Street Art: Around the World in Eight Photos

Tour the colorful street art of the world found on, right from your seat.

Ihwa Street Mural by travel oriented (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Whenever I get the chance to travel, I always photograph local street art. The topics, colors, and scenes help me absorb the feel and atmosphere that makes each destination truly unique. Join me for a tour of some amazing street art from around the world, right from the comfort of your armchair.

Welcome to Berlin, Germany, our first stop on the tour, where we find Christine Estima‘s photo of street art by ElBocho. I love the bold lines and striking expressions:

#ElBocho Berlin Baby Photo by Christine Estima

#ElBocho Berlin Baby (Photo by Christine Estima)

And now, over to Cardiff, Wales, for something slightly more muted. DIFF GRAFF did a great job capturing Rmer‘s portrait of Marlon Brando as the Godfather. It’s quite striking, wouldn’t you agree?

Marlon Brando by the artist Rmer Photo by DIFF GRAFF

Marlon Brando by the artist Rmer (Photo by DIFF GRAFF)

Heading to Dunedin, New Zealand, we stop off at Dunedin Wears the Pants. The site, run by Caitlin and Helen Owen, celebrates Dunedin’s vibrant creativity. Continuing with our more muted palette is an incredible, perspective-boggling piece by Daniel Mead:

Baldwin Street Art by Daniel Mead (Photo by Caitlin and Helen Owen)

Baldwin Street Art by Daniel Mead (Photo by Caitlin and Helen Owen)

Hop over to the Xochimilco borough of Oaxaca, Mexico, and feast your eyes on the vibrant colors of American expat Shannon‘s photo essay, “Who are the people in your neighborhood?” on her blog, Casita Colibrí:

From the photo essay, Who are the people in your neighborhood? by Casita Colibrí.

From the photo essay, Who are the people in your neighborhood? (Photo by Shannon)

In search of more brilliant colors, we stop in San Francisco at Stan Santos‘ blog Simple Kitchen Seasons. Here’s a sample from a recent series of photo essays by Stan featuring sights on the streets of San Francisco. The brilliant blues are stunning in this piece:

Photo by Stan Santos

Photo by Stan Santos

For a more minimalist feel, check out this photo essay by Jan Kalserud taken on the streets of Taipei, Taiwan. For more incredible street art, check out Graffiti Taiwan, a blog by Jan Kalserud and David Jiang dedicated to documenting street art and graffiti in Taiwan’s public places.

Photo by Jan Kalserud

Photo by Jan Kalserud

Spinning the globe, let’s stop at Rotterdam Street Decorations, a blog dedicated to sharing the ingenious creations found on the streets of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Here’s some political commentary in bold purple:

Lastplak @ Noorderkanaalweg VI (Photo by Rotterdam Street Decorations)

Lastplak @ Noorderkanaalweg VI (Photo by Rotterdam Street Decorations)

Our final stop on the street art armchair tour brings us to Reyjavik, Iceland, for some words of wisdom, courtesy of Dawid, the blogger behind Adnotator. Be sure to check out his colorful photo essay in full.

Photo by Dawid

Photo by Dawid

If you’re sad the tour has come to an end, be sure to explore the street art tag in your Reader.

What are your favorite pieces of local street art? Please share links to your work in the comments!

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  1. Christine Estima

    Thanks for linking and for liking. :)

  2. Stan Santos

    Thanks for linking to me.

    There’s another trip in December 2014, so the series will very likely be continued. Stay tuned….

  3. dandelion199

    They’re amazing I especially liked the last one – I panic a lot and like colours!

  4. cindyjoy68

    These are fan-f*cking-tabulous.

  5. gabriellesoria

    How can you resist the personality of local street art? I think it says a lot about a city and the people who live there—what the pulse is, how the culture is evolving, what people feel. There’s a good sampling here, each with its own vividness and charisma.

  6. emilievardaman

    I love street art of all kinds. My favorite piece, though, is the simple peace wall in Bisbee,

  7. Pagadan

    Beautiful, especially some of those colors. Thanks for sharing.

  8. tomlin in jamaica

    Very interesting, I really like those photos.

