Get your new blog off to a great start (Hint: we can help!)

Publishing a blog can be tons of fun, and a great way to make friends and create opportunities. Starting one couldn’t be easier: sign up, pick a theme, and off you go. But maintaining one and building an audience? That takes a little more work — publishing regularly and engaging with the rest of the blogging community.

To make sticking to your 2014 blogging resolution easy and fun, we’re introducing a way to stay on top of your blogging goals. Whether you’re a brand-new blogger looking to make a splash, hope to return to a tumbleweed-strewn site you started long ago, or just want to introduce a little regularity to your blog, we’re here to help you get there.

Now, when you register a new blog, you’ll be able to pick a posting goal of weekly or monthly:

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 5.52.03 AM

If you’ve already got a blog, you can head to your account settings page to pick a goal. (To get to your account settings, click on your Gravatar, in the right-hand corner of the bar that runs across the top of your screen when logged in to

We’ll send you weekly or monthly emails with the tools and inspiration you need to meet the mark: great posts from other bloggers to get you motivated, writing prompts to push you past writers’ block, and tips for making the most of We’ll congratulate you when you’ve met your goals, and give you a gentle nudge if you’re falling off the pace.

(You can also opt out of the emails or update your goals at any time — they’re designed to help you meet your goals, not to clutter your inbox.)

What do you do? Just blog! If you’ve got something to say without our suggestions or want to post more frequently than the goal you’ve selected, go for it! But if you need a little extra push, we’re there for you. Set a goal for yourself today, and get your blog off to a great start.

If you’d like something a little more intensive, visit The Daily Post tomorrow, when we kick off our first Zero to Hero 30-Day Blogging Challenge to give your new or flagging blog a serious jump-start. You can also visit The Daily Post for daily writing prompts and weekly writing and photography challenges.

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Michelle W.


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  1. AbsentElemental

    Interesting addition to the settings. I like the idea of having a useful reminder.

  2. Leo Ji

    That sounds amazing! Any chance for getting it for Jetpack-powered blogs?

  3. Becky

    Terrific idea, but I’m not seeing this on the settings page… even after doing a text search on the page, am I missing an option?

    • michelle w.

      To clarify, it’s in your account settings, not the settings for your blog that you find in the dashboard. To get to your account settings, click on your Gravatar, on the right side of the black bar that’s on top of the screen when you’re logged into Hope this helps!

  4. dorotheosofgaza

    I love the idea of having a goal in the settings, but the option doesn’t show up in my Settings screen? Am I missing something?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  5. Aliyaaaa

    I think this is a really good idea. I could certainly do with reminding!

  6. Ms. B

    An awesome idea! :) I will attempt to find it in settings now …

  7. ThePayferPack

    I too cannot find the way to add the goals to a blog that is already up and running.I have searched all over the dashboard, through settings and more. I do not see any way to add goals. Please advise.

  8. Lyagushka (Meirav)

    Cool idea! though I was hoping it would be a per-blog setting and not a global one for all my blogs. I have different blogs that I use for very different purposes. (Also, for one of them my goal is to post daily, and I don’t see that option listed.)

  9. thebritishberliner

    Interesting and very useful especially to new bloggers such as myself. I’ll give it a try!

  10. firecook

    I like this idea I am till new and I need thoughts for my blog. Still not sure what a blog is .Not to sound dumb

  11. firecook

    Thank you ill look these up to learn more how to work my blogs.

  12. Cindy Friday

    I already have a blog. I went to my Settings, under General, and saw no Goals to choose from like your example in the email. Am I looking in the wrong place? Is your announcement premature?

    • michelle w.

      The goals are in your personal settings, not the blog-specific settings in your dashboard. To access your personal settings, click on your Gravatar, in the right-hand corner of the bar that runs across the top of your screen when logged in to

  13. yvonnekoechig

    Timely & useful article. One thing, I was hoping to set up a goal on my already existing blog. Where exactly do I find this?

  14. GARY

    I want to publish on a weekly schedule. So, I really like the idea of you giving me a “kick in the …” whenever I miss my publishing date. I also like the idea that ya’ll take me beyond “Learn WordPress”. I also like the idea of a refresher course every year.

