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For all of you stats junkies — you know who you are! — we’ve added some holiday cheer to your Stats Page. In addition to the number of views your site receives, you can now keep tabs on how many unique visitors come to your site, all on a single, easy-to-read chart.

A visitor is a unique user or browser/device that views one or more posts or pages on your site. When your friend checks out your site from her laptop and then again from her phone, that’s two visits.  If she clicks on four different posts, that’s four views.

At a glance, you can now get a feel for how these numbers relate:

Hover over a day, week, or month in the chart to see how many views and unique visitors you had. To make this data even more useful, we do the math for you & tell you what your approximate number of views per visitor is. If many of your readers view a lot of your content, that’ll be a high number; if each reader only checks out a few posts, it’ll be lower.

There isn’t an ideal number of views per visitor

The ratio of views to visitors will be different for different types of sites, depending on the nature of your content, where your traffic comes from, how frequently you publish new content, and a host of other variables. You might also notice that weekly unique visitors is less than the sum of daily visitors for the same week. This occurs when the same person visits your site multiple times during the week — likewise for monthly visitors, which may be less than sum of weekly.

Right now, your visitor counts are slightly delayed. This new metric depends on complex, computationally intensive calculations.  We’re continually fine-tuning the mechanisms we use to make them as quick and accurate as possible.

For those of you with self-hosted sites, Jetpack users haven’t been left out in the cold! Browse to your Stats Page and check out your new metrics.

Happy analyzing!

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  1. loverofwords20

    This is awesome! I love checking out statistics, and wondered how exactly the unique views were calculated. It shall be interesting checking this out. :-D

  2. At Home With Cat

    Thank you!
    xo Cat (stat junkie)

  3. addercatter

    Yay!!! I love this as I am constantly checking my stats! Thank you, Kat

  4. Mike Knoche

    Great. Now by country, please. Thanks

  5. Teeny Bikini

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I love this place. I was wondering what that was all about and *poof* here is the deftly-crafted article. So thanks!

  6. sortaginger

    This is nice to see, but it is making me depressed about my numbers now! ;-)

  7. Leanne Cole

    So glad you have also got rid of the blue strip across the top and the notifications are back in the pull down menu.
    I can see that the stats are going to be a lot more useful this way, brilliant idea. Will it let you know at the end of the how many visitors you had and how many views?

  8. Dionne

    In addition to the falling snow across the screen (nice touch), these nuanced statistics are just in time for the holidays. Thank you WP!

  9. phoxis

    WordPress has come up with another excellent feature .

  10. mrscarmichael

    I am really missing the tall grey lines ie weekends.

  11. timethief

    Woo hoo! It was a long time coming but worth the wait. Thank you so much.

  12. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Yes, yes. I checked it out earlier today… the moment I became aware of it on the stats page. Thanks so much for helping us keep track of how many read what and so on. Thanks so much!

  13. The Hook


  14. Dr. Welch DSc MSci

    Great stuff WordPress, keep up the good work!

  15. Ajay Kaul

    Love the unique visitor feature – it is super helpful. Thanks a ton!

  16. jujubandung

    As one of the stats junkie, I love it very much..:)

  17. trixfred30

    Really good – best new thing I’ve seen!

  18. Chris

    This stats junkie approves. The more information the better.

  19. ylbnoel

    unbelievable! you guys have outdone yourselves again! thanks so much for the support!

  20. Sandra Pawula

    Fantastic! Just one little thing…it’s not working on my jet pack fueled site. Can’t wait till it does!

  21. alterego9221

    Thank you! I really needed this! :) Thanks a lot!

  22. Joaquim

    Thank you very much.
    Good job! BRAVO!

  23. shudderingwords


  24. golfpoet

    Nice addition. Information that I have wanted for a long time. Thanks.

  25. Ron Dawson

    YES! YES! YES! I was supremely bummed when I first switched to and realized there was no unique visitors stats. SO GLAD to see this finally added! (Queue the cafe scene from “When Harry Met Sally…” ;)

  26. Enzo Giordani

    Thank you so much for this – unique visitors is the most important KPI for a blog and I’m so happy that it’s now included in WordPress stats. This, combined with the ability to exclude gallery photos from slideshows, which has also just been added, were absolutely numbers one and two on my updates wishlist. To get them both – Christmas! Best. Updates. Ever. Thanks again!

  27. Christa

    Love this new feature – thanks so much!

  28. ninano

    This is REALLY a good feature! Thank you. It will definitely help me.

  29. M.C.

    Like, but also dislike… I don’t really *want* to become more of a stats junkie, but these extra features make things more interesting! Thaaaanks.

  30. erinorange


  31. The Chancellor of Football

    I really enjoy the stats and love this new wrinkle. I’m always checking the stats and wanted to know how loong some of these visitors were staying. Huge step in the right direction… Thanks for the article

  32. azleader

    Very nice… thanks!

