New Books by Authors

From novelists to bakers, books by bloggers are popping up on shelves and screens everywhere this spring.

Both aspiring and established authors have been using their blogs to test new material, interact with their readers, and promote their latest work. Today, let’s celebrate the recent release of three new books by writers.

Bailey Boat Cat


Life on a boat off the coast of Italy sounds like a great topic for a book, right? How about that same premise, with a clever Siamese cat as the narrator (and protagonist)?

That’s the level of fun that awaits you in Bailey Boat Cat: Adventures of a Feline Afloat, which Bloomsbury just published in Europe last week. While Americans have to wait until September for the US release, everyone can enjoy Bailey’s day-to-day musings on his blog (kindly hosted by author Louise Kennedy).

 Jacob Bacharach


Jacob Bacharach, a Pittsburgh-based writer, imagines the surreal life of a young man in that same city in his debut novel, The Bend of the World. Complete with a hypochondriac grandmother, shady companies, and the occasional UFO sighting, the book channels 21st-century America in all its comic weirdness.

Released by Liveright / W.W. Norton, The Bend of the World has been hailed as “an audacious, hilarious, and aptly surreal satire” by author Dan Chaon.

Josey Baker Bread


Bread master Josey Baker (yes, that’s his actual last name!) has been churning out wholesome loaves for years, first in Vermont, then in his San Francisco bakery.

Now, with his new book on baking released by Chronicle Books, he can share his love of dough with the masses — who are sure to love not only the recipes, but also the brilliant photography by Erin Kunkel.

Stay tuned: we’ll showcase more books by authors next week.


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Ben Huberman


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  1. whyistherebreadinmykoolaid

    Wow! I think it is terrific that you are promoting new authors! Great job and good luck to everyone.

  2. Heather Grace Stewart

    Would you consider showcasing my romantic comedy novel? It’s going to be released June 5, 2014. I’ve been blogging here since 2008! My blog became my first poetry collection, Where the Butterflies Go. I’ve since put out 3 more and now have a novel to be published by Morning Rain Publishing. Thanks!

    • Ben Huberman

      Thanks for letting us know, and congrats on your upcoming (debut) novel! While we don’t publish these showcases in regular intervals, it’s good to know in case we run another one closer to your publication date.

      • Heather Grace Stewart

        Thanks, Ben! I’d appreciate you keeping an eye out. I’m doing a blog tour all of June, touring around lots of WordPress pages & reblogging on my page. Take care.

  3. laura

    Hey, here’s one you missed, Safe in Your Head (S.F.A. Press), by Laura Valeri, about a family’s journey from Italy to America and the triumphs and obstacles they face in the process.

  4. ebonyjohanna

    Here’s another one (Shameless self promotion)!

  5. stravaigerjohn

    I’m another author using wordpress to promote my Victorian crime novels “The Shadow of William Quest” and “A Seaside Mourning”. Great to use WordPress to help readers find me. Well done and thank you, John Bainbridge.

  6. carolynquinn

    I’ve written one too: “MAMA ROSE’S TURN: The True Story of America’s Most Notorious Stage Mother.” It’s the first biogrpahy of Rose Hovick, mother of Gypsy Rose Lee and “Baby June” Havoc, whose life inspired the Broadaway musical GYPSY.

  7. lebensbornnovel

    Wow! What a great idea, to have a site for authors and their books. I’m hoping to have another of mine ready this fall. It’s more than an RV travel-log said one reviewer. It’s a love story and some darn good advice about aging.
    After reading Snowbirds I wanted to put a tent in my car and go for a road trip. Working on another that’s a real character study: Casanova Cowboy.

  8. Susan Holmes

    Thanks for this post; I’ll definitely add these authors to my “TBR” stack.

    WordPress has been a great venue connecting authors and readers. In addition to using my WordPress site to promote my own work and discuss dog-related news, I’m introducing readers to other mystery authors. I’ll be featuring authors all through the spring, and I’m always eager to connect with other WordPress bloggers and fans.

  9. Lynnie Bedi (nee Saint-James)

    I am a author who has recently had a book published. How do I qualify to appear in your “New Books by Authors” blog?

    • Ben Huberman

      Hi Lynnie — as I mentioned to another author below, we learn about upcoming books by authors either by sheer coincidence or through a helpful tip from readers. Thanks for letting us know about your recently published book, and congratulations!

  10. smokersodysseycom

    While you’re at it, check out my blog novel, a funny alien conspiracy tale.

