In the Spotlight: Bloggers on Fashion

The world’s designers recently presented their new looks on catwalks from New York to Paris during Fashion Week, so I decided to hunt through the closet — err, browse the community — for some eye-catching fashion blogs that not only stay on top of the trends du jour, but customize their themes to reflect their own personal styles.

Today, let’s shine the spotlight on these blogs:

Brooklyn Bliss

Brooklyn Bliss

Brooklyn Bliss

Corrie created Brooklyn Bliss as a personal blog, which has since transformed into a popular site for fashion, design, and vegan lifestyle, focused on vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products. Corrie has really made the site her own, customizing Bueno in cool ways. I love the textured custom background of bricks, which adds an edge, and also like how she uses the Custom Design upgrade: she’s activated bold, stencil-like font for the site title, post titles, and menu items, and splashes bright magenta across the page in links, social media buttons, and other details. The site design evokes urban fashion and a city lifestyle — a total win.

Vintage Reflection

Vintage Reflection

Vintage Reflection

Amy, a fashion stylist and visual merchandiser living in South West London, is passionate about vintage clothing: she mixes rare and antique finds with high street fashion and adores bright colors and floral prints. (You can see this preference in her lovely custom header image.) Fun fact: Amy and her boyfriend, Dave, snap all the images on the site (Amy takes self-portraits using a remote and a tripod). I also love her sidebar images: portraits from forest shoots displayed as old film photographs. It’s a nice accent that helps to create an overall vintage feel (and if you’re interested in doing something similar on your own blog, it’s easy to achieve with an online photo editor like PicMonkey or Pixlr).

The Style Voyager

The Style Voyager

The Style Voyager

The Style Voyager showcases the effectiveness of the theme Imbalance2 for a magazine-style fashion and design site. The home page displays a gorgeous grid of posts and featured images, which allows you to view the latest content all at once. Individual posts maintain a traditional blog-style format and elegantly display the site’s fashion shoots. The black-and-white site logo on the top left and the social media and newsletter subscription icons on the top right create a minimal, sophisticated look — just like the outfits that grace these pages.

More fashion blogs

In addition to the trio above, check out more fashion blogs below. Cream & Coal is a great pick for snow and surf culture, while Wax Wane is an online space for men’s fashion.

Glitter ‘N Glue is a fun choice for fashion DIY enthusiasts out there, while ClosetCast has some lovely photo shoots.

The Fashion Medley rounds up recent fashion shows (and takes advantage of our gallery feature, as shown in this Givenchy show recap).

Finally, Sage x Clare is a visual feast of fashion, photography, and lifestyle.

Cream and Coal

Cream & Coal

Wax Wane

Wax Wane

Glitter 'N Glue

Glitter ‘N Glue



Sage x Clare

Sage x Clare

The Fashion Medley

The Fashion Medley

Discover more fashion blogs in the Reader! And if you’re an haute couture fan, browse the Fashion Week topic page for posts on fashion shows and happenings from this season’s events.

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  1. Snowdrop

    These blogs are good for inspiration as I’m trying to do my own fashion blog! ( if you’re interested!)

  2. Tristan Gerrard

    great and clean blogs!

  3. Betty Generic

    how can I recommend a blog for the spotlight? or can I?

    • Cheri Lucas

      If you want to recommend a fashion blog, feel free to leave it here in the comments. If you’ve got other ideas for spotlights, I’m all ears.

  4. Anna

    I love these collections of themed blogs which you guys post, there are some excellent sites out there that I may have missed otherwise… forshame! :)

    • Cheri Lucas

      Thanks, Anna — glad you enjoy these roundups of themed blogs. We’ll continue to do more. Do let us know if you want to see something specific.

  5. Apparatus

    Great blogs! It’s good to the time and quality put into making a great product. We’d love to add our blog to the list, Keep up the great work everyone!

  6. attireclub

    Cool, just that you missed us! We write complete articles on men’s style, fashion and lifestyle!

    Fraquoh and Franchomme

  7. Anna

    @Cheri: well, seen as you’re asking, a fiction collection would be absolutely lovely! :)

  8. attireclub

    We wanted to recommend our blog at



    Awesome! You know Hipsters love fashion.

  10. HaroldWrites

    Great to see you peeps delve into the fashion world!

  11. hightidenews

    You totally overlooked Miami Fashion Model Annamarie Ricci’s posts on . She writes with an insider’s view and has become one of Miami’s top fashion bloggers.

