New wedding themes: Lovebirds and Ever After

At the beginning of 2012, we launched our wedding theme Forever and let you in on how you can use WordPress to document and share your wedding experience with your friends and family. Now we’re doing it again. Get the rose petals and bubbles ready, here come our two new wedding themes, Lovebirds and Ever After.

Lovebirds, a sweet theme with whimsical illustrations by our very own Caroline Moore, allows you to inform your guests about your journey and upcoming celebration — in style.


The lovely cursive font adds just the right amount of garnish to the clean layout, providing you with a beautiful, clear frame in which to tell your story. Where did you meet? How did the proposal occur? Who’s in the wedding party? Where will the wedding take place? Spare none of the details! Take the demo for a spin or learn more about Lovebirds on the Theme Showcase.

Next up, we have Ever After, designed by Takashi Irie, another one of our own. Ever After makes effective use of subtle textures and ornaments to add elegance and grace to your wedding site.

Ever After

Ever After’s wide, one-column layout is ideal for sharing photos and videos of your wedding, in addition to all of the details surrounding your special day. It can transform your site into an online wedding album as you relive the memories of your wedding and subsequent journey, hopefully to end with a happily…ever after. As usual, take a look at the demo, and read more about the theme on the Showcase.

Lovebirds and Ever After both feature a responsive layout that resizes to fit smaller screens, ensuring that your guests stay informed even on the go. Personalize your site with your own custom header and background images. If you want even more customization, our Custom Design upgrade gives you access to oodles of fonts, unique color palettes, and a custom CSS editor — all the tools you need to create a look that matches your wedding.

Our new wedding themes also allow you to add an RSVP form, a guestbook Page template, and our special Milestone widget that shows how much time remains before the Big Day!


Now that we have 3 themes for weddings, we wanted to show them off and show how easy it is to use WordPress for your wedding, all in one place.

Visit to learn about all of our features, and to sign up for a free wedding site today, using one of our wedding themes. We hope this will be a great resource for you.

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Michelle Langston

  • Aug 14, 2012 @ 4:00 pm
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  1. Mikalee Byerman

    Well, since I JUST blogged about my engagement news…these new themes couldn’t have come at a more opportune time! Thank you…not sure if I’ll end up switching over, but it’s always nice to have options… :)

  2. christrocks

    Cute themes! Not something I’ll be using anytime soon, but still a good addition ;)

  3. drhiphop

    Aw! I know this will be useful for some users!

  4. Widdershins

    Awww . . . that’s sweet.

  5. Eric

    Fantastic theme!

  6. viveka

    One of the few that use “Forever” as theme and I love it … very versatile – it suits me to a teeth for my travelling, photos and food. Have to check those ones out now.

  7. vanessacarys

    Thank you for the information.

  8. azurescreations

    I am wishing I was getting married…I hope my man asks me soon…these are great!

  9. oldswimmer

    interesting that someone flipped the heading photo of wedding hands, putting the rings on the bride’s right hand!! Just me, being picky? Nice designs, all of them.

  10. timethief

    I like them both but I find Ever After appeals to me more. I wouldn’t be using it as a wedding theme, unless my husband of over 30 years now wants to remarry me all over agin. lol :D

  11. himanpress

    Handy theme for a bachelor like me!

  12. New Heights Dance Ministry

    Are you saying I need to get married or something WordPress? (Not that I’m saying I’m single or anything) Of course this is sarcasm. :-)

  13. pixelednina

    I love them. Very pretty. Made me confused whether I stay with my current theme or switch it.

  14. jujubandung

    It’s the perfect themes for weddings.

  15. Margie

    I’ve been using the Forever theme for some time now and though I don’t plan on changing right now, these two themes are very attractive.

  16. naddy26

    Very well written.

  17. Gerrylosity

    Now this is a great idea! Pretty & sweet.

  18. memesexy


  19. jchuma

    I personally feel that i will use this theme in the future. It is perfect for me.

  20. peterjohnsongwb

    Really wonderful theme. Thanks for sharing with us.

  21. Krissz

    Good themes! :-)

  22. PrettyGee

    Very cute and lovely theme. I just love it.

  23. Lidya Natalia

    That was to so sweet and full of romance.

  24. christinereedla

    I am going to refer my clients to use this great idea I love love love!

  25. Blogger

    Fantastic themes! :-)

  26. lolabeauosun

    Aww. It’s wedding season and I love weddings!

  27. katlisante

    Wow!!! Awesome since I’m looking for some beautiful themes for my blogging page and ideas for my 12th year anniversary next year, it would be FABULOUS!

  28. tiktokworld

    I like it .. wonderful .. ★ thanx a lot

  29. julieannesmith

    Those themes are really cool, especially Lovebirds. I never would have thought about a blog just for your wedding and honeymoon. That is a special way to share those memories digitally in our progressive high-tech world.

  30. Rhea Shad

    I love the theme so much. It’s so sweet. I still use it for my blog even though i’m not preparing for anything special.

  31. thover366

    Fantastic theme!

  32. usefulbusinesstips

    Now i know this will be a very useful theme for a lot of users.

  33. Rodla

    I was waiting for a theme like this…thank god, created a wedding based theme before my marriage! Love you wordpress :)

  34. mlizangelene

    oh how lovely!

  35. wildwanderingirl

    I checked out both of these, and they would work extremely well for us SINGLE photobloggers ;) coz in test previews, my photos display very nicely! Very feminine, and that is so me…

  36. bwbears is such a wonderful idea! the theme ever-after is clean and elegant too. Thanks for the great work!

  37. sbogney12

    very interesting….

  38. hoper21

    Nice!!! :)

  39. daytongloriousdayscom

    Very Catchy – A Twist! I like the title, “Lovebirds and Ever After – Thanks for Sharing!

  40. brb

    sometimes i wish i had had a traditional wedding so i could have taken advantage of all this stuff.

  41. mrstasha

    I like this*

  42. HourglassAndBloom

    Perhaps the fact that I’m using Ever After alread will rub off some good luck on me eh? ;)


  43. byefriday

    sweet picture by the way! :)

  44. estellek

    It’s ironic because I want to document every moment from the beginning to the end. I thought of doing it myself but this will make it much easier! Thanks,

  45. twynzmom

    I’m renewing my vows next year and checking out this site for ideas!

  46. hochzeitkleider

    It’s Cute~~

  47. Padmanabhan Potti

    You are doing very good job.

  48. broochbeautiful

    Love the idea. Wish I had a wedding website when I got hitched.

  49. Gustavo H. Razera

    As an inveterate bachelor, I say thanks but no thanks.

  50. Dhiraj

    Very Beautiful theme…

  51. J. 'Kalidevi' Bensusan

    I like the themes, very nice. However, I like your beautiful smile even more! When I opened the page, that’s the first thing that popped out at me and it made me smile big. Keep on shining sister, because the world needs more of that Beautiful Light everywhere! <3<3<3 God bless!

  52. morgancreations

    I’m liking that alot!

  53. TheLifeTravel

    Hi! Nice reading you!! I attendend a wedding planner courses! Follow my new blog! I hope you can give me some advice for my blog! – F -


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