New Theme: Truly Minimal

Happy Theme Thursday! It’s spring in some parts of the world, which for many means tidying and redecorating their homes. Today we have a new free theme to help you do the same for your blog!

Truly Minimal

Truly Minimal

Truly Minimal, designed by FlareThemes, lives up to its name for its clean typography and elegant simplicity. The theme includes three sidebar placement options, support for multiple post formats, and a responsive design for small screens and mobile devices. It’s an excellent choice for showcasing your writing, promoting your business, or for anyone who wants a crisp, modern look for their site.

Read more about Truly Minimal on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site by going to Appearance -> Themes!

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Caroline Moore


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  1. sushubh
  2. ismailimail

    It has almost everything what I would look for, except too much white space wasted on the top right hand corner. The WP version doesn’t resemble the original at the designer’s demo site. If the header image is not preferred than you could have moved the menus next to the blog title or to the right, like the original.

  3. Tristan Gerrard

    Clean and minimalistic theme, looks great!

  4. Balsillie & Associates

    Amazing how trends go from this sort of thing to flashy as can be and back again.


    Wow… this is pretty cool. With all the clutter in my life… this is like a breath of fresh air.

    I’ll have to keep this in mind when it’s time to re-design HipsterApproved. Thanks!

  6. Karen @ My Pantry Shelf

    Does this theme work with WordAds?

  7. David Bennett

    I think this is a lovely theme – nice size fonts, well displayed blockquotes, nice H2, H3, etc. rendering, good framing around images – It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into this.

  8. wordcoaster

    Too clean for me; I need a bit of clutter to match my personality :)

  9. Katharine Trauger

    Thanks! :)

  10. timethief

    Hi Caroline,
    I like Truly Minimal and the features it has and will give it a try on my personal blog. Is it too much to ask that future themes could include the ability to change font color of Site Titles and links without having to purchase a $30.00 annually renewable custom design upgrade? I sure hope so because being able to do this on other free hosted blogs like those at Blogger is common and flatly refuse to pay annually just to change them.

    • Caroline Moore

      Hi timethief! Thanks, really glad you like Truly Minimal.

      You can change the color of your site title under Appearance -> Header (or in the Customizer), this is the case with most themes. As of right now, there are no plans to include additional custom colors options in future themes, but we appreciate your feedback!

  11. Heather


  12. lupokatxafa

    I like that theme so much! I’ll be happy to use it in my new blog!

    C. Moore, did you create it? :)

  13. Teepee12

    I love this theme and have put it to use — already. Thank you!!

  14. nikhilvenkatesa

    The minute I saw this theme, I revamped my blog. Love it :)

  15. jesshatcher

    Great theme, nice and clean yet effective!

  16. lady Lianna Ellusive

    Nice work. And full-width without sidebar:-)

  17. Admin1

    Not for me, too clean. :)

  18. Alex

    Great, love simple themes.

  19. mstrjimmy

    Just a simple and clean theme. I’ll keep that in mind!

  20. ndutyke

    I will use it in the future, for sure :)

  21. VietPiczZle

    so simple :)

  22. talkaboutitfriend

    This theme looks really nice. Its very simple and easy to navigate around.

  23. lauren13b

    It looks really great!

  24. janekepu598

    Wow I Love this theme!! Good Job.

  25. 1katiestrong

    Love it! The cleaner, the better for me!!

  26. pakodetiket

    It looks really great!

  27. Neeraj Bhushan

    Truly Minimal. Of course I would recommend it to friends thinking to turn bloggers.

  28. Anna

    Love it!

  29. andywarnock

    Hi, great theme, I’ve just switched to it on my blog. The only issue is that my front page has now changed from showing excerpts to full posts, is there a way of changing back? I’ve written out custom excerpts for all my posts. Cheers!

  30. rosadanna

    I just activated this new theme and I like it except for some reason when I go to change the title to my title and save it in the
    customize theme window, it doesn’t change the title from ‘Truly Minimal’ to mine. Am I not doing something right?
    Also, I don’t see where I can upload my own Header image. Is this not possible?

  31. watchkart1

    I like that theme so much! :-)


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