WordPress.com: Proud Sponsor of an Event Near You

From cutting-edge conferences to local WordCamps, we had an exciting year full of WordPress-sponsored events. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting gatherings we participated in in 2013 — and some of those we look forward to in 2014.

Image by Christopher Ross (CC BY-SA 2.0)

We kicked off 2013 with a mission to sponsor, attend, and speak at some of the world’s most exciting blogging and technology conferences. We wanted to connect with you — our users — by making our team available for live questions and support. And we’re always excited to hear more about all the innovative ways you are using WordPress. Today, we’re happy to report that we accomplished this goal.

Going global in 2013

Over the course of last year we sponsored thirty-four events in twenty-five cities across eight countries. At many of these events we programmed a hands-on workshop, led a session, or contributed to a panel. Throughout the year we met a diverse group of bloggers, designers, and developers who share our interest in making the web a better place. We had an amazing time.

With great conferences comes great swag.

With great conferences comes great swag.

Our 2013 events lineup started with the Modern Language Association Convention in Boston and wrapped up at dotJS in Paris. Our calendar filled up quickly: we got animated with folks at SXSW in Austin, delivered some Happiness at BlogHer in Chicago, and served up some high-definition treats at the International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle (just to name a few).

Exciting plans ahead

We’re gearing up for another big year in 2014. We kicked off the festivities in January with Happiness Bars at NMX and LA Uncubed, and in March we’ll be expanding our reach into conferences in Africa (CMS Africa in Nairobi, Kenya) and South America (JSConf in Montevideo, Uruguay). We look forward to engaging with users in more regions around the world!

Some of our upcoming 2014 events include:
February 10-14: Webstock in Wellington, NZ
March 7 & 8: CMS Africa in Nairobi, Kenya
March 7-16: SXSW in Austin, TX, USA
March 14 & 15: JSConf in Montevideo, Uruguay
March 14-16: Webcoast in Gothenburg, Sweden
March 18-19: Smashing Conference in Oxford, UK
March 31-April 1: Write the Docs in Budapest, Hungary
April 28-30: Ull Conference in Kilkenny, Ireland
May 5-6: Write the Docs in Portland, OR, USA
May 19-23: php[tek] in Chicago, IL, USA

Stay tuned, as there are more to come!

Beyond our sponsored conferences, you’re sure to find Automattic CEO and Founder Matt Mullenweg listed as a keynote or speaker on the schedules of other outstanding conferences and events around the globe.

A full house at WordCamp Tokyo

A full house at WordCamp Tokyo

Many Automatticians — the people who bring you WordPress.com — also plan and participate in WordCamps. These are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users. Everyone from casual bloggers to core developers are invited to show up, share ideas, and get to know each other. In 2013, there were no fewer than 71 WordCamps attended by over 19,000 people. We hope many new faces will join us this year.

We’ll keep you posted about our sponsored events in 2014 — it’s going to be a year to remember!

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  1. yvonnekoechig

    This is what I would hope for in my area of the world.
    WordPress in Luxembourg! We are a tiny country, but chock full of sharp brains and dynamic bloggers.
    I’ll keep hoping.

  2. hf556

    The images don’t seem to be showing on this post.

    • Ben Huberman

      There seemed to have been an issue with the images when the post was first published, but they should show properly now. Thanks for letting us know!

  3. Russian Universe

    Way to go! :)

  4. lupitatucker

    I attended Word Camp Miami last year and it literally changed my life. Highly recommended!

  5. Elizabeth O'Donnell Smith

    Don’t forget US East Coast … DC would be nice!


  6. Jason

    Great! Miami is a good place for the shindig. Keep that in mind.

  7. M. R.

    I’d like oit much better if it contained news of your intentions to come Downunder. And to learn you’re about to hit Kiwiland …!
    Sighh …

    • Rebecca

      Hi there, as mentioned in a previous comment… we actually sponsored YOW! back in December and we are always on the lookout for other great events in Australia. Also, there’s a possibility that both the Sydney and Brisbane WordPress communities may host WordCamps in 2014! PS, I live in Australia! ;)

      • M. R.

        So I don’t understand how it is I knew nothing at all about YOW! Where should I be looking for this kind of publicity, Rebecca?

  8. Sarah Longes - Mirador Design

    Oxford, UK, is already sold out!

