It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

You’ve already been asking… where’s the snow?

For those new to the family, every year we allow our users to spread a little holiday cheer by having snow appear to fall on their sites, which especially looks cool on sites with darker color schemes.

If you’d like to make it snow (not like making it rain) on your blog, follow these easy instructions:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings » General.
  3. Check the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog.”
  4. Roast some chestnuts.

If you had it on last year, it’ll still be on for this year.

If you’re anti-snow, for reasons we won’t judge, you can make sure you don’t see it on your personal settings page.

We hope you enjoy! And now for some Sinatra: users can watch for a future release of our favorite plugin.

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  1. Marow

    Thank you! I love this feature :)

  2. Natasha McNeely

    That’s great! I loved the little snow effect last year. Definitely using it again this year. :)

  3. YouKai Shinigami

    I was wondering about the snow flakes already. I like to see them on this final month of the year ♥

  4. Sean W.

    Very nice! I wish we could enable this all the time, or at least through the entire winter season.

  5. Pillows A-La-Mode

    I LOVE the snow and I’m so happy to see it back! :)

  6. Pearl Mngomezulu

    I live in Africa and we don’t have snowfall in December. Do you have something that’s more relevant to the southern hemisphere?

  7. loktar (@loktar00)

    I love the snow :) Just a heads up I created a Jquery snow plugin I’m obviously fond of :P Supports things like rounded snowflakes, and snowflake shadows so they show up better on site that are lighter. Its also used on

  8. Kyle Kuns

    Phew, what a relief to find out this is your idea of snow. I thought there was something wrong with my monitor …

  9. Juliette

    I didn’t know about this! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Colline

    I enjoy this feature – adds a festive feel to the blog :)

  11. stillalife

    Thanks for the explanation. I about freaked out when I saw those white spots crossing my page. At first I thought it was my eyes.

  12. mrscarmichael

    For a moment I thought I had a detached retina!

  13. Michele Kearns

    Thank you! The snow looks great with my gingerbread house header.

  14. ngrfamily

    Love this!

  15. Sherri Ohler

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy! I’ve been waiting for this and your timing is perfect! Later today I am posting a DIY North Pole Terrarium-wouldn’t be the same without SNOW! You rock :D

  16. PiedType

    Thanks, WP. I look forward to the snow every year. If it’s not a drain on your resources, could you let it snow all winter? It’s always such a letdown when it stops in the midst of winter’s darkest days and the post-holiday doldrums.

  17. Deli-cious OnTap Oils & Vinegars

    i dont see that option on my general settings??

  18. Kevin Drum

    The box is not on our blog – – why?

  19. Katharine Trauger

    THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!!!! Whew. I was holding my breath. Whew.

  20. Patrice

    Love the snow! Now the season has begun.

  21. Chris

    It was nice to see the snow falling this morning.

  22. Chuck Muldoon

    I don’t see any checkbox labeled “Show falling snow on this blog,” anywhere on my General Settings page. Does this only show on certain themes?

    • Nick Momrik

      Nope, theme shouldn’t matter. Looks like you were logged in with Facebook instead of your account though, so we can’t check your blog out.

  23. Kyle Schmidt

    OMG, how freaking annoying can you be?! Thanks for at least posting how to make it stop.

  24. Sapphire

    I love Snow! :)

  25. jkornet

    Very creative!

  26. missnancyann

    Can you use it only on certain posts, or does it have to be on every post?

  27. keysolutions807

    Matt, I could not find the box to check to make it snow. Any further guidance would be appreciated. Thanks,


  28. Southern Cricut Lady

    Thanks for bringing it back again this year! Love it!!!

  29. Edyth Miles

    Done it! Love it :-)

  30. thephotoseye

    Woohoo it is snowing!


    Cool thanks.
    I saw the snow falling and I was like “What da wha??!!”

  32. Pit

    I really wish you wuldn’t have made this feature available again as it only slows down loading those websites that use it. And adding to that, once they have been loaded into my browser [Firefox], the page keeps “jiggling” as something wants to appear at the bottom, moving the remainder of the page up, but then doesn’t appear ao that the page moves down again and so on and so on add infinitum. :(

    • Nick Momrik

      You can disable it for your user account if it’s causing problems with your setup. See the instructions in the post.