  12. Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

    My life philosophy is look good while doing good!!!

  13. vintagereflection

    Thank you for featuring my blog, I’m really flattered :-)

    Off to check out the other blogs featured. x

  14. DeDivahDeals

    Nice, thanks for sharing!

  15. Harper Ganesvoort

    You ought to take a look at the virtual fashion scene — that of Second Life. You don’t know how many blogs are devoted to the fashion scene on the Grid, either part time (like my own) or full time. Some of the things available for an avatar are fierce; some purely elegant; and there is much on the cutting edge. Try searching up “Second Life” and “fashion” combined some time, and see what the most fashionable avatars around wear!

  16. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I can’t believe you missed FashionForLunch – – they are the best!

    Seriously, I’m a single parent and plain old not able to splurge on appearances for myself, but I love FashionForLunch because it is truly stylish – I’m talking truly. I highly recommend you visit! :)

  17. Natalie

    this is my favourite round up I’ve seen I am a fashion photographer and always looking to connect with fashion bloggers to connect with and shoot “look of the day” and look book for. Thanks WP

    • Cheri Lucas

      Cool — glad to hear this has been your favorite roundup, Natalie! As for future roundups, we’ve got a “photographers with portfolios” one coming up — it may be of interest to you as a photographer :)

      • Natalie

        Yes absolutely loved it! I am definitely using wordpress as a platform to launch my photography career. I shall be taking full advantage of customising mine soon to build a portfolio around it. I look forward to that round up as a new photographer I’ve found it the best way to get my name out there. :D

  18. Nathan Young

    @Cheri: I would also like to see some of the best technology / geeky blogs, that would be cool!

  19. Karen Templer

    If anyone’s interested in the knitwear perspective on fashion week, that’s my angle!

  20. nbablogcentral

    There is an amazing fashion blog by an Australian girl who focuses on budget fashion. Her website is – check it out!

  21. shalilah2002

    Thanks. I follow some internet fashionistas and I sure will check these bloggers out.

  22. Sonu

    Elegant blogs… Surely gonna visit some of these.

  23. Melissa & Megan @goldonblack

    These are amazing fashion blogs! Great inspiration!

  24. lisasch61

    Missing are blogs and fashion inspiration for those of us over 50 and not stick thin.

  25. flnousetlamode

    Great post!! What about

  26. justbeautyandfashion

    I love these blogs — I follow at least half of them. Great post!

  27. talkingjava

    I could use the advice on clothes and what is new in trends because I am older. I want to look good but not a teenager.

  28. sage x clare

    Thanks for featuring me! Totally blushing right now! xx

  29. whatwouldyouwearif

    Love these blogs! We’re always looking for new fashion blogs to read, both for inspiration and to keep afloat with what’s going on in the fashion/fashion blogger world. My co-blogger, Jenn, and I write a fashion blog of sorts! Really, it’s mostly just us playing an absurd version virtual dress up:

  30. Shazida Khatun

    I like Amy from Vintage Reflection and her writing styles.

  31. thelaststraggler

    Love getting inspiration from blogs since i’m fairly new to the world of fashion blogging and have a lot to learn! ;

  32. laraineinandaround

    Reblogged this on Boheme Bimbo and commented:
    What a great list of inspirational fashion bloggers! Thanks Cheri for discovering and sharing xx

  33. robortiga

    Nice blogs <3.

  34. That Dress Is Mine

    Lovely blogs but I especially like Amy from Vintage Reflection. She has given me something to think about as I love vintage myself!

  35. domchipotle

    Great blogs. Clean and entertaining to go through. Recently started my blog. Still learning about how to make it attractive, but I have so many beauty tips & fashion tips to share to the world!

  36. fuselagefashion

    Thank you for sharing with us Cheri! Here is one more to check out:!

  37. deejayvirg

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful collection with us.

  38. Norbert D.

    Reblogged this on Blogging Gimpel and commented:
    Hi there, you fashionistas!
    Here is something you might like – a selection of blogs talking about fashion. I know may of you, guys, care a lot about that “stuff” so … enjoy!

  39. Jonathan

    Hi Cheri,

    I just wanted to make sure that men’s fashion was represented by my lil’blog-

    #menswear forever! :P

  40. mysrialou

    Love this. I can’t get enough of fashion blogs. I just love them. I just started my blog and will be posting about fashion too. Go check it


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