Nurture: A Funky and Fresh Parenting Theme

We’re happy to announce the birth of our latest theme: a new parenting and tumblelog theme fittingly called Nurture.

Nurture: Homepage

Nurture: Homepage

Nurture is the fourth theme designed by the amazing Denise Chandler, coming after Bon Vivant, A Simpler Time, and Vagabond. Like its siblings, Nurture is lighthearted yet funky — with a fresh, colorful palette and quirky font, reminiscent of crafts and drawing by hand.

The theme’s features include a wide one-column layout, support for all post formats, a featured content carousel and supports your own custom header image.

Nurture is a premium upgrade for your blog — read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog by going to Appearance → Themes in your dashboard.

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Thomas Guillot

  • Sep 12, 2013 @ 7:30 pm
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  1. juliewold

    This is really cute! Great for a fun and funky blog.

  2. Kelly Grace

    I wish blogging had been possible while my kids were small.
    What a great way to chronicle your family’s life collecting all the stories, anecdotes, and photos of childhood and your own “soon to be forgotten” memories of it—all in one place.


    Love the colours & design !


    I wish this wasn’t a Premium theme.
    Maybe I’ll make money someday…

  5. ervantetapjoyo


  6. catherinecuisine

    Can I be honnest and say it is not my favorite? Maybe I’m to old, living with preteens… ;-)

  7. sidra007

    C’est beau ca – pour tous les parents.

  8. eyohonesty

    Nice work man…keep it up! Look forward to using it on my blog spots

  9. filmmen19

    Love it!

  10. harshachande

    Great theme………….now a days everybody has time for all………………less time to spent with there family……

  11. Saurabh

    Amazing blog very inspired with your thoughts.

  12. funoften


  13. jonathandowning

    Is it premium???

  14. salakonferencyjna

    wow wow

  15. Albert Datsomor

    Looks like our next to come are getting to be more lucky

  16. Albert Datsomor

    i see the new doors of the future are being opened

  17. Jeffrey Abelson

    Will this theme work with a self-hosted site?
    How much control would one have over the background colors — overall, and per page?
    Is it possible to remove the swirly outlines around the photo thumbnails in the carousel feature?

    • Thomas Guillot

      Nurture isn’t available for self-hosted sites yet. We are working on it.
      On, with the Custom Design upgrade you can easily change the background colors (e.g.
      Finally yes it is possible to remove the swirly outlines around the photo thumbnails in the carousel feature with some custom CSS.

  18. timethief

    It’s definitely an attractive minimalist theme with nice basic features and I think it will be well received. Thanks so much for adding it.

  19. nikibakes

    Awesome theme!!

  20. bvinluan


  21. geipel izzy (@geipelizzy)

    one word for this, Cute :)

  22. cmcelroy2013

    Love it!


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