  33. erinorange

    Thanks! What about a little snowman in the corner of the screen – pushing it? ;)

  34. Tomis the Cat

    Dear Matt,

    For our sites with darker color schemes, I would like to suggest you to don’t disable “the snow option” on January 4th !!! I mean, is it possible that LET IT ENABLED THE SNOW EFFECT FOR DECEMBER, JANUARY AND FEBRUARY OF EVERY YEAR ?!?
    Why the snow effect is always disabled after every January 4th ??? Please, think about us, the pro-snow effect WP users !

    Thank you, very much ! May God bless WordPress Team with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! May God bless you, Matt ! :)

  35. Niko

    Thank you so much… Last year I enabled this feature and automatically today snow’s began to fall on my blog….. :-)

  36. fransiweinstein

    I’m dreaming of a balmy Christmas. How about little brightly-coloured paper umbrellas that drift slowly and land in nice, tall glasses of rum punch? :)

  37. Right Beat Radio

    Thank you very, very much!

  38. Sharon Settle

    Thanks for a fun addition to help add a holiday touch.

  39. tamara

    Thank you for bringing me snow this year again, it feels good to know at least snow is not on my to-do Christmas list ;)

  40. talitacalmeida

    Great… loved it! Thank you! ;)

  41. pursuingmydream

    I love snow on WP! :).

  42. anolen

    I thought I’d got a computer virus until I found this post. Instead of just activating the feature, send out an email to eligible users telling them how they can switch ‘snow’ on if they want to.

  43. Raman NV

    Thanks .. But it snows only on PC (windows, Mac ). It does not snow on my iPad..
    Anything I should more to get the snowing on my iPad.

  44. craftmyescape

    I love this feature!!

  45. Ben

    I love this feature, but I was wondering if you could have it for most of the winter season, not just until January 4th.

  46. Bosstiger

    Another year with rocking, let’s have all a peaceful Christmas without sadness but full of joy and happiness and love. :D
    p.s. …and inspiration for bloggers. ;)

  47. uvefullon

    Reblogged this on uvefullon and commented:
    Is everone ready for santa ?????????

  48. ambikablog

    I am sure that the visitors will be pleasantly surprised.

  49. level3owls

    Snow is the best.

  50. cherylorourke

    Reblogged this on cherylorourke and commented:
    Always love hearing holiday music this time of the year.

  51. victorworang

    Oh yeah, the one that we’ve been waiting for, but how long is this feature enabled?

  52. Enchanted Seashells

    This is my first holiday season with WP and i LOVE LOVE the snow!

  53. Bubu

    I’m from a tropical country. Thanks for the snow experience. Cheers!

  54. Brassica Somnifera

    Can’t say as I was amused to find the early 2000s snow gimmick “conveniently” turned on for me. Nor was it inspiring me to roast chestnuts to have to search for how to turn off this “feature.” And it did not inspire holiday cheer to have to turn the feature off four time before the site registered my preference. Given that my visual processing impairment is fairly mild compared to some of the students I’ve had to tutor over the years and I had trouble dealing with this nuisance, perhaps it might be nice to have the feature default to disabled and having to opt in, rather than the other way around. Thanks.

  55. Jasmeet

    Snow <3<3<3<3

  56. lenigoesnz

    Such a nice feature!!!!

  57. Three Well Beings

    I was so excited to see the snow return this morning! Thank you for this feature. It is just great! :-)

    • Dimitris Manousakis

      When snow falling ..I always remember the …”Winter kept us warm, covering 5
      Earth in forgetful snow…”T.S. Eliot (1888–1965). The Waste Land. 1922.

  58. susan2009

    I just posted on fb how happy I am that it’s snowing . . . on my blog. ;)

  59. thehappyhugger

    Now this is so cute. We don’t have snow over this season in South Africa (actually hardly ever) and therefore I love the snow setting – I’ll have a blog white Christmas :)

  60. datbookreviews

    A lovely little touch!

