Drape Your Dashboard In Living Color

When we launched a makeover of the dashboard, one of the features you requested the most was the ability to shake up its color scheme. Starting today, you can do just that. You can now choose between eight different color settings:


To switch color schemes, go to your dashboard, then look in Users (or Profile)Personal Settings (or just click on this direct link). Among the new color schemes you’ll also find a light-grey one (MP6 Light), which we designed for users who are sensitive to light.

Aside from the new color choices, we’ve kept improving and polishing your publishing experience. Taking your feedback into account, we’ve streamlined the under-the-hood look of your site. Here, for example, is the Publish Module, before and after our recent changes:


We hope you’ll enjoy playing with color!

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Joen A.


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  1. JenT

    Thanks for giving us these personalization options. Even the Gallery placeholder got a makeover. Flat is the new black! :)

  2. mud4fun

    Nice, I’ve gone with seaweed :-)

    Now if you could just fix the reader I’ll be a happy bunny again! ;-)

  3. kbullowski

    Nice addition! Thanks!!

  4. puzzleblume

    Nice. Better change dashboard colours instead of buying new shoes. ^^

  5. captnmike

    WOW – Purple – so excited – well sort of – maybe – actually don’t really much care for Purple anyway – but other than that guess OK – I was happy with the last changes – but for those that like colors more better

    But on the Publish Module – I don’t see any real difference – maybe a shade in the font – what am I missing?

  6. greatthink40

    Nice, I’ve gone with seaweed

  7. Inside the Mind of Isadora

    Thanks for the new options. ~~~~ : – )

  8. talesfromthemotherland

    Excited to tweek a few things. Thanks for changing it up!

  9. Laurie Buchanan

    Thank you — I just selected Ectoplasm!

  10. Right Beat Radio

    Awesome. Thank you!

  11. trinitystillwell

    wow wow wow

  12. Tara R.

    Love this new features. The lighter background options make it so much easier to read text.

  13. King Billy

    Great & thx! Even for a digibeet easy to install…

  14. MostlyFive0

    You know, it’s just a little thing, but it makes a huge difference. Thank you for this.

  15. shauna lee lange

    Ectoplasm lives. More color is more love! Thank you.

  16. christrocks

    Loving it! So glad you had a purple color scheme, lol :)

  17. Russian Universe

    Thanks! I’ll try it! :-)

  18. Cathy Tenzo

    Very nice, thank you! I hope the new streamlining doesn’t mean things are actually smaller and that’s just a graphic. Please don’t make things harder to read. One other piece of general feedback. You have many nice themes I would never use because so many of them are low contrast. Please make an option for higher contrast on these if it’s not too hard.

    • Joen A.

      One of the most noble goals with the initial dashboard refresh was to increase contrast and readability across the board. That’s still the case.

      • Cathy Tenzo

        Thanks, and that’s good to hear. I do think the colors helped. I changed mine to a black and red scheme that makes it easier for me to read. So much design is going low-contrast these days.

  19. dannyt1990

    woohoo that makes things more user friendly and customizable, im glad you guys keep improving yourselves as it helps us improve ourselves too.

  20. RLopera45

    Hey, thanks a lot! It feels like home already!

  21. aearthr

    I have a bit of problem of finding the Personal Setting page on my dashboard unless I click on the direct link here provided. After searching high and low, it is actually under Dashboard>Users>Personal Settings. Hope this helps for those who can’t find it like me!

  22. kevinkordes

    How about the option to choose a background color for the editor so that we can see the edited text that may be colored in very light pastels, like light yellow, and of course white! Needless to say, it’s impossible to see white-colored type on a white background. If you’re using a theme with a very dark background like “Sunspot” this would be very helpful.

  23. Learus Ohnine

    Very informative. Thanks for sharing :-)

  24. dandelionsalad

    Absolutely LOVE this option. Now this is a new feature that I can say really changes (for the better) our blogging experience. Never underestimate color and how color effects our moods. I like the Seaweed, however, I love the Ectoplasm!

  25. kraftycatcreations

    Really don’t care for the change in the Publish Module. It’s now smaller text and lighter in color. How is that a change for the better? I think someone got carried away with this change.

  26. Margaret

    Thank you all. — Color really is an important part of our lives — it’s that extra pleasantness that makes our days better.

  27. scrunchyy

    I am impressed. Thank you very much!

  28. pottergleefan4

    Awesome! Personal touches like that are so great and just making the blogging experience all the better, so thank you! I’ve currently chosen the Ectoplasm option, but don’t be afraid to add more options in the future! :D

  29. Karen Dowdall

    Very, very nice, Thank you for all the great information:)

  30. wildninja

    SO COOL. Butter churner dance!

    Thank you for all of the great improvements you guys keep coming up with. Colors are good for morale and productivity.

  31. Anurag Rathod

    Nice feature WP… I love you !!!

    I am with —> Seaweed

  32. Ilham

    Wow, colors. I love it. Thanks.

  33. katharinetrauger

    CanNOT wait to make it dimmer. Working with sunglasses is just a pain. Thanks so much!