  11. Charlotte Ortega

    Thanks Ben for sharing. This is very fun! Congratulations to these authors with their newly published books, I love to read, love cats and freshly baked bread. Yum I can smell it now!

  12. Jessi Gage

    What a cool feature! Thanks for the recommendations!

  13. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    kudos to everyone… and to WP for celebrating these momentous events!

  14. T. E. J. Johnson

    Absolutely love this!!

  15. sallyember

    I feel snubbed….. I serialized and did cover reveals, offered TOCs and other info about both Volumes I and Volume II of The Spanners Series via WordPress in the last 8 months: where have you been???? Boo hoo.

    Mazel Tov to these three authors for getting your attention. How did they do it?

    • Ben Huberman

      Hi Sally — thanks for letting us know about your books!

      As this post (and these comments) reveal, there are many, many authors on, and we (more often than not) discover their upcoming books by chance or through a helpful tip from a reader. We’re all constantly blown away by the talent and diversity of this group of writers, and only wish we could actually keep track of every single one.

  16. Matt

    I second that. Thank you, Ben and WordPress for promoting these writers. Very exciting. Congratulations to these writers for finishing their first books!


    I released a new book on March 7th, The Dreaming.

    It’s nice to see WordPress news sharing author’s news.

  18. AnElephantCant

    Great you are doing this so AnElephantCant resist mentioning his new e-book available on Amazon now!

  19. Dylan Morrison ~ the Prodigal Prophet

    Any chance of a wee mention for my own books!!!????

    • Ben Huberman

      Feel free to let us (and whoever’s reading this) know what they’re called!

  20. Fran Macilvey

    Thanks for this post. I use my blog partly to promote my new book, and I have had some really encouraging feedback, as well as fantastic reviews, so thank you very much, WordPress. :)

  21. cassiezack1

    I love writing and love how this tells others about peoples writings. Helping them get their books out so others can see.

  22. 1421art

    Very cool Ben and WordPress. Loving the cover art on “The Bend of the World”! …..and now for a wee bit of shameless promotion on my first book; self published in 2013, “Free Will Positive Moment”! Please check it out and pass along the good word for anyone you know whom might be interested in translating for their language. Inquiry information on my blog. Many thanks to the WordPress Universe!!

  23. newsy1

    This is great. My short ebook also started out as a WordPress blog. It’s a small niche but in two years has done pretty well on Amazon. It’s called, Widows Like Me.

  24. Erin

    Congratulations Jacob and Josey! I also have written a book and it’s being published by C&T Publishing, Sew in Style-Make Your Own Doll Clothes. It’s a how-to book for kids. See more over at my blog.

  25. Little Miss Menopause

    Yay for these WordPress Authors! I am in process of making a book trailer for my novel but until its finished and I put it on my blog, I’ll mention it here… “Lullabies & Alibis” (Marriage, Motherhood, Mistakes & Madness…. Emphasis on Madness!” Available all online book sellers. I was interviewed by Barbara Walters for a 20/20 special on a subject it deals with… (Women desperate for daughters)… But alas they “went in a different direction.” That’s show biz. Keep writing and reading! All the world’s a Word!

  26. esfinc

    I published my first book, “The Butterfly & The Snail” last year and am well into its sequel, “Wedding Tales”. I plan to Blog the 2nd book via WordPress and may also do that for the first one. It would be amazing to be a featured author on WordPress. Any possibility of that happening?

    • Ben Huberman

      While I can’t promise anything, I also won’t rule anything out! :)
      Either way, thanks for letting all of us know!

  27. tommyg1231

    It would be awesome if WordPress offered assistance to authors for publishing and marketing their work. I am not very proficient in computers and have found myself unable to publish my book on amazons free sights for kindle and paperback.
    Hopefully you can find a domain that helps upcoming authors realize their potential.
    Tommy Green

  28. adistractedwriter

    Awesome – very nice that we are able to celebrate this authors and others!

  29. LoveHeimer

    Big, big like for this! It’s like a confirmation that I came in the right place, at the right time :)

  30. randomgauge

    Because I want to be part of this blossoming list of authors…

    My first novel, “Empty Hallways” is already available on Amazon and Kindle – links available on my WordPress blog.

    Updates on the new novel and short stories forthcoming!

  31. Dena

    This is great.

    Thank you for showcasing authors. I’d like to add another to the list: My husband, Alan Bray. He recently published a novel, The Hour of Parade. He frequently publishes short fiction, which he posts about on The Fictional World of Alan Bray,

    Please check out his work. It’s really quite good.

    More stories and a novella to come out this spring. Stay tuned!


