A Look at Painters with Portfolios

Recently, Michelle announced the launch of WordPress.com/portfolios. If you take photographs, record music and video, illustrate and paint, or design things, you can build a portfolio here on WordPress.com, using one of our portfolio themes.

I was curious to see how painters use WordPress.com as an ultimate canvas to compile and display their masterpieces. If you’re a painter looking for ways to build your online portfolio, find inspiration from these artists:

Fatima Ronquillo

Fatima Ronquillo

Fatima Ronquillo

Born in the Philippines and now living in New Mexico, self-taught painter Fatima Ronquillo paints classically inspired portraits. Yet her body of work also evokes magical realism — it’s playful and even eerie. Fatima’s gallery of paintings covers seven years (click on “Works” in the menu to browse back to 2007), so take the time to browse her collection. She uses Portfolio, a premium theme in our Theme Showcase.

Fatima Ronquillo 2012 Paintings

Fatima Ronquillo 2012 Paintings

Under the “Representation” tab, she’s created pages for her work in galleries in New Mexico, Utah, and Texas; and under “About,” you’ll find links to her biography and a detailed résumé listing past exhibitions and press.

In addition to the evergreen content on these pages, she has a blog, accessible in the main menu. (You can set up your site this way, too; read about the Front Page option on our Support site.) On her blog, she announces exhibitions, shares new paintings, and muses on her craft. And she does so beautifully: in “Love for one’s work,” you’ll see her words are as delicate as her brush strokes:

As for myself, I love my work but rarely do I enjoy it. Drawing is pleasurable because it is immediately gratifying. Perhaps this is why I jealously guard my drawings and am reluctant to show them; they are my private joy. Painting on the other hand is too difficult and slow going. So why do I paint? For the same reason why Proust’s narrator pursues writing: love. If drawing is the seed of an idea, then an oil painting for me is that idea fully realized.




The goal is a water colour painting a day, regardless of what’s going on. The purpose is to seek out 20-30 minutes of unplugged quiet time every day. . . . The world around us is getting busier all the time. In what ways might I create that meditative space for myself?

Ian Rosenfeldt approaches Zany4Days as an experiment: to step outside of his comfort zone, to create something artistic on a regular basis, and to carve out personal time each day. He uses a free theme, Hatch, which is perfect for his painting-a-day project. Hatch is a minimal theme, yet the grid-style design displays bold images, and the colors pop against the solid black background.

If you’re interested in creating a visual layout like this using Hatch, you need to set Featured Images in each of your posts. To do this, find the Featured Image module on the bottom right when you’re creating or editing a post and select the image to appear in the grid.

Hatch featured imageWe also like how Ian captures the spiral binding of his notebook in each shot, which creates a visual motif as you scroll down his front page. He’s invited us to peek into his artistic process, page after page. It’s a unique, personal touch.

Maurice Sapiro

Maurice Sapiro

Maurice Sapiro

Maurice Sapiro, a longtime painter in Connecticut, paints landscapes, still life, and dreamscapes and uses a customized Nishita theme to display his moody and ethereal pieces, inspired by the outdoors as well as the human figure. The Nishita theme works well with big images — its default “photoblog” layout is super-wide at 1024 pixels, which puts the focus on Maurice’s artwork.

You can also choose between a light and dark color scheme, and here, the white background showcases the delicate shades of his paintings. With large images, the viewer can see and appreciate the subtle layers and technique and movement of his brush.

Custom Menu

Unlike Fatima and Ian above, who use a front page-style and grid-like design to present their paintings, Maurice opts for a traditional blog layout. At the top, he has an extensive custom menu to various pages, categories, and custom links to his other sites so you can easily explore his breadth of work spanning 60 years. To start, take a look at his collections of watercolors“poured paintings,” and skyscapes.

To provide space for his super-wide images, he skips a sidebar but takes advantage of the three widget areas in the footer, using Image Widgets to link to his work on eBay, as well as the Top Posts & Pages, My Community, and Posts I Like Widgets to display notable content and the online network he’s built.

Check out other painters making a splash on WordPress.com:

Want more? Dive into the Painting, Art, Watercolor, and Acrylic topic pages in the WordPress.com Reader.

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    Thank you for the inspiration!

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    @Cheri Lucas

    You call these people painters? Your newsletter is normally a waste of time, now it’s become plain old irritating. There are great artists using WordPress and these ain’t them!

  3. wildlifewatcher

    Hi Cheri, Super useful information on creating portfolios for artistic and educational work. Well done article. Thanks!

  4. Lahary Pittman

    Hi Cheri, are there any themes (preferably free) that prevent your images from being R-click downloaded? That’s one of the great things about Flash. Thanx !

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    Painters with portfolios on wordpress soooo cooollll!!! And for musicians too! Woweee! Check it ouuuttttt! Love,mali

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    Thanks for this. My daughter is an aspiring painter!

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    great stuff as always, certainly not grim, in a global sense.

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    Not much point in posting portfolios with Google stealing all our work.

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    This is fantastic. I have been looking for a blogging format that is conducive to an artist’s portfolio and it looks like I found it. I like the content as well – very original and cool. I hope to be getting this premium version soon – for now, i just have my regular blog.

  11. Chas Spain

    Thanks Cheri for introducing me to some new artists and their work. Would be pleased for the critical eye of any of the WordPress community to comment on my art – it’s quite a step to put things online – I think Fatima’s comment about her drawings is so true – they can be intensely personal and hard to share. I’m happy to have managed to get started and to post for a couple of months – but even happier to be able to see the process of other artists at work here. Hope to move onto WordPress102 and sharpen up in time.

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    As someone who loves art and art history, I really enjoyed this blog and learning about the painter. Paint is my favorite type of art so I really connected with the work!

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    Thank you for this post. I’m working on a gallery in the memory of my father, Arie Cohen (arie-arts.com), with his artworks, and its nice to see others who share their great arts on wordpress.

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    Another artist’s site – madhulikajindal.wordpress.com.

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    Very cool. I love watercolors but understand drawing is much quicker. I liked the female artist from the Philippines… that is how she expressed herself. (Fatima)

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    Thanks for sharing a great story.

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    Thanks Cheri! This is very useful and I’m going to try to apply some of it. I’ve been on wordpress for around three years, showcasing about 25 years of work, and rarely get a hit. Can’t figure out why. Perhaps this will help.

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    Nick Lassiter of nickillustrates.com is another up and coming artist ;)
    Great idea this seems to be a nice little network of artist sharing art. Thank you for taking the time to blog this!!


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    I enjoyed it all. I’m really drawn into the “Zany4Days” watercolors…especially the painting featuring the octopus.

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