Around the World in Ten Photos photographers across the globe know how to capture the perfect moment at any time of day.

Daybreak over Washington, D.C..

A big part of photography is understanding light — its strength, tone, and direction. These ten photographers from around the world show us that from dawn to dusk, there are beautifully lit moments just waiting to be captured.

Janice Meyers got this shot of the Salamanca Cathedral in Salamanca, Spain, just as the early morning sky began to turn from black to blue. We love how the warm glow of the streetlights contrasts with the deep, moody sky:

The sun was a bit higher in the sky when Robin Kent of Photography by Kent caught the first rays of light over Washington, DC’s Tidal Basin, and cherry trees. The pink glow of the imminent sunrise echoes the delicate hue of the famed blossoms:

On the other side of the US a full sun bathes different pink flowers – a field of tulips in Washington State’s Skagit Valley. Dawn at Pictures and Paragraphs highlights both a single flower and the rolling field of pink behind: photographers found beautifully illuminated fauna along with the flora. During a day at a Yorkshire, England, wildlife park, the blogger behind Photogazette was in the right place at the right time to snap a perfectly placed shaft of light giving form to a lioness’s morning yawn:

Of course, good lighting isn’t always about a shaft of light placed just-so. Diffuse light has its own unique and mysterious appeal, as A Gypsy’s Chronicles proves with this photo of morning mist rolling over the Huang Shan mountains of southern China:

Nor is light always cheerful, although that doesn’t mean it can’t also lead to stunning photos. The blogger from “There was a time…” caught a moody moment when she photographed white swans under a brooding sky outside Vancouver, Canada:

As photographer Laura Macky knows, though, an ominous sky has potential of its own — here, she shares a stormy sky giving way to a joyful arc of color:

(For budding photographers, Laura co-hosts the weekly Monochrome Madness photo challenge with fellow photographer Leanne Cole.)

As the day winds down, the light becomes warmer and the color more saturated. Dan Sutherland of was lucky enough to have his camera at the ready when he saw this colorful blaze cover the South Dakota badlands:

The setting sun’s light also creates patterns and shapes that aren’t apparent during the day. Mark Simms found these sinuous shapes in the sand on the Merseyside, England, coast as the sun dipped behind the Irish Sea:

Even when the sun disappears, light can transform a view. The Roaming Lama‘s Justin waited until the sun sank below the horizon and was rewarded with this multilayered image of Florence, Italy, at dusk.

For more great photography (and some armchair traveling) check out the photography topic in your Reader; if you can’t get enough of the early morning and late afternoon light, try the Golden Hour topic.

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  1. CastleFineArtEdin

    Beautiful images!

  2. awordofsubstance

    I’m glad you said that about light – too many people rely on photo editing software to help out.

  3. Mark Simms

    Reblogged this on Mark Simms Photography and commented:
    I’m delighted to have been featured in this WordPress post about the use of light in photography…..mine is the penultimate image in the post.

  4. Oh So Petite!

    These photos are amazing.

  5. Oh So Petite!

    Reblogged this on PETiTE LIFE. and commented:
    I would love to (one day) study photography and learn more about taking perfect photos. This post shares some of the most breath-taking photos I’ve.. probably.. ever seen taken. Amazing talent!

  6. manishabnrj

    That is so beautiful. Great way to start the day.

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  8. natalayacooke

    Breath-taking images especially the mountains!

  9. fourleaf12

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    It’s amazing how photography seamlessly captures the beauty of those little moments that are easily be missed by so many. A lovely blog post with some fantastic pictures.

  10. lauramacky

    Thank you for the recognition and also for all these other wonderful photographers! I’m happy to say that I’ve already found some of them. Everyone have a great day!

  11. triciatallen

    Thanks for sharing these stunning photos with us. The bloggers who took these shots are truly talented :)

  12. Ray Laskowitz

    I guess “WordPress photographers” don’t like people.

  13. the dune mouse (CybeleMoon)

    Thank you for including my photo of the lagoon in this illustrious group of photographers!! Such an honour!! ( exact location: the lagoon is located outside Victoria BC on Vancouver Island just across the Strait from the city of Vancouver)

  14. missrykia

    Great photo-journalism!

  15. Bob Mills

    Just fabulous images! The lioness looks amazing

  16. Dawn

    Thank you for the feature call out. That is really cool – I’m honored to be among such lovely work.

  17. dehggial

    the one with the mists is wonderful.

  18. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Oh, my gosh. When the world has so much to offer, life is more than just about people.

    Gorgeous photographs!

  19. jmeyersforeman

    Wow, I am honoured to have been had one of my images featured with this group of amazing images. Such great examples of how important light is to the mood of these images. I am reminded over and over again to get up before breakfast for that beautiful light, and occasionally I am rewarded!

  20. Song & Scripture

    These images are incredible! What an incredible talent for capturing beauty! Keep it up!!

  21. kyleeorriss

    I love this post! Even though I haven’t traveled a lot, posts like this always inspire me to get out there one day. I’d love to go to all of these places and I’m confident that one day I will, thanks for sharing!

  22. vision791

    Gorgeous shots. Thanks for sharing.

  23. sdneeve1

    No favourites because they are all stunning. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

  24. stevereesphotographyni

    A great read and even better image collection. Thanks for sharing! ;-)

  25. needhamb

    These photographs are just terrific!

  26. caseylove1985

    This is something (along with many other aspects) I would love to learn, how to use light effectively in photographing.

  27. squintphotographyart

    Lovely photos!

  28. dogkisses

    Stunning and Beautiful photos!

  29. Paul Bowler

    Wow, stunning photos!

  30. Barb Aroneo Roach

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. :-)


    I love lions breath!