  9. Phoenix Tears Healed

    Hi I love street art; and though I may seem to be doing the no-no of only providing a link to my blog, the whole thing is dedicated to street art, and there’s only a handful of posts there as yet; of course I’m a ‘small-world’ traveller: the local world :D hope it’s ok to include it though –

  10. Hollis Hildebrand-Mills

    The one in Reyjavik was my favorite!

  11. psychelist1

    So I’m guessing you never heard of the incomparable Alex Martinez?

  12. roundaboutrhonda

    Thanks for the tour. Love it!

  13. MpumiD

    Absolutely epic pieces, the article was awesome, very creative and done with respect for art and the utmost appreciation. Much respect

  14. macjam47

    These are amazing, especially the bench.

  15. M-R adn
    ‘Morning, Krista ! My friend Andrew Hardacre posted just two days ago some images that included those two, and the knocked me out ! I think they will you, too. :-)

    • Krista

      Howdy MR — both of those pieces are stunning — I love the detail. Where in the world are they located?

      • M-R

        You’d have to ask Andrew for the specifics, Krista – he didn’t seem to share my wild enthusiasm for ‘em, alas.

  16. kylegroup

    Street art has great impact on a community. Good share!

  17. Dawid

    Thank you for for linking to me.

  18. steveczajka
  19. zulfiqarpk

    Good cultural touch!

  20. charlieeasterfield

    Great post! And inspiring too! I’ll not put a link yet, but am being drawn to calligraphic street art…Thank You!

  21. Paula Ball

    why when I try to leave comment on a Word Press blog it always gives me “error field should be empty {enter your email here}” and there is no way I can post. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

    • Ben Huberman

      Hi Paula,
      To leave comments on this blog, one needs to be a registered, logged-in user. If you don’t have an account, you could start one here, even if it’s only to be able to leave comments. If you are a user, make sure you’re logged in before trying to leave a comment.

  22. EllaDee

    Street art – for its immediacy and commentary; is my favorite art genre.
    Newtown, and surrounds, in Sydney, Australia has excellent street art, and as my blog’s theme is “There is art on the everyday” it often gets a mention.

  23. Jean
  24. Hinsung

    Street photography seems interesting, but i think it is not easy to find good things and take good photos in streets.

  25. angelasavage

    Here’s some street art from my local neighbourhood, the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia

  26. divyashori

    Lovely piece.. the art is just WOW..!

  27. deeanaradley

    Daniel Mead’s ‘Baldwin Street Art’ has me staring at it for ages. Wonder if anyone’s been brave enough to sit on the bench? Great piece Krista.

    • Krista

      Wonder if anyone’s been brave enough to sit on the bench?

      I know that I couldn’t possibly sit on that bench. I’d be too busy admiring the piece.

  28. jamandesis

    They’re amazing! The combination of colors are just so awesome.

  29. lhprod2014

    I really enjoyed the colors and the lines of the street art.

  30. Author

    Thanks for featuring my Marlon Brando image – Cardiff is becoming a hot bed of talent on the Street Art front!

    So many amazing pieces from local artists appearing!

    More updates coming over the weekend.


  31. Kevin Leland

    I enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing it.

  32. Mohammad Mahloujian

    Great arts, thanks for sharing

  33. andrewisraelkazibwe

    Touching pieces of beauty over there!!!

  34. justinagreiciute

    Beautiful street art. I use to not appreciate it, but the more of it I see, the more it communicates to me. Oh and the Baldwin Street is amazing :)

  35. marianbeaman

    In this hurry-scurry world, it’s nice to get a quick tour in 8 clicks!

  36. marzblaqk

    I love street art. It is so real and relevant when stuff in galleries can be real and relevant, but it in a venue with a specific and arguably small audience. Art needs to be in your face and accessible to everyone. Sometimes it feels like it is a dying art but obviously it is alive and well!

  37. vibhanagesh

    I loved it especially the fourth one in new Zealand

  38. tutsie1

    Lovely. I love street art and or graffiti. Amazing picz, I specially love the one for Marlon and the one by Stan. So realistic.

  39. thesciencegeek

    Really interesting post. I love street art

  40. getmolled

    Love this!! Thanks for the amazing virtual tour.

  41. earthriderjudyberman

    Wow! Love these. Thanks for sharing, Krista. ;-)

  42. kalomccormick

    I love the colors yet Daniel Mead’s art looks like quite a hike is ahead of you!

