New Theme: Writr

Happy Halloween! It’s Theme Thursday and we are excited to announce Writr, a free content-oriented tumblelog theme.

Writr: Home Page

Writr: Home Page

Writr‘s modern look and attention to crisp typography let your readers focus on the content. As a responsive theme, Writr will adapt itself to any screen without sacrificing usability or design integrity.

Writr comes packed with 6 different color schemes: turquoise (default), blue, green, grey, purple, and red.

Read more about Writr on the Theme Showcase or preview it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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Thomas Guillot

  • Oct 31, 2013 @ 5:00 pm
  • Themes


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  1. munggur

    I like the way Writr display the image and text. Clear, easy to navigate, and focus on content. It’s easier to read the long paragraphs.

  2. letterperfect1

    Pretty awesome! Looks like this would be great on tablets.

  3. Azrizam Mansor

    great theme

  4. Mel Choyce

    Love it!

  5. Nikohl Vandel

    oh goodness … what an inspiration 4 a nublog …. lol giggls

  6. Carol B Sessums

    I like it. ;) Might have to make some changes to my theme soon.

  7. Carl

    Love this. Very clean and fresh design! Despite it being called Writr I can imagine it working well for a photo blog too.

  8. Runnerica

    I like it. I only wish the text column could be wider.

  9. dhippensteel

    Very slick looking theme. Think I might try it on for size.

  10. Cheese Chomp Dad

    Not bad execution in featuring photos of articles too. Good Job!

  11. Michael Meiser

    Definitely a great tumblelog theme, but the font looks terrible in my Firefox 25.0.

  12. robertanicole1

    I love this! Oh My I frigging love WordPress.

  13. swadedavillain

    Love it! Using it now on !

  14. Yem Li

    Is this available also for Very nice! Thanks!

  15. coopersexposed

    Love it.

  16. Isaac Yuen

    I would give serious consideration to changing to this if the main column was wider.

  17. pink-briefcase

    I like this theme but would need a PINK color option!

  18. msholeh980

    cool theme

  19. Jenn Besonia

    This theme looks so neat!

  20. Jenn Besonia

    I see an unused right space though. Can we put something to it? Or is that a bug? Would be better to just make the content part wider if there’s nothing on the right side.

  21. Devina a Lemon flavoured Jellybean

    This might just be the theme of my dreams! One little complaint though, the text column seems to be a bit too narrow, otherwise it’s excellent.

  22. Flore Leng

    I like it !

  23. TheUnextreme

    I like! :-)

  24. smurfette92

    ^^ It’s awesome so far.

  25. Karol

    I really like this one. I might have to change my web page!

  26. irisoniris

    After all the work I’ve done to retrofit the layout of each post when Chateau came out, this new theme is so beautiful and suitable for my content that it might just be worth it to switch again and re-do the work. (I’m OC that way, no fault on your part. Hee!)

    Thank you for this lovely thing and I might launch it on my next blog anniversary! ♥ Keep it up.

  27. noonobservations

    Switched! Congrats, it is beautiful. Thank you!

  28. Phil Harrison

    Really like and it looks great.

  29. Akhil K A

    Excellent design. I like it.

  30. kraftycatcreations

    Love the new theme, “writr.” Changed to it right away. Uploaded an image to appear on the right side, and everything ties together very nicely. Kept the turquoise. Only thing: logo’s ear and part of head is cut off because of the circle. It’s supposed to be a square.

    • Thomas Guillot

      Gravatars are displayed as a circle instead of a square in Writr. If you have the Custom Design upgrade you will have access to the Custom CSS panel and will be able to overwrite the gravatar rule like this:

      .site-logo img[src*="gravatar"] {
      	-webkit-border-radius: 0;
      	-moz-border-radius:    0;
      	border-radius:         0;

      Another solution: Upload your logo form Appearance → Header.