  15. fiachraaa

    Let’s do this 2014!

  16. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Ha! Amazing. That’s a great idea, because often a week can pass and you just don’t realise it. But to get that email reminder – it’s like an employer saying “deadline is due” & kicks your arse, which we need for reaching goals even though we love what we do. Wonderful idea :)

  17. narami

    I LOVE this. It would be perfect if it was paired with a place like the Weekly Photo Challenge were each group could share their posts towards their goal daily or every week, complete with matching taglines for easy grouping.

    • michelle w.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      • narami

        Thanks for such a great follow up here. I should have said tags, not taglines and weekly or monthly posts to gather submissions since those are the choices of goal types and there is already a daily prompt with it’s own posts. Sorry about that.

  18. wordplaydiz/NoirebyNature

    Thanks Michelle. Happy 2014 – year of the horse which brings galloping forward to mind. I’m still stumped by the style page I chose no longer being available. Wondering whether finding a new style will change the look of my past blogs, I’ve set up my own writer’s block, however, a setting for goals may help undo that, if I can keep my old blogs in their old page design, that is.

  19. wm14llc

    Great Information for those who are just starting out! A great guide.

  20. aearthr

    It’s a great idea. I have been neglecting my blog for months. Really inspire to start blogging again.

  21. sydmg

    I found where this is,thanks. But do you know where I can go to change the title of my blog?

  22. Sandra Bell Kirchman

    Nice inspiration here, although I plan to start Zero to Hero tomorrow. However, I’d like to set my goals. I went to Settings on FantasyFic and looked through all the settings divisions, but can’t find where to change goals as you mentioned above. Could you help me out?

    • michelle w.

      The goals are in your personal account settings, not your blog’s settings. You can access account settings by clicking on your name/Gravatar in the right corner of the admin bar running across the top of the screen.

  23. Nehemiah

    You really motivate new bloggers, thanks for the great information and guides you give to us.

  24. glamfacez1

    Perfect! just what i need.

  25. missjoanaalonzo

    This is great! Exactly what I need!

  26. ennairamnl

    Well, I hope I’ll keep blogging. I really love it and I’m so thankful for WordPress. So easy! My goal is kinda easy – every time I upload an Instagram picture I’ll upload a post! Let’s see how far I’ll get…. Good lucky everyone.

  27. mattica

    Hoping to post weekly in 2014

  28. hbogirl

    Thank you! This is going to be great at reminding me when I’m MIA on my blog.

  29. Musings from a Tangled Mind

    Great idea to set up goals and reminders! Since I’m new to blogging, I appreciate the guidance. Thank you for the info!

  30. just4crafters

    Love this idea!! However, I went to my Settings and scrolled through each page and couldn’t find the goals. Where exactly do I need to go for this? Thank you! ~Sophia

  31. robertsonwrites

    Should definitely give more options such as “every three days” or so. But, I like the reminder option. Very cool!

  32. Hair Gossip Blog

    Thank you, this is great! Im new and need all the help I can get.

  33. mylifeuk2014

    Thanks for this idea.. IT would be nice if you could set other goals other than posting once a week, like trying to get a set amount of followers etc.

  34. Rebekka Roderick

    I love this! I need to get back to blogging! Too much procrastination!

  35. bernardkennedy

    A year for change!

  36. rissa933

    Thank you for these helpful tips. I am a new blogger and I can see how easy it is to be excited about the first post and then loose momentum.

  37. Jay-Dee's Photography Blog

    Hi. I have a blog that I have been updating for the past year. I checked my settings on the Dashboard and I cannot find any place to set goals as you suggest in your post. Can you point me to these settings? Thanks … Jay-Dee

    • michelle w.

      The goals are not in your dashboard settings, they’re in your account settings — click on your name/Gravatar in the admin bar to access them.

  38. hyyperlic - Lisa

    Sounds awesome!

  39. jessicaornelas

    I’m new to the wordpress blogging world however, with a few written posts so far and great interaction with the community-I’m looking forward to becoming a dedicated member!

  40. iamcalledtobe

    I never realized that I skipped over the goal setting a couple years ago. I think it is a nice little motivation booster! Thanks for the help.