  32. Prasanna (@sifybird)

    That is why it is said that a picture tells more than a thousand words!

  33. mhdriver

    Nice collection of photographs – Thank you for displaying them.


    Thanks for sharing. I have few beautiful pictures from the valley of the moon in Chile last year. Best trip of my life. It was a sunset on volcanoes. This is awesome stuff :)

  35. lindsaydworetz

    Never let Instagram filters fool you into thinking that the world is full of incredible photographers. It takes true talent to capture the beauty in these 10 photos. Beautiful!

  36. Ian Gardner

    In most of these photographs, and probably all, there is a coherence between the colours in the background and the foreground which unify each picture and create harmony. Congratulations!

  37. y. prior

    stunning selection – thanks for the mini trip around the world with such color – and LIGHT! each so beautiful -

  38. Dynaries

    Wow! What great pictures.. Thanks for sharing..

  39. nestleandcrunch

    This was simply stunning. Thank you for sharing your work and art!

  40. jcollettphotography

    Some really stunning images, well done.

  41. Adrian Nixon

    Hi Michelle,

    A really good blog entry.

    You and the others commenting on here are spot on about the importance of the quality of light at the time the picture is taken.

    Photoshop can only do so much. The sensitivity of the photographer to the moment beats any filter and your selections demonstrate this.

    Thank you.

  42. lorne50

    nice pics now to the POINT STOP ALL THESE ADS!!!!!! I can not read one fffing blog post without a flipping 27 ads and one right in the middle of what I’m trying to read with no X to shut it off !!! and getting really sick of being move to another page everytime I click on my sceen !!!!!!!

    • Michelle W.

      We don’t run any ads on that take over your screen, and we don’t run any ads at all on this blog — you might want to check your browser to see if some adware/malware snuck in with something you installed.


    Breathtaking images.

  44. Tami G

    Thank you for sharing these spectacular photographs showing the glory of this earth, the gifts of creation!

  45. Lena

    stunning images!

  46. kellie@writingmoment

    Wow! Stunning pics! All that beauty everywhere :)

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    Stunning photos all.

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    i was once really close to that view of huang shan, but only lucky ones get that! gorgeous pictures

  49. Essential skincare

    What a beautiful world! Fabulous!

  50. TTawesomness

    Too Beautiful……. My eyes are popping out.

  51. Ruth2Day

    You chose some wonderful photos. Very difficult to choose a favourite.

  52. raykonaydenov

    These photos are amazing.

  53. squatty1998

    Wow! beautiful images. To be at any of those places and see them from that perspective would be awesome.

  54. Stacy Tolbert

    Thank you for posting these great photos. Awesome photography!!!

  55. moody3576

    I’d like to know what kind of lenses and settings the photographers used to take these photos.

  56. claudiack

    I LOVE all the photos! They are so GOOD.

  57. beezzacademy

    Seeing these photos just make me yearn to travel more!

  58. Troy Farthing

    Beautiful Photos! Also, excellent descriptions to accompany them!

  59. Maruf Azad

    Excellent Pics!

  60. Mursalin Mosaddeque

    Wonderful post. Splendid photography!

  61. Angela

    Love all the photos. I’ve been away from my camera for too long and need to refresh my knowledge of light. BTW what theme are you using? I looked around but couldn’t find the name. Thanks for a great Monday Morning post!

  62. Robin S. Kent

    Hi, Michelle: I’m late in getting back to you to express my appreciation for including one of my images in this talented group of photographers. I also really liked your concept of taking it in a dawn to dusk sequence. I’ve only been blogging for a short time but the best part is finding so much exceptional artistry among those who are expressing themselves with words and images.

  63. glitterbunnies

    This is absolutely beautiful. I love this idea, and I told my boyfriend who is a photographer and he thought it was genius. :)


  64. MiKa Photograph

    Great collection of fantastic and telling images.

  65. jdestinyb

    Reblogged this on Jonelle Banaszak and commented:
    I think it is beautiful to see how something as simple as a picture can say things some words just simply can’t begin to describe. I truly believe the simple pleasures in life are what make living so extraordinary and these are just a few examples of how that can be so.

  66. Jenn Besonia

    Breath-taking images!

  67. paullacny

    very well done regarding the photos. Need some each week. PGL Westbank BC

  68. Always Flawless Productions

    These are beautiful pictures!

  69. Crunchedd

    Wow! What amazing photos!!!!

  70. idus3

    WOW! :D All praise to the truly skilled photographers!!

  71. olachristiina

    Breathtaking. Thanks for the around the world tour! through your pics I was able to travel and enjoy the sights at the comfort of my workstation =)

  72. olsonbaylee

    I love all your photos!

  73. vnktchari

    Amazing shots of nature around the world at different times of a day.

  74. chinatl9076

    The rainbow one is gorgeous!

  75. hdb97

    That’s a great photo

  76. Karen April Cagoco

    <3 all these photos!

  77. shanghaiproperties

    Gorgeous pictures!

  78. Ajanta Roy Chaudhury

    Loads of blessings and warm wishes to all the photographers… There’s so much beauty around, but not many of us have the ability or talent to see it the way you do… Thank you ever so much for sharing your perspective and making us realize how beautiful our planet is. God Bless! :)

  79. mccallk69

    UNBELIEVABLE! A picture truly is worth a thousand words. As an amatuer (very) myself, these shots are inspiring. The Lion’s breath is breath taking (no pun intended). However, ALL of them are captivating. Light is a key component to great photography. Wish the posts included camera settings but I understand the reluctance to reveal tricks and secrets.

  80. blaackginger

    I agree. Photos ARE all about lighting.


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