  31. K

    Switching themes for the first time in years to give Writr a try. The layout of the sidebar and text area are great, especially the wider text area option. My only (little) complaints are the text size (seems a bit large) and the way tweets are showing up in the sidebar. They’re a little jumbled together.

    • Thomas Guillot

      Thank you for your feedbacks.
      We slightly modified the way tweets are displayed: no more bullet points and a margin underneath each tweet.
      Regarding the font size it’s easy to reduce it via the Custom Design upgrade.

  32. grandadsavitar

    I tried to get it last night and Word Press plugins search cannot find Writr ?????? Wanted to use it for my new blog

    Larry C.Bobbert

  33. Sockmnkey

    I have just started on WordPress, but I am already in love with this theme. tried using one before, and it confused me, but when I tried this, it became so much easier to use and get around.

  34. mary

    Lovin’ this one. Decided to take it for a spin!

  35. Olena Loun

    Nice, clean design. I need to check it more to see how much customization is available without going too much into programming.

  36. sbar94

    Awesome! I used this on my blog. Check it out at

  37. dodig

    cool theme, i’m using Writr on my photo blog

  38. sundowntherapy

    Love this new theme!

  39. jvkrawec

    Hello – I really love this theme, but there is an issue with it. When you insert pagination code it does not work well. Basically, from page 2 onwards of a post, the navigation is obscured by the like and tweet buttons. You can see that in the live demo, the post ‘Around the World in 80 days’ page 2 onwards. Is there any chance that could be fixed?

  40. jvkrawec

    Thomas – thank you for your promptness. And it is a gorgeous design. Thank you for your hard work. Cannot wait to get my site up and running!


  41. eff.weh

    Great Theme!
    Would be great to be able to turn the dark background into white. That creates a cleaner and lighter look.

  42. Thiago

    This is a great theme, and Thomas has fixed the bugs ;)

    Any chance to show the post categories (like the tags)?

  43. Nox

    Now I do not need a Tumblr. The best theme this year!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. McDonough Rams


    First, let me say that I love this theme! It is absolutely perfect, except for 1 huge, glaring issue…it doesn’t play nice with internet explorer. Has anyone else had this issue? On chrome, safari, and firefox my site is beautiful (, but on internet explorer, it’s all over the place. Gravatar doesn’t show in correct spot, content area is not the right size, etc. I know ie is a mess, but as it is the most popular browser in the world, I was hoping for some better cross-compatibility. Is this a known issue?

  45. McDonough Rams

    Thanks for the quick reply. Tried it on 2 different computers, each with ie8. Good to know it supports 9+. Apparently ie is no longer the most popular browser (down to ~20% market share). And according to this ( ), ie8 users are down to ~10%. I guess being able to reach 90% of all browsers is good enough for me. Thanks again for the beautiful theme!

  46. debra hall

    great theme, but I’m sticking to Chateau for now

  47. Guilherme Taschetto

    Is it possible to translate the Search widget placeholder for my default locale (pt-br)?

  48. stormwrites

    Perfect blog for a writer, thus the name. If you don’t like how narrow it is, you can customize the size of post space.

  49. justinbrownbooks

    Like it, can you please let me know if there is an ABOUT feature that could be placed at top of blog?

  50. winnymarch

    its awesome Thomas… cheers from Indonesia

  51. Brian R. Luedtke

    I really like this theme and I used it for a little while. However, like a previous poster mentioned, I noticed a huge issue when rendering on Internet Explorer. My issue appears to be with IE 10. In that browser, on Windows 7, the navigation pane and the post icons do not show up correctly. IE 9 on Win7 and IE 11 on Win8 do not have this issue. I tried to correct this with using Compatibility View, but it didn’t change anything.

    I wrote a support request for this as well, but I have not received any replies or notifications, so I though I’d try here.

  52. Guilherme Taschetto

    Also the fonts are looking ugly on Chrome (Win7). Perfectly on IE10 (Win7). Do you know why?


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