New Theme: Hero

Have some featured content that desperately needs saving? Have no fear, our new theme Hero is here!

Hero's featured content-rich Front Page template

Hero’s featured content-rich Front Page template

Designed by antthemes, Hero is a dark and minimal theme that features the content you care about most with a Front Page template that’s packed with the promotional power of our Featured Post Slider, a custom tagline, and three featured post callouts. Hero also comes packed with sidebar and footer widget areas galore, and a full width page template for those times that you just want to eliminate some of the distractions.

Read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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Michael Cain

  • Dec 6, 2012 @ 5:14 pm
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  1. timethief

    Hero is a very attractive theme with many features I’m looking for so I’m off to torture test it in my test blog. ;) I’m still looking for a responsive width theme that suits me. I’m not into dark themes but this one has a custom background so I haven’t ruled it out.

  2. itendtobabble

    Nice Theme. Might use it for my photography blog,

  3. RainDancer

    Nice!! It looks great for a photography blog!

  4. Karen Datangel

    Cool theme!

  5. jessielansdel

    Very smart theme and would be spot on for a photography blog. Nice.

  6. Recis Dempayos

    Great concept for a theme that showcases select content. Wish it came with a white background though; white text on a black background is straining to the eyes. Thanks for the new theme, anyway. :)


  7. Matt George

    The black is great! I could see how photographers would like this.

  8. Minoring In Baseball

    This is a pretty sick theme. Really good for blogs with lots of photos, great job!

  9. JuanCarlosChourioMoreno

    Really great theme for photography blog…

  10. Miss Z

    Great theme! I started using it the moment I saw this blog. :D

  11. ercoaching1

    It’s so beautiful. Good for you!

  12. larivistaculturale

    The cool thing is the promotional callout areas: it allows to group content and direct attention, which is useful when there are many posts.
    Could we do something about the background though? have a white option and it becomes a great magazine theme too..

  13. collingang

    Reblogged this on collingang.

  14. keikomushi

    I really love the colours used in this theme. They really set off the layout. Kudos to for making it available and to Antthemes for the great design.

  15. christrocks

    Awesome! It’s a little too dark for my taste but it’s a striking theme. :)

  16. Oliver

    I’m using this theme since yesterday and its simply awesome! Totally love it!

  17. hakaner

    I think this is the most beautiful dark theme. Thanks!

  18. lmwilc09

    Hero looks really attractive. This is a real eye catching dark theme. Does it cost anything to use this? It is nice to see the new up-to-date themes WordPress is coming out with to keep the audience interested. it is interesting seeing the snowflakes come down from the screen. This is really appealing to the audience and it grabs the readers attention to go on to your blog. Is this free also? I agree with timethief- this is a really attractive theme.

  19. Gito van Panut

    I will try this theme

  20. tawonklanceng


  21. andinindut

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  22. dewamadeafryatna

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  23. jameel77

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  24. Nikolai Loskov

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  25. La Lune Sanctuaire

    Love the theme :-)

  26. bagaskawarasan


  27. atapeducation

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  28. yahiaelshall

    Reblogged this on yahiaelshall and commented:
    Very nice theme.
    Yahia El-Shall

  29. ishbanton

    That was a nice blog Michael. Cool theme hero

  30. bahgatt

    Great one :)


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