  43. icanface2moro

    I happen to like “Electric Head” Man, that’s pretty cool. Thank you for sharing these pictures, they are all very interesting and yes, I did find Brando to be especially well done.

  44. Amani

    This is amazing. This is going on my bucket list!

  45. rachydare

    This is so cool, love the Iceland one. It makes cities so much more unique


    Your piece was really exciting one with that colour grid,recall me of my trip to Rio in Brazil

  47. shasasomnomnom

    You should check out Melbourne, Australia! Some fantastic graffiti artists there!

  48. kavvzzz

    Well this is amazing. So beautifully painted and it speaks for the unspoken. I love it. Wish things like that were in India too. ._.

  49. knitgeek1

    Beautiful, and something we tend to not see in my small town. Thanks for sharing this!

  50. Nihar Pradhan

    Simply awesome and these photos speak volumes of the local place and people.

  51. seotrekkingmart

    Amazing pictures.

  52. katiekieffer

    Wonderful photos, amazing art :-) Thank you for sharing!

  53. jhaiiaquino

    These photos are awesome especially the one by Daniel Mead. :)

  54. hannamar

    Such talent, so freely given. Amazing

  55. chiptheduck

    You didn’t need to look further than my WordPress site.

  56. ennobenno205

    They are some amazing pictures…my favorite is the last!

  57. TanGental

    Hi. Here’s my recent take on London’s recent street art. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures.

  58. thewanderingmouth

    I really love this blog :) Thanks for the inspiring photographs! The Wandering Mouth :)

  59. lamusic4

    What a treat to see this art from so many different places. I love street art and really appreciate the chance to see these!

  60. scottcarberry

    Awesome stuff! Here’s some one of my favorites in my hometown of Baltimore, MD

  61. Mona Gustafson Affinito

    Amazing Collection. Thanks.

  62. Zahra Parhoun

    how artists feel while they are painting walls like that must be really interesting. it’s not only expressing the images which artists have, they might have a sense of duty to show what is going around them and impress and make people think … it’s what they do and maybe more…

  63. CrazyKarateMnky

    That’s some cool street art. Seems like every country had a different art style.

  64. sudhagee

    Love the one from Baldwin street. Here are some examples of street art from India:

  65. jaye1999

    All your photos are beautiful!

  66. Skye

    What a great idea. There are so many great works of art just around my home and work, I can only imagine what amazing images are around the world. I may have a new hobby. Thanks :)

  67. carynfoggsboatworks

    Great stuff . Thanks

  68. spixl

    Muchismas gracias for linking to my post. FYI: Street art is from Barrio Xochimilco in Oaxaca not Mexico City. Again, many thanks!

    • Ben Huberman

      Thanks for letting us know — I’ve corrected the post accordingly. Such a beautiful shot!

  69. kritika27

    I liked the idea of capturing the street paintings. It’s really good :) Keep capturing and posting.

  70. authorflora

    It’s a very interesting piece. I liked the way artists in different cities interpreted their local politics and surroundings.

  71. thecalmone

    Some booming pictures there! Some great art on the streets.

  72. dunedinwearsthepants

    Thanks so much for including our Baldwin Street photo amongst this stunning street art :) It was quite a hike up Baldwin Street (the world’s steepest inhabited street) to get the photo of the bench!

  73. kellyfuson

    So fun! Here’s one of my favorites from Flinders Street in Melbourne, Australia that I took in March 2013, it has a great pop of color:

  74. worzelodd

    Love the photos- especially to see Dunedin included- street art and random poetry should be encouraged..everyone has some talent. It would make for a happier city. Check out “The Papery” in Victoria B.C. and Wildfire Bakery walls.

  75. sevibeau

    That was great! I don’t think I realized how much I actually like street art until I just HAD to check out your blog. I’ve always appreciated the street art I get to see in San Diego, but loved the little trip I just got to take with you! Thanks sooo much!

  76. bitcoinseedstore

    Thanks for sharing these, I really really like the 3rd one, that bench is amazing!

  77. ninachic232

    Awesome street art it is very interesting and I see street art a lot, on trains and billboards it is a way we communicate with each other. Very nice pictures!

  78. 7 of HeArTz

    Amazing photos here!! Very inspiring!!


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