WordPress.com Events — Coming to a Country Near You!

We’re excited to unveil our new events calendar, letting users around the world find new ways to connect with the WordPress community.

Each year we attend, speak at, and sponsor numerous conferences and events happening in the interactive, blogging, design, and development communities. Over the past few months, you may recall recaps of our participation at Webstock (New Zealand), SXSW (USA), and Webcoast (Sweden). These are just a few of the many events on our 2014 calendar!

In addition to general tech events, we are also active participants in the many WordCamps which are organized year-round by local WordPress communities in all parts of the world.

With so many happenings on the schedule, we’ve created a handy calendar to better inform you of those in your neck of the woods. Our participation varies by event. It ranges from session speakers and keynotes to special event activities and our Happiness Bar, geared towards meeting users and lending support, and much more. As new events are locked in, we’ll be sure to add them to the calendar below (which can also be found at www.automattic.com/events).

It’s going to be a busy year full of some amazing events. We hope to catch you at one along the way!

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  1. romeoattwenty

    Aw – is there any chance you’ll be visiting Australia, or if any events will be held here anytime soon?

    • Rebecca

      We will! We are planning two talks with Matt Mullenweg in Australia on June 12 & 16. More details will be added to the calendar in the coming days.

  2. roseglace

    Is there any way to sort your calendar by location?

    • Rebecca

      That would be amazing, but unfortunately that is not a feature offered in the calendar. The easiest way to find the location is to hover over the event of interest.

  3. Chelle

    Come to the UK!

    • Rebecca

      We’re actually sponsoring jQueryUK in Oxford next Friday, May 16. We’ll definitely be back in the UK for other events and WordCamps in the future!

  4. JenT

    So excited for WordCamp Israel coming up at the end of this month! Hoping to meet some new Happiness Engineers/Gardeners/Wranglers/Tinkerers/Ninjas there, as well as get reacquainted with some old ones. :)

  5. andreabadgley

    I’m on the waiting list for WordCamp Asheville tickets. Got my fingers crossed!

  6. Ana Perry

    I see there is a wordcamp in Orange County but it doesn’t say which state. I see there’s one in LA, which is the adjacent county to Orange in CA so I wouldn’t think you’d have two so close together. When I clicked on “more info” there wasn’t any. There’s and Orange county in at least eight US states.

  7. themediocrityproject

    Hopefully a visit to Canada sometime in the future?

  8. tranhoangnhung90

    So excited for WordCamp Israel coming up at the end of this month!

  9. Sharn

    Can’t wait for the Australian one then!

  10. buntymcc

    Roseglace asked to sort your calendar by location. Good request. I would suggest that you start each event title with the location, followed by the type of event. That way people don’t have to check every listing to see if there is something near them. The most I can see is is two letters of a location unless it spills over to a third day.

  11. Raspberry

    Asia? Maybe? :)

  12. oneactivelife

    We want you to come to Australia! Specifically Perth. Please don’t over look us for Sydney and Melbourne.

  13. Lynne Campanaro

    I will look out for if you get close to Hilton Head Island.

  14. pegoleg

    I would like to volunteer my services as a motivational speaker at any and all of these WordCamps (except the technical ones.) I don’t ask for payment. If I can help others more fully appreciate the rich, blogging community I have come to love over the last 4 years, that would be enough for me. Plus all my expenses.

    Seriously – call me.

  15. A Writer Inspired

    I can’t believe you’re coming to Nicaragua! I’m making plans to go, last minute but no matter it will be worth it!

  16. A Writer Inspired

    Oh, forgot to mention that if people are having trouble viewing the calendar locations just click on the Agenda tab and it puts everything in a very readable list :-)

  17. maureenc

    Brisbane Australia would be great for me (hint hint)

  18. davidgaughran

    Another vote for listing by location. I’m in the Czech Republic, but am unlikely to flick through the entire calendar to see if you’re heading this way, esp. when you can’t check it easily!

  19. Nabila Firdausi

    Come to Indonesia please :) I’ll be waiting..

  20. paulib005

    I want to attend . Hope WordPress conference comes to India soon.
    It will be a brilliant idea to do so. If given an opportunity I would like to speak at it too. WordPress has given an opportunity for me to inspire lives positively. I am deeply grateful to WordPress.



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