The Day We Fight Back: Protest NSA Surveillance on Your Blog

Want to take a stand against NSA surveillance and show your support for privacy? Here’s how you can enable the “Stop NSA Surveillance” banner on your site.

Today, a broad coalition of interest groups, websites, and people around the world are joining together to fight back against government surveillance. We’re supporting the “Day We Fight Back” on and have created a banner that you can easily add to your blog to get involved, too.

The “Stop NSA Surveillance” banner shows support for this important cause and provides a link to a page of resources to help visitors to contact members of the US Congress to support much needed anti-surveillance legislation. For more information, please visit

How to add the banner to your site

Here’s how to add the banner to your site in three steps:

  1. In your dashboard, go to Settings  Protest NSA Surveillance.
  2. Click on the checkbox labelled Protest Enabled.
  3. Click on the Save Changes button for the change to take effect.

The banner will remain on your site until midnight on your blog’s time zone. Here’s what it will look like:


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Paul Sieminski


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  1. captnmike

    Thanks for the banner – not too intrusive – However, maybe next time send it out a few days early?

  2. eideard

    Since you started downrating diarist blogs, the NSA, FBI and CIA are half the traffic I get, nowadays. :)

  3. zimmett

    I haven’t blogged about this yet but I just called my senatorsand representative about this

  4. vera ersilia

    The banner looks good but the STOP NSA is NOT visible enough and the Latin although appropriate will not be understood by many. I will try to put it on my blog.

    • Kathryn

      The fake Latin is dummy text called “lorem ipsum.” It’s used only for illustration purposes on the example site. There is no Latin in the banner itself, which is at the bottom of the screenshot on a grey background.

      • vera ersilia

        I am familiar with the lorem ipsum but the Latin that you have (although it is what in Italy we call ‘macaroni Latin’ ) does have a few things to say such as ‘Who is watching those who watch us? a famous quote – see the comment of another blogger on the funny Latin. The lorem ipsum text is supposed to be taken out and replaced by whatever language one uses, but you know that.
        Unfortunately I was not in time to put it up because I felt unwell yesterday and had to lie down…

  5. borderlinelunatic

    Cheers, stuck it on my blog.

  6. dandelionsalad

    Thank you so much for doing this; it is now enabled. Already blogged about it and made a text widget with a link to The Day We Fight Back’s website.

  7. Laith

    Thanks for doing this. I do agree that it would be good to let WP bloggers know ahead of time, since I only just learned about it there are only about 10 hrs left to display it in my timezone.

    I would have liked to have it up all day.

  8. hf556

    Now they’re spying on blogs? This is going to far. I’m singing the thing and adding this banner to my blog. Glad to hear you’re supporting it to!

  9. wildninja

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! Go WordPress! Posted it and proud!

    Free people, remember this maxim: we may acquire liberty, but it is never recovered if it is once lost. -Jean Jacques Rousseau

  10. Pepz347

    Thanks! Was hoping this would come along!

  11. hf556


  12. Al

    Can you tell me how come it is different on different blogs? Some are the bar across the bottom and some are half way up the screen. Is it an option thing when you add it, or is it to do with the hosting?

  13. ldlagarino

    If the NSA has nothing better to than read blogs, I’m more concerned about government waste than I am about their prying eyes.

  14. neverending1

    I did as you said, but I don’t see a banner on any of my pages. Is it supposed to happen right away, or on a certain day?

  15. Zero Tolerance to Road Rage

    Thanks. I am going to do it now.

  16. justamusing

    Why is the banner in Greek?

  17. Ranjit K Sharma

    Thanks. Just did it.

  18. El Santo

    Thanks! I’m in.

  19. The Sisters Eternal

    Thanks :) enabled on my blog as of right now!

  20. gpcox

    If NSA wants to read my blog, I hope they click the follow button – all they’ll end up getting is a whole lot of history.