  32. Robert Serafino

    Hi Ben, Great article. I too have been seeking to promote my latest book via a WordPress blog but it is building slowly.

  33. ptsblogger (@1001pts)

    Ok, here’s another one: “1,001 People That Suck” – a humor book & blog! The book is now available on Amazon, and the blog is an extension of the book. Thanks.

  34. colonialist

    A good trio – especially Bailey!
    With the number of authors on WP, you could run this feature far more often, though!

  35. Sheila

    Great post and well done to all the authors, my latest book Simply be-Summer is being launched on 2nd May and it is all thanks to WordPress that I got started at all. Well done

  36. M-R

    Hmm … I miss out, here. What a shame, especially as my purpose in creating a blog was specifically to spruik my memoir. AND it isn’t doing too badly, either. Cut me some slack, Ben ? – a retrospective look ?

  37. Kay Kauffman

    This is a fantastic feature! I’ve harvested the poetry I share on my blog for an anthology called Tuesday Daydreams: A Journal in Verse, and I’ve got another anthology in the works. Maybe one day it will be featured here! :)

  38. Victoria C. Slotto

    Lots of talent in the WordPress community. I have three: Winter is Past, a Novel (Lucky Bat Books) Beating the Odds: Support for Persons with Early Stage Dementia (Kindle Single) and Jacaranda Rain, Collected Poems 2012 (Create Space) with another novel and poetry book in the queue. Thank you.

  39. eeseverance

    Did you overlook the two novels, America Lost and Grassroots Uprising, I have written and promote with my blog

    • Ben Huberman

      Certainly not overlooked — more along the lines of “wasn’t sufficiently informed!” :)

  40. byronrp

    Congrats to all authors.

  41. author winona

    They sure are popping up everywhere. I have 11 and I love blogging about all of them because they are my pride and joy.

  42. mrs.sebring

    Yay for everyone! What an excellent community of creativity. For my part, I have a fantasy fiction novel scheduled to come out this fall (self-pub!) , the first in a planned trilogy. So excited! :)

  43. Ursula Maria Mandel

    Hi, Ben. Since you gave us permission to feature our books — here are mine. Three novels: 1. The Good American, A Novel Inspired by True Events, 2. The Tenant, A Love Story, and 3. Diary of a Naïve. One collection of short stories: Twelve Quiet Tales. A children’s book: Bo on the Fence Post. It’s great to see a blog on WordPress that features writers. Thanks for that!

  44. Ruth2Day

    Nice choices there. the Baker name made me smile. How apt!

  45. Elyse Bruce

    There are a number of books with humble beginnings on WordPress. One of those books is Volume 1 of the Idiomation book series.

    The blog gets lots of hits every day, and is a favorite of history buffs, journalists, authors, writers, literal thinkers, and more.

    Originally, the blog was started to help my son who had just started Grade 9 and is diagnosed with autism. He and other schoolmates on the spectrum were struggling with idioms, and it made sense to give them a place where they could ask questions and get straight answers about idioms … what they mean, how they came to be, and what the history behind those idioms were.

  46. mikerana

    I would request readers to review the book “A wonderful world”, since this is a precursor to the launch of a new political party in India. Book available on as well as on Flipkart

  47. stravaigerjohn

    It is great to see writers using WordPress blogs to promote their books. Some of my blogs found their way into my books and I was thrilled to see reviews for my Victorian crime novels “The Shadow of William Quest” and “A Seaside Mourning” and my non-fiction getting reviews from people who had found me from my WordPress blog.

  48. Sanna Maria

    This just goes to show – sometimes the internet is quite a wonderful place. Congratulations to the writers, and thumbs up to you for this promotion!

  49. IshiraInagi

    Hi Ben, thanks for the opportunity to promote our books! Really a great idea for I use WordPress since my first novel ‘Inagi: Kristalladern’ was published in 2011. A fantasy novel about dragons, destruction of the environment, a rebellion and a complicated love. The second volume ‘Kristallblut’ will come out this June as well as the new edition of volume one. The books will be available on Amazon (but so far only in German).

  50. shaynetwright

    I am a regular blogger and indie-author of 4 novellas so far with my latest, Cyber Nightmares: Autonomous Chaos, released just a few weeks ago. It is part 2 in a series delving into the grey world of global cyber-crime were borders and national jurisdictions blur.

  51. Nothing Personal

    This is great stuff. I’m especially pleased to see a Pittsburgh author being promoted on here, since, well, I’m from Pittsburgh.

