Pinterest Verification Added to Webmaster Tools

Pinterest Verification Lots of you have been asking about website verification for Pinterest — the process that tells Pinterest that you own the website listed in your profile. Once your site is verified, your blog’s URL appears on your profile and in search results alongside the nifty little “Verified!” checkmark.

We’ve now added Pinterest to the list of webmaster tools we support. Verifying your blog with Pinterest is as easy as cutting and pasting a single line of code and hitting “save.”

(There I am, all verified. Don’t I look like a power user?)

If the idea of having to deal with code makes your nervous, don’t worry; our simple instructions tell you exactly what to put where. In less than a minute, you can have a checkmark of your very own, letting your followers know that you’re a trusted source of finding awesome stuff on the internet.

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Michelle W.


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  1. amylyn.clement

    Hooray for Pintrest! :D

  2. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Wow! Awesome stuff! Wow!

  3. Andria

    Hooray, WP!

  4. lavagal

    Mahalo! You just made my humpday happy now that I’ve been able to verify my website with Pinterest. Yay!

  5. Barbara

    Hmmm, just tried it and got this: “Right now, we can only verify top-level domains. We hope to offer more options soon. Click here for more information”.

    • michelle w.

      Barbara, we just checked with Pinterest, and they only support top-level domains right now, so you can only verify a custom domain. I’ve updated the post accordingly.

    • michelle w.

      Actually, scratch that – it also works with domains. Can you give it another try?

  6. tintrantmdt

    Reblogged this on tinprinting.

  7. Pixeled-Nina

    Wow thank you. I just saw the pinterest site verification and I thought it can’t be applied in Now it’s finally here. Great work!

  8. kabrobinson

    Thanks! This was much needed.

  9. John Lyle



    Johnny x

  10. Professional Swimming Pools

    Have added it to our blog, thanks

  11. littlemisswordy

    Thank you for the clear and simple instructions. Easy!

  12. this is lemonade

    Done! Very simple to follow instructions. Great quick response to Pinterest feature – thanks :)

  13. timethief

    I’ve been answering question on the support forums exactly this Pinterest business site verification issue for awhile now. It’s good to see that the support documentation has been updated. Thanks so much for doing that.

  14. myfabfico

    Thank you!!!!

  15. Spencer Wade

    Reblogged this on Spencer Wade's Blog.

  16. vision791

    Thanks, I’ll give this a try. I’m proud of my site and my Pinterest page.

  17. peachypains

    This is AWESOME and the directions were so easy!! Thank you so much!!


    Wow! I’m going to have to take advantage of this with my .net

  19. Kristin

    Gracias y Feliz Ano Nuevo! I especially appreciate the instructions.

  20. jzinius

    Thank you for this exciting news. When I am in my WordPress Tools Available page, I do not see any “Pinterest Site Verification field” OR “Website Verification Services header”, please help point me in the right way! Thanks!

    • michelle w.

      It’s not under it’s own header; it’s jus part of the Website Verification Services section of the page – do you not see anything that looks like the screen shot in the instructions?

    • Bryan Villarin

      Viewing your account, it believe I can deduce that you’re viewing the dashboard of a self–hosted site. When viewing your site home page, does the footer say “Blog at”? (If not, you’re self–hosted.)

  21. Kristen Kieffer

    Thank you!

  22. Andrea D. Wiener (@CouponDivaAndi)

    is this eventually going to be updated for self-hosted ( blogs as well?

  23. feathernet

    Reblogged this on Feathernet and commented:
    nice work.. pinterest taking over..

  24. Angie

    Explain what you mean by a custom domain.

    • michelle w.

      A domain that you’ve purchased, as opposed to the domain you get for free — looks like you have one! However, you can use a domain to verify.

  25. Gary Lum

    Cool. Thank you :-)

  26. bigbluebullybus

    That’s brilliant! I was just trying to do this the other day with little success……. It’s worked a treat now! Many thanks ;)

  27. Christy Birmingham

    Awesome and thanks for the instructions!

  28. KING-slave of ALLAH !

    thanks for this option…

    however i think giving option to add Our GPlus Profile link with our website is more useful. so that in search people can see author details…more power user.

    thank you!

  29. reprindle

    I don’t understand the concept. What does verification mean and why do I want it. Perhaps another post to your blog would explain it.

  30. purpleroses97

    Thank you! That was easy. I couldn’t figure it out before.

  31. gsohn

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  32. wedgeintheround

    One tine detail- it loks like, in the instructions, that the meta tag is included in the bold/copy portion. Do not include the “” – then it works a charm.

  33. Robert Connor

    Is it really needed!

  34. phalty3467

    does that include facebook and twitter users / ? / they use web/logs AKA blogs or v/logs / ? /

  35. The Scullery


    Carrie Craig

  36. NineGPS

    This is awesome! Thanks for the share!

  37. S.Y. Teague

    I’m more interested in Springpad than pinterest.

