New Theme: Fontfolio

Happy Theme Thursday, all! Today I’m excited to share our latest free theme, Fontfolio.

Fontfolio WordPress Theme


Fontfolio is a clean, grid-style portfolio theme originally designed by Marios Lublinski. It includes bold featured images, support for multiple post formats, a responsive design, two custom menu areas, and a convenient search bar in the header. Fontfolio is the perfect fit for typographers, designers, photographers, or illustrators looking to showcase their best work.

Read more about Fontfolio on the Theme Showcase or preview it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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Caroline Moore


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  1. awax1217

    I will look into this and possibly change my theme.

  2. mrtheriaultfvhs

    Thank you and your team so much for creating a space and means by which students can create a professional online voice for free. My high school students are going to love having this theme as an option next year for their blogs.

  3. syedsirajuddinsohail

    Looking AWESOME, planning to install this on my new blog…

  4. timethief

    Another very interesting theme with great features to test this weekend. Thank you.

  5. dhenztm

    Finally, a great-looking new free theme! It’s good for a new blog, but for not-so-new ones, the old posts’ images appear either scaled or stretched, and videos don’t display out of the box. Still, great job on this new theme! :D

  6. Nicole Smeltzer


  7. David Bennett

    For an image-heavy site, Fontfolio is very appealing.

    I just activated it for the WordPress site I created a while back when Posterous bit the dust.

  8. cellzman

    Very nice theme, I can see a few uses for this one already! Blessings, Doug

  9. triciachatter

    Great theme for photographers!

  10. axlpalacios

    Awesome! I’m now using this theme!

  11. PiedType

    Thank you for mentioning right up front that this lovely theme is free. I’ve been disappointed in the past when I’ve gotten excited about a new theme and all its features and potential, only to discover well into my reading that is not free. Now I’m off to test this one!

  12. Tetzner

    Why don’t most of the themes have decent padding/spaces in their comments? It isn’t possible to clearly distinguish between a comment made for the main post and from prior replies.

  13. Nicole Smeltzer

    I activated it and think it’s lovely. The size of the custom header could be a leeeeeeeeeeetle bit bigger, but other than that, no complaints!

  14. snegit

    Can’t find it to download it!

  15. Efrain Amin Bajaire

    Great theme for my pics!!!

  16. Kenny

    Very, very nice!

  17. Jo Tito

    Am trying to find this but a search is not bringing it up in my themes…

  18. mumpages

    Cannot find this theme anywhere. Please advise where to find it? I’ve already tried in Appearance/Themes, searching for Fontfolio, searching via the author. Thanks for your guidance.

    • Caroline Moore

      Howdy! It looks like you’re running a self-hosted version of WordPress, in which case, you can get a version of this theme from the original designer at

  19. (@multicorechina)

    Just another theme in the wall..IMHO.

  20. therjfj

    Changing my theme now…

  21. brandywineproductions

    I love Fonfolio! I need to look into this theme since it looks just right for photographers etc…

  22. Elena Levon

    In love with it! :) Switched to it on my photography site. Thank you!


    This one looks cool.

  24. eldy

    Oh wow… just what I have been waiting for my art blog… have a look if you want to see it just a tad different looking than the demo. I LOVE IT!!

  25. catezapp

    I will also try it. Seems very nice.

  26. fereshtehsanaei

    Beautiful! Thank you and your team so much for creating a space and means by which students can create a professional online voice for free.

  27. Sam Vardy

    Great theme – but any way to turn the ‘search’ tab off?

  28. HollysDollys!

    Ah I love this theme!! It is beautiful and so cheery! :D

  29. Ðevendra Pratap Šingh

    It’s looking nice & professional… great work!

  30. Smash

    Great new theme! I love the way that it lays out the content. Cool stuff dudes!

  31. Nox Nyctophilia

    Oh, I think I’m in love with this theme; it’s just what I was waiting for. Using it right now.

  32. lady Lianna Ellusive

    You are wonderful! This theme is great. :-)

  33. Zlatko Batistich

    I am trying this theme on my photography blog. Looks great!

  34. Denise Gaskins

    I like the look of this, and it might be a fun way to shake up my blog a bit. But I’m not sure how WordAds would fit into the home page. Does this theme handle the Optimized WordAds Layout?

  35. biblicaldiagnosis

    I have been looking for a free theme of this quality for a long time. I tried it and I am keeping it! A nice upgrade from my old theme. Thanks!!

  36. astonishedxpression

    I can see how this would appeal to photographers, for sure.

  37. kleinkchlia

    Cool! So organized, I might use this theme soon. :D Keep up the good work!

  38. Aurora

    Are there any more darker colored themes in the works? Personally I use a darker background an lighter font on my blog because it is easier on my eyes than an overabundance of white when I am reading back through the archives. I would love to see some themes with dark color schemes, or more color instead of so much white for a change.

  39. Svjetionik

    Nice theme… Will use it…

  40. Bren

    Just changed my Photography blog to this theme… this theme is awesome.. Thanks for all your hard work.

  41. JanetAnderson

    This theme looks so promising and so artistic

  42. A Quiet Monster

    Love this one! Just updated my blog with it. Really good fit! Thank you!!!

  43. successfulblackman

    This is nice.

  44. joachimwahle

    Great! Thinking about to use this theme on my photography blog.

  45. Jahnabi Barooah

    What kind of themes would you recommend for text-heavy personal blogs?


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