New Themes: Tuned Balloon, Yumblog, Lens, Hexa, Singl, MH Magazine

Tuned Balloon

Tuned Balloon by Anariel DesignTuned Balloon, a new premium theme by new seller Anariel Design, is a music theme designed for bands, featuring a responsive design, widgetized home page, custom widgets, and support for several post formats.


Yumblog by UpThemesYumblog by UpThemes is the perfect premium theme for food bloggers and cooks who want to share recipes, tips, and tricks. Embed recipes into your posts and make them look amazing with a handwritten design, or showcase your best dishes with the featured content slider.


Lens by Pro Theme DesignLens, a premium theme by Pro Theme Design, is great for photographers, artists, and crafters who like to tell stories with pictures. The home page displays blog posts and featured images in an engaging mosaic. Lens looks stunning on all devices — laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


Hexa by AutomatticHexa is a fun, fresh experience for your personal blog. Post formats highlight your best finds in colorful style, large featured images help your visuals stand out, and the responsive design works great on any device, large or small.


Singl by AutomatticSingl is a minimalist theme that helps you to create a strong — yet beautiful — online presence. Primarily designed for music artists, Singl is a powerful and flexible theme.

MH Magazine

MH Magazine

MH Magazine by MH Themes is a premium theme perfect for online magazines, classic news sites, and editorial content. This theme allows your text, images, and videos to shine — and looks great across all devices.

Tuned Balloon, Yumblog, MH Magazine and Lens are premium upgrades, while Hexa and Singl are free. Check out a theme’s showcase by clicking on its screenshot on the right, or preview a theme on your blog in Appearance → Themes.

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Tammie Lister


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  1. Nupur Kherdekar


    Great insight, as always, on the new themes! Just one question, are these paid themes? If yes, where can I check the prices? Thanks!


    Thanks and regards,
    Nupur Kherdekar

  2. ipanase

    wow,,, impressif

  3. ismailimail

    Hi, just a quick feedback (you don’t have to publish this comment if you don’t wish to). Hopefully you guys do realize that your Themes section in the Dashboard, is extremely slow, in fact, almost unusable, for those of us, who may be on the slower connections? The slower connections in today’s age means, DSL. The page load never finishes and it is frustrating to preview any themes.

    • Tammie Lister

      Hi ismailimail, thank you for the feedback. We are always looking at ways to make the experience better for all no matter what device or speed they are viewing on.

    • Tammie Lister

      ismailimail, we’d love to get a bit more information about this to see if we could diagnose the problem. Would you mind giving us a bit more information such as your operating system, browser and confirm your actual connection speed. Thanks for speaking up about this. As I said earlier, it’s really appreciated.

  4. ismailimail

    Another feedback I have for the theme selection decision-making, is this: Almost all of your themes have featured-images show up in duplicates. There are a very few themes which has featured-images separate from inserted-images (Expound is one). I find it really strange that you’d release so many themes with such a big image inconsistencies. And, I have yet to find a filter which would filter the themes based on this criteria. I’d like to be able to see which other themes do not have duplicate featured-images.

    • Tammie Lister

      Thanks again ismailimail for the great feedback regarding featured images. There isn’t a filter, but filters are something always being looked at.

      Each theme does treat things differently in a lot of cases, this can be down to the design or function it’s designed to work for. However, that said it’s great to hear from users what they want and are looking for. That way we can ensure we create more of those type of themes.

  5. thehappydrummer

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  6. emeraldwake

    Lens Theme is superb , great new way to express ,Best Regards

  7. Scott Mackenzie


    I think the magazine theme would be good for me at streetzblog. But since I’m on or .org. Is there something I need to do extra to get this theme. Also should I back up my site somewhere. I know I attempted to do a new them 2 years ago and got cold feet. Can u help?

    Thanks Scott at

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Tammie Lister

      Hi Scott. Your site is on, are you looking to use MH Magazine on that site or on a .org one? It is available on both and just trying to point you in the right place.

  8. Jim Snyder

    I am a novice. I was checking out these new items. Found them interesting. However each refered to editing CSS. What is meant by CSS?

  9. drpmarketing


  10. iikfaizah

    Reblogged this on All My Mind.

  11. crazyguyinthailand

    Great :D

  12. Michael Meiser

    I like most of the themes that have been added in recent months, but I fear that the majority of site visitors my age and older (I was born in the sixties) will not realize that, like in Hex – which is, without any doubt, a cool theme -, there are hidden navigation bars and widget areas that can be made visible by clicking on icons (that are, by the way, beautiful but not self-explaining). Although this is a very clever feature in responsive design, it should be left up to us whether we have those non-content areas hidden or visible by default. Anyway, the new themes are great!

    • Tammie Lister

      Hi Michael, thanks for the feedback – it’s great to hear from users if a feature could be improved. We have a range of navigation treatments in themes, some use the visible all the time and others use the show and hide. There are of course always things we can do to make the navigation more intuitive, so thank you for your feedback regarding that.

  13. Michael Meiser

    I meant “Hexa”, not “hex”, sorry!

  14. Ryan Poliran

    WOW ! Really cool.

  15. azhariscm


  16. Eszter

    Great new themes, I’m considering to purchase MH Magazine. You know what I’m missing though? Why don’t more themes have a grid-like portfolio page? I guess most people would love a form to list their achievments/projects/contributors.

  17. Nikodemus

    Just activated Hexa on one of my blogs. Great theme, thank you!

  18. AMYunus

    Hexa is awesome. But hover-to-display-menu feature is a bit annoying on device without mouse. Great themes!

    • Tammie Lister

      Thanks for the report AMYunus. There is a known issue which we are working on regarding hover menus. This sounds like it could be this from what you explain. I have passed on that Hexa also has this issue. Again, thanks for letting us know.

  19. Jazy

    I really REALLY like the Singl theme and want to use it. However, I can’t because the hidden menu just doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve checked out all the free themes numerous times and I’m sad I fell in love with this one because I can’t make it work without a sidebar. Any plans for free themes like it in the future? (With a sidebar?)

    • Ian Stewart

      Yep. We’ll likely have similar themes with and without sidebars being released here. (Though nothing exactly like it with a sidebar is planned at the moment.) Keep an eye on the theme announcements!


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