  38. M.R.

    Michelle, you obviously have a sense of humour that doesn’t exclude sending yourself up. You should be an Aussie, mate! :-) Does having my blog redirected (only) to my own domain count?

  39. Paras Doshi

    Awesome! Thanks for adding Pinterest!

  40. thebeadden

    Thank you, muchly!!!!!!!

  41. Kristina Bustamante (@K_BustAMove)

    I have the latest version of WordPress installed, but for some reason, there is no Website Verification Services header in my list of Available Tools. Only Press This, and Categories and Tags Converter. Please help?

  42. Mikkel Paige Mihlrad

    I’m confused. Same as what someone else posted. When I am in WordPress Tools Available page, I do not see any “Pinterest Site Verification field” OR “Website Verification Services header” either. I only see “Press this” and “Categories and Tags Converter” under available tools. Then there are toolbar options under tools to import/export.

    • Beau Lebens

      It sounds like your blog is not hosted on We will be releasing this as part of the Jetpack plugin shortly ( and then you’ll be able to use it on your own self-hosted blog.

  43. Raphaellove

    Reblogged this on The Praxis Share.

  44. rarasaur

    I saw this last night and set it up then– easy and awesome. Thank you!!

  45. Happy Healthy Strong

    Excellent! Thank you!

  46. Lê Đức Hoàng

    thank you

  47. thglutenfree

    Thank You! Brilliant!

  48. New Heights Dance Ministry


  49. ooplalund

    Love it! Look forward to getting home to my computer then will connect the dots :]

  50. ravenvinnie


  51. Miss Al-Leigh

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get verified for the past week & the confusion was driving me crazy!

  52. sheilapierson

    THANK YOU! I could not figure out to do this and you made it easy enough for me, so I know anybody can do it! lol :)

  53. allcelebritiesworld

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  54. trailsnet

    My site is self-hosted with I tried following the Pinterest instructions, but they aren’t as clear as yours. I’m afraid I don’t know how to do that whole download to root file thing. Do you suppose that will ever make the process as easy as the one?

  55. Rachel Heu

    Thanks michelle w. :) I’ve been wanting to do that and couldn’t figure it out!! Now, I did it :) Thank you so much!!!!

  56. gabygabyss

    Finallyyy, thankss! :)

  57. AARFRescue

    Reblogged this on aarfrescue.

  58. MikesFilmTalk

    Great stuff Michelle! It took me under a minute to verify my site. You are just too excellent for words! Cheers mate! :-D

  59. loreleiwalksthroughflames1775

    Pinterest? Why not Tumblr? Hmmm… Either way… It’s good news for some

  60. hirephpinfo

    This is AWESOME…………….

  61. Sabrina Bonose

    Awesome ! Thank you for this update !

  62. pavankumars

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  63. sewfrench

    Reblogged this on Sewfrench and commented:
    Have you verified your WordPress account with your Pinterest account? It is not as hard as it seems. Plus you get this nifty little checkmark that not everyone has!

  64. setu1984

    I want to have a “Pin It” button on my blog. I have completed the verification process for pintrest. Could you help?

    • michelle w.

      The verification process only gives you the benefits listed (URL on profile, checkmark) — adding a button to your blog is a separate process. To do it, head to Settings –> Sharing. There, you can add all kinds of sharing buttons to your pages and posts, like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, or Reddit.

  65. Barbara

    @michelle w. – tried to verify again early this morning with the same result, tried again just now, still get this message: “Right now, we can only verify top-level domains. We hope to offer more options soon. Click here for more information.”

    • michelle w.

      Barbara, I just took a look at your site, and it doesn’t look like you’ve actually got a Pinterest verification code saved on the Webmaster Tools page. Were you able to complete this step?

      • Barbara

        No, when I click to verify my email on Pinterest’s site, that’s when I get the message that I only top level sites could be verified… Thanks for your help on this!

    • michelle w.

      Unfortunately, it sounds like the issue is on Pinterest’s end (unless there’s a chance that the email you use at Pinterest is different from the one associated with your account here).

  66. lvpublicity

    Thanks for helping us with this step and showing us how it’s done. Each new platform added out there means there’s more to be done.

  67. Grndma Chris

    HURRAY!!!! I just did it and it was sooo simple.

  68. Enchanted Seashells

    Reblogged this on Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugboat Captain's Wife and commented:
    Has everyone seen this?

  69. skrolblog

    This is new for me, thank you :)

  70. Vanillatragic

    Mirroring everyone else, thanks for doing this and for the clear instructions!

  71. The Presents of Presence

    Thank you! I loved the simple instructions!

  72. spdk1

    thanks for the heads up!

  73. Kerry

    Yay! Done! you guys are the best. xx

  74. Isabelle at home

    perfect and so simple! That’s why I love WordPress! Thank you!

  75. Mas Salamov

    Pinterest is something new for me …, thank you very much !

  76. bestingems

    Good News :)


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