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We’ve just released two improvements that will make even more efficient for you, leaving you more time to create content.

Site Stats

If you get a lot of traffic to your blog, your stats were sometimes slow to load.  We know you like to look at your stats often, think about how all those seconds added up.  Now, your main stats page loads all of its data in parallel:

This loads your whole stats page two to three times faster, which means less time spent staring at a spinner and more time for interacting with your readers and creating content.

Of course, if you’re a Jetpack user, you can partake in the speedy stats goodness on your stats page as well!

Toolbar Notifications

We’ve made your Toolbar Notifications faster to interact with also. Now you can navigate the Notifications menu from your keyboard.


  • n : Open/Close the notifications menu (make sure you aren’t currently typing in a text box first).
  • j / k (or up and down arrows) : Navigate through your notifications
  • r : Start replying to a comment notification.
  • a : Approve/Unapprove a comment.
  • s : Mark as Spam/Unspam a comment.
  • t : Trash/Untrash a comment.

If you’re logged in, hit n now and try it out.

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Greg Ichneumon Brown


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  1. therookiedad

    Awesome Updates!

  2. drhiphop

    thank you! It’s true, I am obsessive about my stats!

  3. Derek Springer

    Reblogged this on 12-inch pianist and commented:

    Go team Data!

  4. Egill

    Reblogged this on Egill and commented:

    Team Data strikes again!

  5. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Gr-r-reat on the stats, but I’m not so sure about the keys. Still, I’ll give ‘em a chance. Thanks for always making things easier for us!

  6. Farah Ng @ Broken Penguins

    Love the shortcut keys… hope it works on my IPad too!

  7. Mikalee Byerman

    But the spinner became my zen focal point. What now? ;)

    Thank you for these updates — you really are improving the lives of bloggers everywhere…

  8. An Asian and His Camera (Mathew)

    Great update….i wish i had more traffic to notice the difference though, lol. ::cough::freshlypressed:cough
    I like the keyboard shortcuts though.

    I’ve noticed an issue with the iPhone app though when accessing stats…says jetpack password is bad

  9. Raquel

    omg It really works! (kinda skeptical huh?)

  10. Natasha McNeely

    Great update! Thanks for making WordPress better and better!

  11. Jan Simson

    Neat treat!

  12. timethief

    Thanks for so much for these two improvements. I did not have a slow stats loading page issue but know others did have that issue. The Toolbar Notifications shortcuts are going to be very useful timesavers that I will be using lots.

  13. katharinetrauger

    Anything for more speed. Gread job. Love WordPress. :)

  14. zorro42

    thank you greg!


    Really awesome updates and improvement s

  16. augusta

    As a hardcore vi/vim user, love the j-k up-down and other one letter commands! Thanks! — Aggie

    • Greg

      These vi-ish shortcuts brought to you by code written in emacs. ;)

      I just can’t resist a vi/emacs debate, though in truth I’ve been known to dip into vi as well. Cheers!

      • augusta

        You brought a smile to my face… now I’m wondering which shell you prefer ;) and remembering happy times… All the best — Aggie

  17. todayiwatchedamovie

    I have a slow connection at home, so any speed improvements are definitely welcome!

  18. Eric

    Awesome! Makes stats even better.

  19. Wendell A. Brown, aka. The Brown One Poet

    Love the updates and improvements!

  20. xenajd


  21. christrocks

    Cool additions! I have noticed in the past that the stats can take a while to load, so this is great! :)

  22. Val

    Very good. :)

  23. یک فراکاو

    very good

  24. lolabeauosun

    thanks for the info

  25. radhiabenalia

    This is good news for me as well. About stats. Can you people shate what you consider is good enough for daily traffic.

  26. Miss Maura 9999 Charlotte, NC

    YAY! Simpler AND faster…an unbeatable combination. Thanks.

  27. susielindau

    LOVE THIS! Thanks WordPress for streamlining and the short cuts. :)

  28. jessicajhill

    I love the new tabs for stats, notifications, etc. It makes it so easy!

  29. Anuraag Sanghi

    My previous comment

    Trying to approve this comment.

    The n, j, keys are working. The a for approve is not working.

    Now it is working.

  30. chyrondave

    Like the ease of it. I’m seeing some issues with images lining up in it, but that could just be because I’m using a machine with IE8 as the browser. It probably is better with IE9 or Chrome.

    • Greg

      Yeah, we do our best to support old browsers, but sometimes there are challenges with doing so. We don’t like to delay new features till tomorrow, when most of our users could be using them today. We’ll take a look at cleaning IE8 up. Thanks.

      Can I gently suggest that you :)

  31. Paul Handover

    Another lovely enhancement – thanks team.

  32. Bojan Cincur

    Reblogged this on My view on e-World and commented:
    WordPress team worked on parallel data download for stats, its great thing to hear. Before it needed 10-20s just to start displaying stats, now its a lot faster.

    This fix is also speeding up JetPack stats for sites.

    Also for hard core users there are new keyboard Toolbar Notification shortcuts.

