Summer Cleanup

We’ve made a minor change to the dashboard menu to help tidy things up a little.

We figured that the Polls and Ratings menus were taking up too much space as top-level menu options. So we decided to move both Polls and Ratings under Feedbacks to minimise the amount of dashboard space these options take.

Poll settings are now under Settings->Polls.

Rating settings are now under Settings->Ratings.

Custom poll styles are now accessed via the poll editor.

We hope this update will make the dashboard a little more streamlined for you this summer.

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  1. Edwin -

    I love it!

  2. Jan Simson

    It’s like the dashboard is on a diet and that diet is working.

  3. New Heights Dance Ministry

    Great little changes! You’re right, I don’t use those two features much. Nice work WordPress!

  4. Pete Howorth

    Sounds like you guys are bored.

  5. good2kno

    Great idea, but why put an “s” on Feedback? It’s a collective noun.

  6. Doug Oldfield

    I haven’t used those features yet but it makes sense to me.

  7. Eric


  8. Matt George

    Yeah, I agree. It makes for more a more streamlined view. I like the change.

  9. Maylana

    Great update. These are also features I don’t use very much and as Jan said above, the diet is working!

  10. samrokk

    Much better use of space! Great work! :) ~Samrokk

  11. Vaneeesa Blaylock

    hmm… they probably didn’t need to be top level, but splitting the settings to “settings” and the content to “feedback”… so that now to do a Poll or Rating I have to go to 2 different tree: Settings AND Feedbacks – that just doubles the chances that I won’t remember this and will either be unable to find one part of it, or at least that I’ll have to hunt for some period of time first.

    I think the impulse here is a good one, but I’m uncertain about scattering pieces of this functionality to different places.

    • Eoin

      Thank you for your comment. I think it makes sense to move the Polls and Ratings settings to go under the Settings top level menu, as most settings for the different features across the platform can be found here. We’ll see how it goes though, if it causes confusion, we can re-access the location.

  12. myaimgroup

    I do not use it much either but will like knowing when it is there. I can know it is up to snuff.

  13. jarimanisindonesia

    i love it..thanks

  14. rgovind26

    Thank you!

  15. kimberleelockhart

    Thank you! As a blogger so new I’m a zygote I need all the help I can get.

  16. Harbans

    Whatever is offered by way of improvement in our blog is welcome step. We stand by you in your endeavor. Thanks.

  17. pheranmi

    Thanks a lot. It makes posting much easier.
    Sent from my BlackBerry Porshe-072t wireless device from MTN

  18. artnip

    That makes sense. Thank you.

  19. Melissa Bessey

    Thank you for doing that WordPress, great clean up!

  20. earthmindme

    yes i like it.

  21. violenthue

    It looks clean <3

  22. Ayesha

    This is perfect! The Dashboard looks cleaner and better organized now. Thanks!

  23. David Bennett

    I don’t make the mental connection between the word ‘Feedbacks’ and the Contact Form on my blog.

    I get notified of messages in my Contact Form by email so it’s not a problem – except I am not sure that I see the spam messages by email – so maybe I would miss a false positive?

    Meanwhile, I wonder how often people within the WordPress developer community or people looking at their dashboard say or think to themselves:

    … But there is no word ‘Feedbacks’ – it’s a non-count noun and the plural of Feedback is Feedback.

    • Eoin

      Thanks David, I know I do :)

      There is some history behind how Feedbacks came to be used, but I’m not best informed to answer. It may well be changed at anytime to Feedback – watch this space.

      With respect to the connection between Feedbacks and Contact form, well I guess this form is also known as a Feedback form. Each response is classed as feedback, and as we all know the plural of Feedback is… Feedbacks :)

  24. zainarifinrochmat

    Thank’s your informations..

    but I still doubt…
    please help me

  25. armyofskulls

    Thank You!!

  26. LightHouseBlues

    I agree, it works very well for me too, when the dashboard is clean and user friendly! Thanks for the cleaning up! :-)

  27. babzytellsem

    ‘change is always ends up being for the good’, not all the time but here that saying is applicable!

  28. jiltaroo

    Thank you Eoin, As a new user, I would have to agree!

  29. Jennifer

    A nice little addition for those of us on smaller screen sizes. The addition of notifications on Feedbacks would make it perfect.

  30. ladadala

    Good job! THX

  31. rdquinn

    Actually it was easier all in one place and visible at the main level in the menu.

  32. harno

    Good. There are a few other locations that need quite a bit of rooting around for – don’t seem that logical if you’ll forgive me saying.

  33. freebirdmani

    Lovely, I love these new little little modifications. Makes life fun and easy with WP :)

  34. hattiesburghappenings

    I have genuinely enjoyed the WP experience!

  35. evaliasaputra

    thanks ..thats great!!!!

  36. rottlm

    Very convenient, love it……

  37. drishism

    Great! Thank you

  38. timethief

    I like this thoughtful change for Polls and Ratings that takes those using smaller screens when viewing our blogs into account. The move also results in notifications we didn’t have before and that’s a good thing too. Thanks for all the work you do to improve our blogging experience.

  39. voyrrr

    Thank you! Its like you got right in my head!

  40. christrocks

    This will take a little getting used to, but seems like a good idea! Thanks again :)

  41. tom

    nice and clean, i like that!

  42. Akash Aftab

    it looks so nic<3

  43. gpsnavigationapps

    This is good simple change,thanks!

  44. jujubandung

    more sweets upgrade from WP, just can say wow…

  45. sbogney12

    nice….still learning

  46. luiscastrorants

    It’s Great! Simplicity is always best!

  47. anity2003

    I like that !!!

  48. houndgadgets

    grt job

  49. free penny press

    Awesome..thanks mucho!

  50. Jungo

    I like it! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  51. Bette A. Stevens

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like a great idea.

  52. seungipeh

    woow.. Thnx

  53. ajewelrymasterpieceforyou

    Good Job! :-)

  54. douglaslutaaya

    That is great wordpress

  55. linarfad

    like it :) wok wok wok

  56. emmabskin

    Thank you very much x

  57. bowsbybelen

    Coool!! :)

  58. Val

    Seems a good idea.

  59. ericlahall

    Good to know…

  60. eorji

    I hope it works out good

  61. khaatumosate


  62. worldofbeautytips

    great, very thoughtful changes indeed!

  63. Patricia

    Polls??? Like when we vote?? Good move to clean up.
    Feedbacks? Plural?

  64. solomonsworld

    Cool !!!

  65. Spy Girls



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