  9. Alopecia Happy and Free

    Reblogged this on loving life with alopecia and commented:
    Love it hope to see you in Texas

  10. mfnaughton

    I write about Chicagoland events and I know many would love to be sponsored by you …

    • Rebecca

      We’ve actually sponsored a few Chicago events including Techweek, php[tek], and CMS Expo. The local WordPress community also puts on a terrific WordCamp each summer. This year’s WordCamp Chicago is happening June 13-15. Hope to get involved with even more events in the future!

  11. curvygurl5

    Hope you guys can come to North Carolina.

  12. piarosado

    WILL YOU EVER CONSIDER MEXICO?….WE NEED YOU….! not too many bloggers down here!

    • Rebecca

      Pending the right event comes up, sponsorship of an event in Mexico is definitely a possibility! If you see a need for more bloggers in your local community, you should consider starting a WordPress meetup group. That’s a great way to bring together people interested in getting more involved. I encourage you to check out http://wordpress.meetup.com/ to see what other communities around the globe are up to!

  13. Jixi Fox

    Is there a place I can purchase some wordpress buttons or pins? I really really would love some. I would love to have some wordpress stickers for my laptop or smart phone as well. :)

    • Rebecca

      We don’t sell the buttons at this point. However, they are usually available for folks to grab at WordCamps and our sponsored events. If you’re interested in other WordPress gear, you should check out the official swag store. You’ll find some great WordPress branded t-shirts and accessories.

      • Jixi Fox

        Thanks ever much…I will check out the swag store, and hope a possible Wordcamp comes by New York in 2014. fingers crossed. Thanks again Rebecca.

  14. bkpyett

    Are you likely to come to Australia this year?

    • Rebecca

      Hi Barbara, we sponsored YOW! back in December and we are always on the lookout for other great events in Australia. Also, I know that both the Sydney and Brisbane WordPress communities have talked about the possibility of hosting WordCamps in the later part of 2014!

  15. andrewkeitany

    HI the next wordcamp will be held where.

  16. Joyce Poggi Hager

    Please come back to Boston! I’ve been blogging for a year and would love to convene with fellow bloggers to learn more.

    • Rebecca

      We’re always on the lookout for conferences in the area. For WordPress specific events, Boston has a great local meetup community and they host a WordCamp each year!

  17. Ale

    This is amazing, great job! Please come to New York!!

  18. kayakfishingfever

    Sure it’s difficult to be everywhere there is to be… LOL. so far, not too close to me. :(

  19. 1classof9b6

    what about uae

    • Rebecca

      We’ve yet to sponsor an event in the UAE, but we are open to it should the right conference come along!

  20. ivanhoeeewu

    Remotely, is any country in Asia in your horizon?

    • Rebecca

      We are definitely looking into conferences happening in Asia. For WordPress specific events, I recommend that you have a look at WordCamp Central. There are several WordCamps around Asia each year!

  21. Pepz347

    Any chance of coming to London? I know you said Oxford but it’s a bit far for me! Sounds like a awesome event to attend!

    • Rebecca

      We are always on the lookout for events to get involved with in the UK. Hopefully we’ll be back in 2014!

  22. Jenny Zhu

    Reblogged this on i want to go to there..

  23. softashu

    Please plain to arrange similar event in Pune , India . Huge IT professional are working here , I am one of them

  24. jackzorola

    Hi! I’m from Monterrey Mexico and we are pulling an event in October, is a university congress where we bring many different topics to make workshops, I was wondering if I could have a word with you it would be AWESOME to have you guys with us, please let me know any answer.

  25. Jim Hyder (@DirtyDemocrat)

    I would love to see an event here in Las Vegas, NV

  26. pegoleg

    I hereby volunteer to go as a motivational speaker to any and all of those events, especially the ones in exotic locales. I am prepared to waive my usual humongous speaker’s fee and merely charge expenses – that’s how much I love WordPress.

    Call me.

  27. Vintage4YourHome

    This is great to hear about the conferences. I only hope you’ll be having one in S.C or if you have some other support groups for bloggers (especially beginners-like myself)

  28. aninditablog

    Are you planning to hold an event in Indonesia? Many wordpress-er here…

  29. Face Value

    Please come to South Africa. We would be happy to host you.


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