New Theme: Avid

Looking for a new and exciting way to share your images with the world? Well, look no further! Avid is an innovative premium theme for photographers from The Theme Foundry. With a unique photoblog layout, beautiful gallery, and retina-optimized interface, Avid makes it easy to share all of your snapshots, photographs, and creative work.

Every detail of Avid is carefully crafted with photographers in mind. Avid gives you the power to quickly and easily showcase your images, galleries, videos, and blog posts in a beautiful, responsive layout. Read more about Avid in the Theme Showcase and then take it for a test spin by visiting the live demo.

Avid was designed by Dave Ruiz of Foundation Six.

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Michael Fields

  • Aug 23, 2012 @ 6:00 pm
  • Themes


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  1. New Heights Dance Ministry

    Nice! Wish I was a professional photographer right now. Almost :-)

  2. seapunk2

    Though I’m no pro, and generally do photographic posts when I’m blogging about the Pacific Northwest, my neighborhood, or my art/quilts, I think this would be lovely! Very impressive!

  3. Jessica

    It reminds of Facebook’s timeline.

  4. christrocks

    Awesome! I have a friend who would absolutely love to use this :)

  5. Mark McWilliams

    Got to admit, that’s one snazzy theme, even without photos!

  6. paaoool123

    Avid makes it simple, it puts everything you need infront of you. I’ve got to say, it looks pretty good to me.

  7. Emmanuella

    It’s a wonderful theme, and might be useful for some people :)

  8. Joel Emmanuel

    Wow, this is one awesome theme for us photographers! Will try it next time. Thanks, WordPress!

  9. Chorwin

    Very nice photoblog theme… like it!

  10. Matt George

    What a spectacular theme. It looks mighty tempting to maybe switch my photo contest site. The dark background is a nice touch and the big photo presentation on the post url is great for the in your face showcase.

  11. Irfan Hussain

    This is just amazing, I’m seriously thinking about this one on my blog. Waiting for my paycheck.

  12. Michelle Renee

    Cool! Looking forward to checking it out! :)

  13. Sandeep Deva Misra

    Perfect for photographers. Great work!

  14. Moses Maina (@moses_maina)

    Tried out the demo and it’s rad! Totally worth the premium tag :)

  15. Ilê Ya L'ojidan omo Olocum

    It’s a great photos and the page is wonderful. Congratulations!

  16. Margie

    I see I would have to change all my standard format posts to image format posts in order for the photos to be displayed. That would be a lot of work since I have over 350 posts so far, many of them written before the image format became available in selected themes.

    • Michael Fields

      Yes, you are correct. Avid uses post formats for display of things like images and galleries. 350 posts is quite a few, but you can use the bulk edit feature to set the post format on many posts at once. This could cut down the time quite dramatically.

  17. Gracie

    This is an excellent theme! I just recently changed the theme of my photo blog and now I find myself wanting to splurge on this theme.

  18. Rain

    Wow! I wish photography is my thing. Great design indeed, congrats!

  19. Juan D.

    Is a very nice design for photoblogs. Thanks Automattic ;)

  20. paolacanepa

    Excellent theme! I hope I can use it!

  21. Louisa

    Even though I love my Ari theme and feel it is everything I need for my blog right now, I look forward with great anticipation to every new theme posted onto WP. This is beautiful!

  22. talin401

    wow cool!

  23. Jae

    Really. Nice.

  24. theplatinumring

    Beautiful theme ! Worth activation

  25. jaymsjags06

    It is magical and absolutely stunning.

  26. pomocfirmom

    I’m impressed, very nice!!!

  27. Dhiraj

    Very nice theme for photography blogs. Really Cool.

  28. worldofbeautytips

    i am using Oxygen which is awesome.. but this design is also cool. super photography

  29. João Moura

    This reminds me of Facebook timeline style, still great for photography blogging, really good job.

  30. ADetailedHouse

    If ONLY I was a better photographer, this theme would totally work for me!! I struggle to get my pictures right as it is, but my pictures is what makes my blog… :-/

  31. Anna

    Very nice! This makes me want to have a blog dedicated only to photos I take – alas, my photo skills are bit lacking, to say the very least!
    Love it!

  32. adammero

    Nice Theme for Every Desktop

  33. Gracie

    Great theme for photography! Thanks WordPress.

  34. alexandersenger

    Definitely should try this one. Looks nice and versatile.

  35. TakaFuji

    Amazing Timeline theme :-) Thanks


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