  61. rosedandrea

    Thought there might have been something wonky with my browser. Thankfully I came across this post in my reader. Love the idea, and have enabled it on my blog. Yahahay! Snow!

  62. bleneraida

    Thank you so much!!! It is wonderful!!!!!

  63. Francina

    Thank you, it makes it festive!

  64. angelswhisper2011

    Yep! It began to snow in my country yesterday and on my blog too. :)

  65. Dražen Cerović

    Great! Thank you!!!

  66. roadlaura1969

    I just love it. Thank you. :-)

  67. suzannemoore

    I cant see this option in my settings on the dashboard, it just says sharing settings when I click on settings?

  68. kazmisahib

    I like it, it is sweet.

  69. SaniNugraha

    Really miss this feature. I’ll apply this soon. ^_^ Merry Christmas all.

  70. Gary Lum

    I love the snow, although for those of us from Australia, could you consider six white boomers for Christmas 2013. Thanks :-)

  71. masfredrik01

    The snow is ok, not the extreme temperatures.

  72. Ryan

    Not that it matters on my blog because it is all white lol!

  73. Miss.OnceUponAMarathon

    This is awesome! Thank you so much!

  74. carys davies

    The snow is really fantastic. Thanks!

  75. lucysax

    This is cool – thank you :)

  76. The Lofty Oaks

    Thank You! I want the snow all year long! My blog looks FANTASTIC with the snow. It fits my design perfectly.

  77. My Life is My Style

    Very nice :)

  78. Desiree Williams Savory

    This is awesome and fun! Thank you!

  79. Livonne

    I actually thought I was seeing spots before my eyes as the snow was only visible in one small grey bar at the top of the screen to start with, especially on a white screen. It took me a while to realise it was snow, not my eyesight lol.. Just a pity we don’t get snow here in Australia.. Oh well!!

  80. Patricia Anne McGoldrick

    Great on my blog when I use the Mac desktop. However, it is not working on my iPad, so sad! Please help.

  81. SouthernGirl2

    I love this feature. It’s the closest I’ll get to snow! :)

  82. osaroboeghosahenry

    Thanks so much for this it really look nice.

  83. michaelramos900511620

    Thank you so much for the info! I love frank sinatra,,,lol!

  84. tilakpranesh

    Ya it looks nice on darker blogs…but also there seems to be some flickering at the bottom of the blog. Is it due to this snow? I’m using chrome..

  85. rusty

    Great feature. The snow makes me feel happy!

  86. quirkybooks

    Love the snow. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it Snow!

  87. Po' Girl Shines

    Listening to Frank right now, thanks!

  88. sabrina

    Thank you, awesome feature! Why is it only happening for one month, though?

  89. bennettsbriefings

    Yay! Thanks for the snow yo!

  90. jakeeaton95

    Reblogged this on Jacob Eaton! and commented:

  91. Blogger

    I like it! Thank you! :-D

  92. gretchyt

    Well this is certainly festive!

  93. loungetalkradio

    Reblogged this on Lounge Talk Radio and commented:
    Happy Holidays from Lounge Talk Radio!

  94. Marcy

    So, if my blog is not hosted at it won’t work? :-( I have a blog hosted at doteasy and several at hostmonster.

    • Joey Kudish

      Correct. This is only a feature. However there are a few plugins that will achieve a similar result.

  95. nathasyasudaly

    Reblogged this on nathasyasudaly.

  96. reneeboomer

    Love it! Thank you. Merry Christmas. :)

  97. ingridhansen2012

    Thank you. I’m enjoying WordPress and the snow.

  98. manticoreblog

    For those of us in the southern hemisphere, can we have a nice bright summer sun? :)

  99. phwriter11

    Yipeeee! Let it snow! Let it snow! Would love to see Santa and Rudolph too :D

  100. debolinabanerjee18

    Thanks so much! Love this feature.. Christmas is incomplete without snow and one falling on my blog site!! WOWOWOW! :)


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