  21. laurajosephineauthor

    Is this relevant to international bloggers? It seems like NSA is an American organisation, and I am from Australia so struggle to figure out why they would monitor my postings. And if they did, why would I mind? It isn’t any different to me following a blog and reading it every time I get notified of a new post is it? I’m genuinely curious here, as I say, I’m not American so I don’t know how it works.

  22. tomduprey

    They are not connecting the dots they have so adding a trillion new dots does not make sense.

  23. PiedType

    This could have been up for several days if it had featured the date. As it is, I’m only just now seeing and posting it (2:45 pm MT). Next time I’d suggest a diagonal banner in an upper corner, like some of the SOPA/PIPA banners. This is very likely to be overlooked.

  24. laselamelvins

    It’s amazing. This could’ve been like Nineteen Eighty-Four, or any of a glut of cyberpunk fiction. In real life, the NSA are probably bored as hell and spend all their time “spying” on blogs and fanfiction to make sure no one’s a Muslim, anarchist, or breathing out of sync. And, as punishment, they wag their fingers at us and say “We’re going to ruin your Xboxes!” Then they’ll use their information on us to arrest us for thought crimes until they realize that they don’t have any more workers and wind up crashing their own system. In desperation, they try to use robots to replace the working class, but it’s too little too late.
    Makes a boring novel.

    Real life can be pretty drab.

  25. Kenton Lewis

    Maybe it’s just me and usually it is, but I don’t mind if the take a peek, hit the “like” button, and be a follower.

  26. Samantha Nicolette

    If the NSA didn’t survey the doings of people, we would be in a whole world of trouble. Some of the craziest people start out on the web. Be happy they are keeping the world safe. If you don’t have anything to hide, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  27. flammeusgladius

    I’m all for protesting against the expansion of NSA spying — but the Latin here is nonsense. What’s it supposed to mean? The only part that makes sense is the quotation from Juvenal — which actually refers to what harem guards might do with bored wives and concubines. Why is “exploratoribus” in the dative? Is “personales” supposed to agree with “causa”? Is “liberi” supposed to be a verb? Even the last simple sentence is a little off. The infinitive belongs at the end of the sentence.

    Knowledge of Latin isn’t all that rare. I’ll bet the NSA has some really competent Latinists on call.

  28. Painting for Joy

    Done. But can we have one in English?

  29. ultrafire3

    …I really do not care. I’ve got nothing to hide from them. I made a post on this BTW!

    • gamerincognito

      Honestly, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you really have nothing to worry about. I can’t really see how its an invasion of privacy; things on the internet posted in public areas are visible by anyone with access after all. Not much invading of privacy in a public forum or blog as I see it. No, the invasion comes when they access your personal files on your personal computer. But that is just the way I view it really. Maybe I missed something that happened in the past? At any rate, I am not against anyone here, I just wanted to post my perspective. Carry on folks!

  30. dapperdolly

    Ah too bad I didn’t see this earlier, though I doubt many will see it such short notice :-( thanks al the same for making it so easy to show our support!

  31. The Analyst Report

    This is a great idea, NSA and GCHQ illegal snooping should not exist in a free world!!

  32. qwykx

    “anything to hide?” say something about the real truth of the law, and you’ll have

  33. chapmanb2013

    Grow up you infantile leftist twits! NSA surveillance is essential to detecting and deterring hostile attacks against our country, its interests, and people. U.S. enemies in Iran, Russia, North Korea, China, and various Islamist terrorist groups are laughing hysterically at your stupidity which will further their aims!

  34. ivyon

    Done. Wish I had seen this earlier… I see it is a global thing, even my neighbour country Serbia was involved in events, I am very interested in details. How, why, what?

  35. Jack Elliott

    Seeing as how this is a political issue, and millions of Americans support the NSA just as some oppose it, is there a banner in support of the NSA that bloggers can add? You know, to play it fair and square down the middle rather than take a side on a controversial issue? Not that I would add either one to my blog, but it doesn’t seem right that WordPress Admin would see fit to take a side. Why not offer people ways to support both sides of the debate as they see fit and let them choose?