  52. gabrielleechristian

    Hi! I also started to write series on Amazon: “Revelation 1: Arthur” , “Revelation 2: Heartbreak” and I prepare the next book, I hope it will be ready this year. In my blog, I describe how I wrote the chapters, what inspired me, for those who are curious!

  53. Terry L. Wilson, Author

    I appreciate being able to add my title. A historical novel, THE BLANKET HILL INSURGENCY. Highlights the cultural change of the mid sixties leading to the shooting of students by National Guardsmen at Kent State University.

  54. Joe Niemczura, RN, MS

    Mine comes out May 1st, 2014. it’s titled “The Sacrament of the Goddess” and it is on Amazon. There are two blogs for it. I used two sites because of my work in Nepal, which goes on the first site. the novel is about Nepal. I expect thebook-hemedite to be more active now that the book is out.

  55. Thomas Flowers

    Thanks for promoting writers!!

  56. Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon

    I so enjoy having both my Author/Writer Blog and my Recovery Blog on WordPress! What an awesome idea to have an Author showcase to present current and new authors who use WordPress. Come by my blogs and through my Book & Blogs how I help others!

    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon :-)

  57. goodtothelast

    Hey… dont forget about me (smile) “Good to the Last Drop” is available and ripe for the picking!

  58. megbortin

    Hi Ben and thanks for this interesting feature. I’d like to add my recently published memoir, +Desperate to Be a Housewife+, to your list of possible books for your next column (smile). Would you also possibly consider writing a post about how writers like me who blog on WordPress can get noticed by the WordPress community? Many thanks, Meg (in Paris)

  59. reneejohnsonwrites

    I’m not surprised. There is a lot of talent using WordPress for its ease. Many of us, myself included, would rather focus on writing and let the wizards of wordpress figure out the technical stuff. LOL.

    Although it isn’t available yet – still in edits – one of my novels has been picked up by The Wild Rose Press. Titled, ‘Acquisition’, I’d love to add it to a future list if you have one. And thanks for recognizing authors!

  60. tullgotha

    Seems like there are many of us using WordPress to showcase our independent publications.
    I think I can safely say that you won’t find anything else like A Querulous Quest!

  61. Tish Farrell

    This is very splendid of you – featuring new books and writers. I’ve just this moment kindled one myself ‘Losing Kui’ – a novella set somewhere in East Africa and originally published by Cicada Magazine in the US:

  62. markchapmanthewriter

    A great idea giving new life and positivity to new authors who otherwise would face the tedious process of knock back after knock back, through the gate of publishing houses. Self publication is a truly great pioneering tool for us.

  63. c. burkham

    Encouragement after perseverance is often the sweetest fruit …


  64. AntonioWestley

    I couldn’t write a book on this platform and that’s coming from an aspiring author. It’s just not interactive enough for me

  65. Oliver C. Damon

    This seems like a good place to post my question about whether or not its wise, safe, or advisable to post a few chapters on my blog from a science fiction novel I’m working on. I want to get feedback from my readers. Is there any risk to this, such as losing control of my ideas or intellectual property? Is it a good or bad idea?

  66. Jilaine Tarisa

    My “new paradigm” novel “A Moment of Time” will be published in September! (paperback) :-)

  67. jazzytower

    Well Ben,
    Clearly this is a need for this kind of promotion of Word Press published authors at regular intervals, don’t you think? Look at the response:-). And huge congratulations to all.

  68. mumstheword0213

    It’s fantastic to see this feature, supporting and celebrating writers. It got me thinking about my experience of self-publishing my first children’s book, The Princess and the Pirate, which led me to blog about the story behind the story and the highs (getting an agent) and lows (not *quite* making it) I experienced along the way. Thank you for giving us this platform to talk about our varied writing experiences . . .

  69. lovelygirlie

    Wow! It’s great to showcase WordPress authors. I also have an e-book, “Angel From the Streets” -a gritty true story of my rescue of a street dog, Misty, whose undying love even managed to convince me of life after death. Her story had to be told.

  70. Carolyn

    My book is available for purchase from Tate Publishers/Books. And — it is non-fiction based on my blog about plants in the Bible? Name of blog is Name of book is Rooted in God.

  71. heowesthetestimony

    Awesome! Im only 18 pages into my novel but this is great motivation.

  72. Dermott Hayes

    Just caught a look at this, Ben, well done and good for you! I’ve just published my first novel but I’m using WordPress to blog about self publication. If it helps the book sales, that’s good too. My book\s a crime mystery called TITO’S DEAD.