  34. Angeline M

    Love it, thanks! I chose Seaweed and what a nice change for my eyes.

  35. thebritishberliner

    Excellent. The ecotoplasm is pretty dashing! Thanks.

  36. Blajan Alexandru

    I see you integrated the M6 plugin theme. Nicely done !

  37. ultraistgut

    Thank you
    I love it !

  38. parthpandey1515


  39. Bolesław Jasmin

    I am impressed. Thank you very much!

  40. pemberani123

    verry good

  41. t6sinemees

    Good good!

  42. jmcideas

    This does not change much for me, since ‘the content is still more important than color’
    But this is an extra, no more!
    It w’d be more useful getting a prompt for any last add-on dashbord feature to the wp site.
    Thanks anyway.

  43. Jesmion

    It’s a progressive initiatives, and what a flourishing input!

  44. Jesmion

    It’s just so interesting, and a welcome input

  45. agnesvarghese

    thank you give this……

  46. Regina Briggs

    This is great thank-you to the Team for making this happen.

  47. Matt Masha

    I love the feel of new color; thanks.

  48. the eternal traveller

    Oooh, I do like seaweed. My dashboard looks so pretty now. What fun.

  49. Mary

    Can someone give me some advice for finding and embedding images and links in my post? I am rubbishy at the visual stuff. In the meantime , I will crank up the colour. Thankyou.

  50. Mary

    Can someone give me some advice for finding and embedding images and links in my post? I am rubbishy at the visual stuff. In the meantime , I will crank up the colour. Thankyou.

  51. zephyreffects

    Great tip, thanks for giving this invaluable tip

  52. MinasAnor

    MP6 is perfect for me ;) thanks

  53. kimparkje

    I really like the changes. It would also be nice if you could do something about inserting photos, because if I do it on my laptop they are so small but on my iPad there really big. That would help a lot.

  54. sandra.aardema

    Is this change for all users or only premium users?

  55. Kim McGuire

    Thank you. One question, I do not see much difference in the Publish Module example you gave other than the font looks smaller and the Move to Trash line is no longer underlined. Have I missed something?

    • Joen A.

      Aside from the color schemes, no, there are no major visual changes. There are many little changes that hopefully add up to a more streamlined experience overall.

  56. Loke A. Sprouse

    Thak for this! But, i have a question: this change will alter the source of the writer wordpress posts? Well, I’m worried because the font I’m seeing now is very outdated, not to mention breaking some creativity, here’s a picture of her >>> http://puu.sh/5bwFc.png <<< now, this will only be temporary and the previous source will remain or return this source that is neither rather symmetrical?

    • Joen A.

      The change is visual only in the dashboard, where the editor font is 1px larger than before. You’ll see no change on your actual blog/website.

  57. DaveyBaker1

    Looks good to me :) nice work! Good to know you’re listening to what people want

    I’m new here :D

  58. ELMalvaney

    One part of publishing that I would like to see some thought put into for a future update is the calendar for scheduling posts. Blogs with multiple writers especially would benefit from having a more intuitive scheduling system that allows the editors to see which dates already have posts scheduled and which don’t. The current way of having all the posts in a long list no matter when they are scheduled can be overwhelming and the confusion causes multiple posts on one day and then none the next day. I sometimes write a post for a special holiday next year after getting an idea this year, and I schedule it so I don’t forget, but then have to see it at the top of the posts list for the next many months. A calendar view would be most helpful.

  59. janaline's world journey

    This is loads of fun playing around with the colour now!!

  60. Gamenology

    Thank you so much!!! :D

  61. kaylab0708


  62. ohoneil

    This is great, thanks a lot!!!

  63. Bruce

    Thanks for the option of changing colour schemes. I was happy with what I had but tried a change anyway. Later I found I couldn’t edit tags on an old post or add tags to a new post. I changed back the colour and signed out. Some hours later I logged in and tagging was fine. Could be my computer but I thought I’d mention it. Regards, Bruce

  64. janelily7

    Nice. I love colour! But what happened to the ‘publish’ colour? No problem, I love colour.

  65. skipper

    Colors make me happy! Thanks :D

  66. Penlateral

    Love the setup and enjoy adding to my blog. Thanks for the dashboard options. I would like to ask you if it is possible to provide another option to the (like button)? Although i do Like it, some posts are very touching and deal with issues of heartache, or are very informative regarding issues which are hard to face such as depression or alcoholism. Sometimes it seems wrong to click on the (like) button when these post are submitted. it could be viewed as “I like your pain!” exaggerated, I know, but still. I feel if there was an alternative(s), such as (thanks for sharing) button or (Hold in there) button, or (interesting) button etc. It might be worth while.
    Any how keep up the good work and thanks for the opportunity to blog
    kind regards

  67. hardtalk1

    Thank you … keep on innovating, it does help.

  68. blvboutique

    Awesome…I agree with JenT…thanks for the personalization options.

  69. vildelroma

    I will give it a try. Thanks for the tips. We strive for the beautiful and colorful in life, and in our blog

  70. Melisa

    I love you, WordPress! Thanks so much! :-)


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