  33. joannerambling

    Me I do not think much about stats…………but found this interesting anyway……………

  34. longwhitekid

    Still waiting for bulk uploading of images, after all this time. The one thing that makes WordPress a MASSIVE pain in the ass.

  35. fransiweinstein

    Interestingly enough, I have had traffic to one of my blogs (weinstein365) that isn’t showing up. I just checked and it says I’ve had 4 visits today, yet I’ve had at least a dozen people email me, saying they like my post today. It’s certainly not a burning issue, but seeing as how you’ve sent out an email regarding improvements to ‘stats’, this feels like the right time to bring this up. Thanks.

    • Greg

      This is often a point of confusion. Users who are logged in are now able to like your post from the Reader. So the number of likes can sometimes exceed the number of visitors. But by putting your posts in front of more people we hope to increase your subscribers.

  36. donlincoln consulting

    Thanks! Sure this will add more value.

  37. Jusung kye

    Thanks for enhancement!

  38. eldy

    Nope not faster…I guess there is no hope for dial up internet users…always snail’s pace regardless of innovations.

  39. joakovicente

    thanks you!!

  40. Jan Shim

    Very nice enhancements. Would be nicer if we can optionally show Page Views count on individual posts via maybe a social sharing button.

  41. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    You guys are amazing – you just never rest!

  42. Tarit Chakraborty

    Please request your writers to write in English. “Do more faster” is English that even a kindergarten student would be ashamed of.

    � Tarit Chakraborty

  43. Chris

    Thanks for the keyboard short cuts.

  44. advgrrls

    love updates

  45. endisudarsonosp

    Thank for this information

  46. prodigychilumo

    Good job team, nicely done guys!

  47. GoWebBaby WordPress Development

    This updates are very useful for us. I would like to say thanks for this great job.

  48. enviedecuisiner

    Since this update, i cannot access to star from my iphone

    • Greg

      Are you having problems accessing stats from your iPhone? None of these updates should have affected access to your stats. Can you tell me exactly how you are trying to get to your stats?

  49. Mind of Andy

    Cool, yay!
    Love! :)

  50. catezapp


  51. LightHouseBlues

    You guys rock! Thanks a lotlotlot!! :-)

  52. WutheringWillow

    The ‘Toolbar Notifications’ update is great! Thanks!

  53. freebirdmani

    Wow, love these features. An additional count-in to the existing round of goodies.
    Thanks for updates.

  54. jujubandung

    I like the view of new stats..:)

  55. Paolo Belcastro

    Reblogged this on Paolo Belcastro and commented:

    Quicker stats, notification shortcuts, is it Christmas already?

  56. alazscar

    UNIX lives!!! Glad to see it.

  57. laura@eljaygee

    coincidental with this change, notifications no longer seem to recognise me as the author and now includes me in the alerts when I make replies to comments – does not happen if I reply from dashboard. Any clues as to why?

    • Greg

      This change should not have affected how the comment notifications get generated. A toolbar comment notification is sent whenever someone responds to a post you wrote, or someone responds to a comment you posted.

  58. vasyjohn

    Awesome post! Congratulations! :

  59. aldeyf

    very good


  60. Reta Riayu Putri

    Great post!

  61. Matt George

    Ahhh, the site stats was a great improvement! It was painful to wait for it to load. Nice work on improving the speed on that one. I tried the notifications menu and love how it opens right up. Nice work on that one as well! :)

  62. Food and Tools

    Love that sats page and yes you are right we do like to check our stats. :)

  63. annalizavaldonblog

    amazing update about trafficking the blogs ..

  64. echavez23kathy

    thanks for updating!!!

  65. Smileright UK

    It’s not often you see a focus on functionality and performance instead of just aesthetics these days. Great work!

  66. jchen1999


  67. artzent

    Sounds good to me. I get frustrated waiting for that little wheel to stop spinning. Thanks

  68. brendaloveladyvideography

    thank you.

  69. canoe & communications

    Great update!

  70. cheriblevy

    that ‘n’ trick was cool – thanks!

  71. gboyegaogunmola2

    A faster way, to a blogger’s delight, is found in efficiently coping, with daily activities.
    I belief, the updates, have stepped-up our ways of interaction, on-the-blog, and in achieving the preliminary objectives, of the social platform.
    Thanks, for your timely intervention.

  72. yewh

    The world is into doing everything faster…but does “faster” mean “better”? Something we should all think about!

  73. Andaluza

    Works great! Thanks!

  74. hochzeitkleider

    Love the shortcut keys… hope it works on my IPad too!

  75. Gadgetroid

    Noticed a problem on the Android app. The stats don’t load half the time or if they do, they take a long time. Maybe you could update the Symbian app. That’s much better than the Android app. Symbian phones are better too. :-) But other than that, this is great news!

  76. Sherry Fredley

    This is great news!

  77. paaoool123

    That works really well! I wish i had known about the new way of navigation sooner. I like this update.

  78. SaniNugraha

    wordpress going better and better :) love it !

  79. virginielebrun

    the famous stats: always numbers and a new obsession

  80. jlpiallat


  81. rey

    that was good

  82. Janet Tiong



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