  33. ooplalund

    This is great! Love being able to see the difference between the two, awesome :]

  34. South Burnaby Church of Christ

    Utter awesomeness. Perfect for our kind of blog. Well done!

  35. christrocks

    I just noticed this a couple of hours ago and was thrilled! Thanks WordPress :)

  36. paulbowler

    Brilliant, this is a great idea! Really nice to see it displayed like this & easy to understand.

  37. viequesguys

    This is great. Many thanks!

  38. rosedandrea

    Yay! Thanks WordPress, for making stats more addicting! lol I don’t have very many visitors Yet, but this is very useful for letting me know what’s going on on my site.

  39. Juliette

    Great idea! Now I have a better idea of how people are reading my blog! Please keep this feature!!!!!!

  40. rimassolosailingaroundtheworldm

    Thank you so much for very a good news and supporting blog. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  41. dakegrodad

    I love the new stats and the views by country thanks for the great features

  42. juanchitopanchito

    At last this feature is included!! For long I`ve been wondering how intersted visitors were in visiting my site and reading one or more of my posts but I couldn`t figure it out from my stats!! I love this new feature! Thanks!

  43. Inge

    This is great! Thanks for the upgrading! :)

  44. Cally Jackson

    This is awesome. Looking forward to obsessing over this stat as well as the others! ;-)

  45. winsandwounds

    RAre these unique visitors for each day, i.e. they reset each day, or new unique visitors over time?

    • Jeff Bowen

      They reset each day for the daily view. Weekly and monthly for those views.

      • winsandwounds

        Thanks :) just as I’m looking at it, the numbers aren’t adding up. I have more views from different countries than I do unique visitors! Either it’s the delay, or the UK and Morocco are sharing PCs!

        • Jeff Bowen

          It’s likely the delay. The country stats are pretty close to real-time while the visitors are delayed. Please let us know if it doesn’t reconcile.

  46. bambusasolutions

    Best Christmas present EVER! You’ve made this stats junkie a very happy girl.

  47. thatgirlsgotanappetite

    This is a fantastic idea, thanks WordPress!

  48. canakkalehotel

    Very nice

  49. Vivien E. Zazzau

    Well, isn’t this great? Just about the time I thought I’d finally figured out how to balance my life between my stats page and having a life — you go and do something like this! Now, I’ll never get out of here! :-D

  50. Balsillie & Associates

    Thanks, this is a really big help

  51. craftynail

    Thanks wordpress- LOVE this feature! Merry Christmas!

  52. craftynail

    Reblogged this on craftynail and commented:
    Don’t you all LOVE this new stats feature?!?

  53. Bubble Gum

    this is soooooo helpful! thank you! now we might need to be medicated for our stat obsession. very cool feature.

  54. crysmeg

    Reblogged this on Crysmeg NewMedia Blog and commented:
    It’s all about uniqueness!! Very cool addition to the stats page.

  55. Anita Mac

    That is so awesome! Love it. Thanks for the new feature.

  56. Hollywood

    This is a great feature :)

  57. pajarigirls

    Purple!! Thank you, WordPress for helping the statistics make more sense.

  58. Apiedapie

    Nice! :-)

  59. Cheri-CreationScience4Kids

    Love the new feature, but I’m with mrscarmichael , my weekend stats are usually down (we have more important things to do then), and the visual reminder to not sweat it was nice.
    I really appreciate how easy you guys make having a quality site and all your hard work!

  60. susan

    Really appreciate the new stats reporting. Hope at some point we’ll be able to know how many unique visitors only stayed a few seconds–so they weren’t actually interested viewers.

  61. Right Beat Radio

    This is awesome, thank you!

  62. Ilham

    This is awesome. Oh, I wish WP staffs are President of my country. You keep coming with great and useful features for your people.

  63. Elisa Nuckle

    I love seeing all the stats. It helps to how how many unique visitors there are, too, all things considered (I’m a writer). I love that y’all are constantly coming up with new, spiffy things. Keep it up!

  64. Redge

    This is a great feature. I always wondered about the ratio between visitors and views. It’s good to know how many may be browsing versus those who may just be landing on the site. Thanks!

  65. susielindau

    Thanks for this Holiday treat!
    I had been guessing my unique visitors by my most recent post’s views and now I will know for sure!

  66. Happy Healthy Strong

    love this!

  67. The Good Villager

    I am a stats geek, and while I don’t celebrate Christmas, getting up this morning and checking my stats without prior knowledge of what would greet me was like a beautiful present. I love how you’ve embedded one bar within the other. Well done and thank you :)

  68. terry1954

    thank-you for a wonderful Christmas gift!!!

