Introducing Longreads’ Best of WordPress

Share your favorite stories over 1,500 words—interviews, book excerpts, and more.

Today we’re excited to launch a new series with Longreads, the storytelling community that recently joined the Automattic and Editorial family. And we need your help.

We’re looking for the best long-form stories over 1,500 words, across all of WordPress—a quest that will span 22% of the Internet. It will include work from undiscovered writers, as well as the authors and publishers you already know and love.

Help us find and share the best stories

Authors and publishers: When you post something great that’s over 1,500 words, use the longreads tag on your post so we can consider it. You can also share a link to the story on Twitter: Just reply to @Longreads or include #longreads in your tweet. (If your WordPress site is self-hosted, Twitter is still the best way to reach us.)

Readers: If you find something that you love, share it with us! Reblog a link on your own site and add the longreads tag, or share it on Twitter with #longreads.

What we’re looking for

Right now, we’re searching for primarily nonfiction. This can include the following:

  • Interviews: It could be an interview with your grandparents, a Q&A with your best friend about their career, or a conversation with your favorite local business owner.
  • Essays, speeches and big ideas: A personal spin on an important topic, or a transcript from a talk you gave at a work conference.
  • History and research: We love learning about our collective experiences, and what it tells us about the past and the future. Share your personal, professional, or academic research about topics that interest you.
  • Previously published book excerpts and magazine features: If you are the rights holder for a book or magazine feature—old or new pieces are both welcome—share it with the #longreads community.

We’re looking forward to seeing your story picks!

* * *

Here are a few more examples of stories we’ve featured on Longreads from the world of WordPress:

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Mark Armstrong


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  1. mommyx4boys

    Awesome, I cant wait to write something for this.

  2. Michelle Joelle

    Well this is exciting! Usually, when I have a piece over 1200 words I break it up into a series of posts to prevent reader fatigue – but I’ll keep my next long piece together so I can participate in this!

  3. Nikohl Vandel

    I have a 500 word limit here :-)

  4. roughseasinthemed

    And what might be the difference between this and longform?

    • Mark Armstrong

      In addition to the longreads tag, we’re going to keep an eye on other tags that have been traditionally used for in-depth articles, long-form journalism, essays, interviews, and similar posts.

  5. lucciagray

    I like it! Nice idea.

  6. debt debs

    OK, this might be a stupid question, but how can we tell if something is more than 1500 words? I can do pivot tables and budgets and cash flow projections up your ying yang, but ask me to judge how long a post is and I might get all hot and sweaty.

    • Mark Armstrong

      Good question! In your WordPress editor, there’s a “word count” in the bottom left.

  7. Grace

    I’m going to be writing an essay about ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen soon.

  8. equinoxio21

    Interesting initiative. But why limit to non-fiction? :) Oh. That was a question. rephrase: I believe you should open another category for short fiction. )

    • Mark Armstrong

      We’re starting with nonfiction for our roundups, but we love short stories too, and you can use the longreads tag for both fiction and nonfiction.

  9. You'll Soon Be Flying

    Max words?

  10. sumfir

    Would you consider posts in other languages? Most of my posts are way over 1500 words.

  11. Zach

    Ooh. This sounds reallt cool!
    I’ll keep an eye out for anything that I come across, and if I write something that’s not totally heinous (more morally, not really quality wise,) I might throw the Longreads tag on it to see if it’s got any legs!

    • Zach

      Almost all of my stuff has been around or over 1,500 words, so writing that much would be no problem!

  12. Destination Infinity

    With decreasing attention spans in readers (esp. online), I wonder what’s the inspiration behind this longform writing. I take a lot of pains to ensure that my blog posts do not cross 600 words. In my 7+ years of blogging experience, I have noticed that shorter the post, the better it goes with readers. I want to know if I am wrong.

  13. thehappyhugger

    Will this be similar to the “Weekly Writing Challenge” with a prompt each week or do we just tag what we think will be acceptable for tagging with longreads?

  14. aquafreshro

    Concept of longreads is really great, it will be definately helpful

  15. thebigfatf

    This is a really good idea! Can’t wait to participate!

  16. Joy Victory

    1,500 words? Definitely a level of effort that should be rewarded with financial compensation.

    • Mark Armstrong

      Thanks for this, Joy. We agree that it is not easy, nor do we expect anyone to just whip up an in-depth article—you’ll see in our examples that many of the stories come from small or large publishers. Others were essays posted on the writers’ personal sites, or book excerpts from their already-published work. There are a lot of amazing stories already being published, so we just want to create another way to shine a light on it.

  17. Esther Lopez

    Great idea! I always write so much about bunch of things

  18. secondandmain

    I have a history of wordy essays since starting college last fall. Maybe 1500 will not be too bad. :)

  19. Stephanie

    Interesting. Will articles published on blogs be considered? Would love to participate in this initiative.

    • Mark Armstrong

      Stephanie, yes they will. For sites, you can reply to us on Twitter to share a story: @Longreads.

  20. Lena

    Love this! too bad I can’t go back and do that with my previous stories

  21. dadofknucklehead

    I like this. I tend to write longer pieces, and I understand and accept the price I pay for this in readership. But I enjoy the luxury of stretching out a little in my parenting blog, and I look forward to sitting down with a cup of coffee and a good long read from a good writer. It’s a big internet. Why not a little corner of the blogosphere just for us?

  22. augustonedeaf

    Great forum, looking forward to some telling reads!

  23. Kelp Scotland

    Tagged, excellent.

  24. jmbusher

    I think its a fantastic idea but selfishly would love for you to considering adding the humor or satire genres to this program. I write 1500 word interviews with inanimate objects. I just posted one where a bud of marijuana interviews the World Cup Trophy on my site called I also plan to interview the ghost of Saddam Hussein about the very current Iraq situation.


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