  41. Sirusdark

    Me, I just look at my blog’s calendar widget; no need for e-mail or to log in somewhere: if a week is missing a link, I know I’m behind. So far so good, since I’m aiming for a minimum of one post per week. :D

  42. kuramameng

    Just open my blog in the new year! Thanks for the tips

  43. iamlenise

    this is a really great idea..nice :))

  44. Dorry-kun

    I love the idea. I have actually been looking for something like this for a while now.
    Might I suggest something though? I’m just starting a second blog (on top of contributing to two others), so I would really appreciate this being blog-specific instead of user-specific.

  45. Hans

    Nice option, I’ll remember it when I suffer from a writer’s block. No problems so far though.

  46. Walter Boomsma

    It took me a while to find this… having done so, my question is “Why was this done under account settings?” I have multiple blogs and my goals are different. It seems like a potentially helpful feature that is severely limited by where it was added.

  47. nothingbutmywords

    I just started my blog, but a lot of the technical stuff is very confusing to me. Could anyone help me with this? I want to make certain pages for certain themed writing. And also I would like to make links and what not. Help! haha thanks

  48. orthodoxmom3

    I like to do 6 a week….wish there was a setting for that!

  49. thewinetourist

    This is the year I want to move my blog from the safety of to the more manouevrability of Is there a discussion group, or guidelines to help me make the transition?

    • michelle w.

      The support forums on are hugely helpful and that site in general has tons of good info. Depending on your resources, you can also purchase a Guided Transfer from us, and we’ll make the transition for you and get you set up on your new site — just head to the store tab in your dashboard.

      (We wish you’d stay, though! We’ll miss you.)

  50. North Castle Ave

    Thanks a lot. Just did it.


    Hey Thanks Michelle for sharing this info..helps to have a nudge in the right direction, considering i’m all new here and my blog all beautifully set :)

  52. Rojo

    Ooooh I like this!! Hopefully this will actually get me blogging now!!

  53. Henry Chamberlain

    Great new helpful tool. Every bit helps.

  54. hibgar

    Thanks for this new feature! I will definitely be using it.

  55. squeeshybun

    This was very helpful, I’ve made a goal of posting twice a week. I’m currently working on a 30 Day Fitness Challenge along with Tone It Up’s Love Your Body.

  56. Anonymous

    sounds great opted for weekly goal :) looking forward

  57. ellensenxiety

    so confused and frustrated have to quit for now….why don’t’ they make this easy? can’t deal with anything not easy.

  58. Kimberly Brooks

    New to the blogging world, so any help or suggestions I can get are so appreciated! Love this feature!

  59. ChiedzaMavangira

    Awesome Idea Thanks! I’m going for 200 blog postings by Summer!

  60. Coach Lil

    Great way to stick to goals and make blogging a fun habit!

  61. Travis Pflanz

    Love this idea. Anything available for self-hosted WordPress installations?

  62. allahsnames

    I love WordPress as there is no comparison to it around in terms of convenience of handling your blogs, open source resorces etc.

  63. phoebespooner

    I have a question if anyone could offer advice,

    I’m wondering
    all those suggestions about using Facebook to improve blogging –
    do they mean creating a facebook page for your blog, or just joining your personal FB account to your blog?
    I know if I use my personal Facebook I will attract a lot more traffic. But in return, will my potential blog followers flood my Facebook? Also, will constantly sharing my new posts annoy my current FB friends?

    I’m very confused.

  64. lottoresultsuk

    It took me sometime to find the goals and I will try them out today however my blog is not really personal it’s more of offering a service to people. I may try and include some personal touches in future.

  65. peterjfoster

    How do I make my posts ‘Googleable’ (if there is such a word!) I’m Posting on a familiar theme – Christian Life Coaching – and Post once a week. Is it important to have main words repeated in the text? Do pictures help? What makes a strong Headline? What makes my Blog worthy of attracting Followers? Sorry, BIG questions here!

  66. neverlandlife101

    Your blogs are awesome and helpful :D Do you have any tips for new bloggers?!

  67. bellalove000

    Okay so how do I get people to read my blog?

  68. Andre T

    Thanks ! nice information for a new blogger like me :D


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