  69. Hanggar PS

    it’s awesome news from wordpress. with this feature i can make more detail analyst through my articles. So i can make a choice what can of articles that my readers like. Thank you so much. WordPress is the best blog provider

  70. David Sussman

    So sweet! I love that stuff. Thanks for the gift.



    Yes, I did notice this earlier today, and was literally blown away!!!

    “How Cool” I thought to myself!!!

    Its No Wonder that WordPress is #1 Blogging / Website tool – and getting better every day!

  72. mdejong11

    A nice surprise for this junkie… good job!

  73. Mom

    Absolutely LOVE this…no take aways ! I would love it on my dashboard too …<3
    Kassie aka "Mom"

  74. Malcolm Miller

    It’s a great innovation. I saw it this morning, and I love it!

  75. stephen Duggan

    Thank you for the update. This is great news!

  76. robsumrall

    Loving it!!!!!

  77. Ritu KT

    That is one amazing change to the stats page. The info would be so helpful to improve my blog. Thanks WP

  78. peteriverpetersen

    Thanks a million!

  79. jmmcdowell

    Does this revision still exclude people who use the Reader from the stats if they don’t comment? (At least with my blog, I learned that followers who used the reader and left “likes” only or no reply didn’t show up as views in my stats—only those using the reader who then commented were counted.)

    • Jeff Bowen

      Yes, currently, your viewers have to click through to your post from the reader for it to register as a view (and visitor). I agree, it would be nice to show these impressions to you in your stats page.

  80. Alpine McGregor

    Thank you, WordPress!

  81. ooplalund

    Hmm okay on further inspection I have a question: If it shows 1 unique visitor and 5 views I would assume it was one person who viewed five pages/post/things. But the countries show as USA: 3 views, Canada: 1 view, Aussie: 1 view. So it confuses me. Printscreen of confusion:

    • Jeff Bowen

      I’m pretty sure this is because of the delay in processing the unique visitors. Please let me know if it doesn’t eventually reconcile.

  82. mebigina

    wowww…very helpful!! i really needed it. thanks!!!

  83. judisue

    Oh this is so cool!
    I have always wondered how many actual people, are visiting Weevily World and now I have a much better idea of that. From my comments, I already know that a lot of my blog viewers are repeat visitors – they are a lovely loyal bunch and I am really looking forward to being able to view my weekly and monthly unique visitor stats.
    Ok, so perhaps it IS a tiny bit disappointing, to realize that thousands of views, only translates as a few hundred visitors but, I’m not going to be disheartened! I’m going to press on and try and get lots more unique visitors, in the new year. Come on! Who’s with me? Let’s go!

  84. devonsmiley

    Thank you!
    I’ve been on the fence about the recent changes to the site…but this seals the deal…love it!


  85. Lloyd

    very nice.

  86. abramkj

    Thank you!!

  87. Nathan M. Bickel

    This is very helpful. Thanks for including it in our existing package!

  88. Doria tang

    Merry Christmas !!!!!!

  89. Bernice

    When I opened my stats earlier I was pleasantly surprised to see the breakout in numbers. When I have a large number of views, I always wonder how many ppl or devices are hitting the site. So thanks for the early Christmas present! love love love it!!!

  90. irisoniris

    Thank you thank you thank you for this!

  91. cutthroateliza

    WordPress, you are awesome!

  92. ray

    Nice! Thanks! Is there a place for suggesting improvements for the stats? I’ve always wished for more details like what phpTrafficA provided :)

  93. dilmilgaya

    Fantastic….it will help a stats junkie like me. Thanks heaps.

  94. palmtreelifestyle


    Now we can really see the true numbers on our blogs!

    Well done! Keep up the good work :-)

  95. ricofraudonthecourt

    Hi, Jeff, Thanks a lot for this new feature, which makes it possible for us to know the exact number of visitors and views. Is there any way of knowing the states or regions of the United States from which the visitors come? Again my hearty thanks to you and all the staff members of for making my posts viewable to all the Lord’s people worldwide! Christmas season’s greetingsto you! Paul Chen


  96. Thomas Peace (author)

    Awesome! And keep in mind, you bloggers depressed about the quantity of your numbers: It’s not so much the quantity of viewers… but, largely, the quality! :)

  97. paperlessworld

    In a world with more and more fast food, in a culture where thinking is so much formed by the media, it is great to separate the unique visitors from the bland. Cheers to you, Jeff Bowen, for this form of climate change. But really, how unique are these visitors?

  98. Sally

    Constant improvements really appreciated. The improved galleries function is fantastic and this is the icing on the cake. Keep up the good work.

  99. kasturika

    Yippie :D A wonderful gift :) I always wonder how long visitors spend on my blog – yes I spend a lot of time staring at stats! Thank you so much :) Happy holidays!!

  100. wordcoaster

    Yes! All additional stats are welcome–wordpress just keeps getting better and better!


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