New Theme: Personal

Today I’m thrilled to announce that another beautiful theme which offers a more personal touch has been added to our ever-expanding showcase of premium upgrades.

Personal is a customizable, content-first theme tailored for writers, journalists, and bloggers. One of the cleanest and most minimal themes in the Obox Themes collection, it promotes your content and gives it an at-home feeling.

Personal: Home Page

Personal: Home Page

Its beautiful typography and responsive layout make creating and consuming content a pleasant experience for both the writer and the reader, and it also has a fantastic Showcase page template that shows off posts in a highly imaginative way:

Personal: Showcase Template

Personal: Showcase Template

Personal is a premium upgrade for your blog; read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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Philip Arthur Moore

  • Aug 29, 2013 @ 5:06 pm
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  1. Gaurav Tiwari

    Ohh It’s stunning! Beautiful typography. How about adding some awesome themes of $25-$40 range.

  2. Chocolate Covered Race Medals

    Oh wow — this is one that makes me want to upgrade to premium. Beautiful, and I love the ability to customize like that.

  3. John Hayden

    Beautiful! Love at first sight. Only possible drawback: I don’t know if it would be possible to use WordAds on this theme without compromising its design. But if I ever buy a theme to use as an author platform (that is, if I ever publish a book), this would be the one. It would also be a natural for a book or movie review blog.

  4. ladytriste1

    Very nice, very Classy

  5. irisoniris

    I picked the Chateau theme primarily for its typography.

    I am kinda glad this new elegant theme is not free, completely removing the temptation for me to switch, and which would undo all the months of my hard work blogging with Chateau. :D

    But seriously this theme is gorgeous and I’d switch in a heartbeat if it were free.

  6. Jessica Tavares

    Love this!

  7. timethief

    I love it!

  8. Kiudee Davie

    Love is so.. It’s premium… Like my blog soon..

  9. crummblle

    Too many premium themes :-(

  10. 2ssimington

    It’s nice but I ‘m still hoping that you may come up with another artsy/craft/creative theme.

  11. Adheens

    Woow .. very nic theme ..

  12. indai25


  13. taylorjwatson

    Wow that’s cool

  14. phamquangtriu

    so beautiful :)

  15. bdgrent

    its beautifull theme i like it

  16. adith1992

    This is the most personal theme i’ve ever seen. Want to purchase someday!

  17. mjdresselbooks

    Looks nice and clean. I love the font and the heading. I use Chateau now for its sleek look.

  18. hannahbanana

    Beautiful theme! Typography-wise especially. Actually though, I’ve been looking for themes like this one, which has the feature that allows people to read only the first few sentences of a post before deciding to “Continue reading” (versus having the entire post smack on the home page). Could you please insert this feature as a filter when searching for themes? Thanks in advance!

  19. Mikaela

    Nice :)

  20. Thiago Santos de Moraes

    Great theme! I wish every wp theme had a readable font size, like in “Personal”.

    In the demo site I did not saw important pages that are present in every demo (HTLM elements, Readability test, etc.). We need to see these pages to choose or not the theme.

  21. cassandramae90

    Amazing theme! I would use this if it had a tad bit more features like the Enterprise theme, but all in all I love it. :)

  22. audreywiggins

    My first impression – Calming.

  23. TOPpublisher

    Sorry to say, but this theme and many others follow the common header, sidebar look, with a new font here and there. Premium themes should stand out from the rest ( free themes). They should never resemble a common wordpress look, especially for 80 dollars. This theme is valued at no more then 20 bucks. This criticism is from an experienced html and css writer.

  24. marcperel

    Thank you all for the great comments on Personal. We’re really excited to have it on!

    Once again working with the crew was a pleasure, and I can’t wait to see some blogs using this theme to its full potential.

  25. adminhpa

    I love the simple of this theme. So clear, so easy to navigate & so fast loading for access from mobile..

  26. katywaltersreviews

    This looks really good. It gives a sense of crispness, space and simplicity and allows the reader to concentrate on the blog.

  27. dilmilgaya

    Minimalistically simple……I just love it!

  28. Liv Ongoongo

    Beautifully simplistic. For bloggers of all types! I’m in love. I’m not a professional at this stuff but this has made my hobby and passion so much more inspirational to pursue.

  29. unlugartraselsol

    I am new here and I’d like to create my own themes. Is there a tutorial or something?


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