  36. iambercomm

    Civil Rights and Liberties are what “we the people” adhere to, how about you NSA? Where are your checks and balances or are you immune to our Constitution? Thank you for giving our democracy structure; even if it is for only 7 hours or so!

  37. zimmett

    I just posted the day we fight back by Paul Sieminski to my blog, thanks Paul

  38. chika2b

    New to WordPress, love it, hope my banner showed.

  39. Risty

    Thanks for the Banner, want to post everyday on my blog. Love it.. hope we have many banners for many issues :D

  40. Art Cleveland

    Good thoughts and Idea, just got it too late

  41. alexwalborn

    Enabled! Thank you!

  42. joaneylesjohnson

    no thanks. I think bloggers are the ultimate individuals and not joiners….or is it narcissists? At least more transparent than secretive. What’s to hide?

  43. operationlibertyusa33

    I’m in. We need any and all causes for human rights to unite us as a We the People and this country can demonstrate to people of world the power of social media and political change in our Government. They weren’t counting on the information they steal as the very information that is linking and uniting us. we will be unstoppable as a human force for good. we control whether we pay taxes too.

  44. Alvin "Neckbone" Johnson

    Its not about whether you have anything to hide, it’s about these agencies doing right & wrong!

  45. Mia Picardi

    I’m no latinist, but the Latin does make sense.
    From what I remember from school, and with the help of an online dictionary, the banner says something like: Stop taking notice [of me, of what I say] (Desine annotata), and Who will protect/guard us from our protectors/guardians? (Qui custodiet ipsos custodies?).

  46. simon jones (@sbjchef)

    why not start a campaign for everyone to send each other emails, forum posts, sms containing all the likely trigger words we can think of at the same time, it would be fun to be a fly on the wall as their computers go mental at all the stimulus

  47. Cheri

    was all over it…so glad to see people participated

  48. tom

    The banner is still there. I thought it was supposed to self destruct. Did the NSA hack in?

    • Ben Huberman

      Hi Tom — if you activated the banner it will stay visible on your site through February, unless you remove it first from your Dashboard.

  49. Wayne

    GREAT idea! Spotlighting causes and blogs is wonderful. I came to this from the advertisement you put on my admin page.

    How can I get WordPress to spotlight my blog? I hope that is what blogging is about.



  50. neverending1

    I still don’t see the banner on my page. I just looked and nothing’s there.

    • Ben Huberman

      Hi neverending1, I just visited your blog, and I see the banner right there at the bottom of the screen — seems to be working fine!

  51. thepolemicsofjack


  52. Niejan

    Great idea but I fear it to be totally useless.

  53. AmiraArmenta

    Great initiative. Let’s keep the banner permanently!

  54. kaleighrea

    Loved this! Check out my blog at :)

  55. Rio

    Well, perhaps I can slow them down and waste their time. It makes me laugh to think of covert ops reading about clowning, baking cupcakes and quilting, let me say that it is really suspicious baking and quilting and clowning.

  56. eufrosin

    Better yet, include a few words of your choice but which will trigger their alarms, into each and every one of your blog posts, emails, SMS’s ..ya’ll know what will pick their interest, so go ahead, lose your fear and do it!

    This way the system will bog down much sooner that any protest banner can do it. Suddenly they will be forced to analyze hundreds of millions of messages, for potentially interesting content: bomb, plot, rocket, TNT, explosive, goods, delivery, AK, sugar etc. Your mind is the only limit.

    There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

  57. myhealingsspace editor

    I think I lost my stats the day I took the banner off again …

  58. papinator

    Not going to lie, I don’t write anything worth surveying… So I don’t really care.

  59. starburnz


  60. authorjakelowell

    thank you MR. SNOWDEN

  61. tamigilford

    Discovered this reallyyy late- added it to my blog anyway…300 days of Writing for Peace 2014…join me, won’t you?


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