  73. caschroader

    There are 100′s, maybe even 1000′s of us here on WordPress who are writing, or have written a book (or two, or three)! Thank you so much for this platform that has allowed us to support our books or even been a part of the creative process.

    As a mom, my focus has been on books for parents and children.

    My first book is: Teach Your Children To Cook – The Simple, Healthy, Cheap Way!

    I am currently working on a story based, living education based Math Curriculum. No more boring math!

  74. glitterbunnies

    All of these look so interesting (especially Bailey Boat Cat). These books look so fun to read. I hope I can find some more titles! :) Good luck.

  75. passion4writing2014

    Good Morning Mr. Huberman, my name is Anthony Dasher and I am the author of “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa” currently available on Amazon.Com, it’s the first of a four part series of books, followed my “Secret” due out in Dec 2014 followed by “The Truth” and finally “Redemption”.

  76. emmacachor

    What an opportunity!!! Thanks for doing this, Ben.

  77. karenvoss

    My first book, That’s All I Got; Thrival A Widow’s Journey After Suicide, published a month ago on Kindle and paperback.

    I’m helping people to the light at the end to a very dark tunnel after suicide or tragedy. :)

  78. Karen Dowdall

    Really great concept and a great new addition to everything that has to offer to its members. Congrats and Cheers!

  79. mattjohnsonauthor

    Ben, I’m not here to plug my own book, albeit getting people to check it out would be nice, but to say that #wordpress got me started writing and gave me the impetus to try it after doing a lot of reading.
    Net result, debut novel had sold 20K copies and I now have an agent who is pitching it mainstream for me. Second book going through proofreading stage.
    I have no doubt that if it hadnt been for the idea of a blog, then learning from these pages that this wouldn’t have happened for me.

  80. nannydavis

    What a List – I’m impressed. I’m trying to get my novel ready to submit to o publisher.

  81. Tamara Armour

    Thank you WordPress for helping talented authors pursue their dreams.

  82. jayhartlove

    May I throw my hat into the ring? I’ve been using my WordPress blog to promote my books for years. My next book Isis Rising won’t be out until next year. In the meantime I am currently writing a free serial novel here, and am about halfway done. Check it out for fun.

  83. jayhartlove

    In fact, Ben, I see a lot of authors on this thread talking about their serial novels up here on WordPress. You should consider a new thread highlighting serializations. Readers love free fiction.

  84. Juliana Lightle

    How does one get on this list? I just had a book of poetry, “On the Rim of Wonder” published by Uno Mundo Press. It is available on Amazon, Kindle, and some bookstores. Soon, signed copies will be available from me directly. Juliana Lightle

  85. inspirewithinyou

    I just started writing my book and I want to thank you, because this was a big help. Thank you

  86. lambskinny

    Don’t forget me. My 4 novels are on My first is METAL MAN WALKING, then its companion piece, ANNIE DREAMING, then THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY and finally AFTER JEWEL. My blog DooRFrame Books is here on WordPress and tells all. ~ Thanks, Carley

  87. janecoopereaston

    My novel, In the Seventh Day is available on under my full name Jane Cooper Easton. This is a tough book; one that is not for everyone. My blog Jane Cooper Easton, wise American novelist is here on

  88. Michael Patrick Hicks

    Hi Ben,

    Glad to see a feature on WordPress authors! Looks like you’ve gotten a heck of a response on this one, and if you don’t mind, I’ll toss my hat in the ring with the others in case you do another feature. My sci-fi thriller CONVERGENCE came out in February, and was an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013 Quarter-finalist. Plenty more info on my site, and the book is available on all major platforms.


  89. jameswhoddinott

    Thanks for promoting authors. I use WordPress to promote and talk about both my novels “When Eagles Dare to Fly” just recently rereleased as well as my second novel “The Fates”. Blogging is also a great way to connect and share thoughts on a variety of topics or as I call them my musings.

  90. janelizabethwatsonwriter

    Here’s another one: My novel WHAT HAS BECOME OF YOU (published by Dutton) launched on May 1st. Over the past week it has received positive reviews from The New York Times Review of Books, the Associated Press, and Huffington Post, to name just a few. My first novel, ASTA IN THE WINGS, was published to critical acclaim in 2009. I am new to the blogging world but am enjoying it very much.

  91. mushingmama

    I am a blogger here and also a new author! “Suitcase Full of Horses!”

  92. Christina Rauh Fishburne

    Check out WordPress’s own Sean Hoade’s “Deadtown Abbey” as well! He just got a 9 book contract with Permuted Press!


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