it does not we’d love to help work things out if you post in the WordPress for iOS forums:

  91. Valeria Garcia

    This is awesome!

  92. Chase Smith

    Agreed with other comments. Fixes everything that bothered me from previous version. I’m actually using it right now!

  93. Supreme

    I love the changes! You guys made my life easier with my blogging! I’m on the go and I’m a mom, and I can literally post while I’m with my son. Thank you! Keep up the great changes!

  94. beautybaseblog

    Reblogged this on beautybaseblog and commented:
    This should make things a lot easier!

  95. Joanne MacMurray

    Thanks for the update news. Downloaded within minutes of reading. Thanks!

  96. Leslie Chatman

    I am so happy about this update! I love it! Great job WordPress!

  97. andyduc

    The update is awesome, like going from a B&W TV to a Colour one!

  98. thecydiaguy

    Reblogged this on thecydiaguy and commented:
    Whoa ! This is great
    Blogging on the move

  99. charginout

    Tried it last night, still sucks :(

  100. WordPress Ninjas (@wpninjas)

    Everything that was lacking before is there. Really enjoying the update!


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