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My 3 day trip to Austin to code with Andy is now finished, and we just put the finishing touches on the first iteration of the stats system. The system has been collecting stats for about two and a half days now, and as it starts to fill out over the next few weeks you’ll start to see a lot more of the work that went into it.

Here are the key features of our simple blog stats system, which you can see by clicking “Blog Stats” in the menu on your Dashboard:

  • The first thing you will notice is the daily pageviews graph, and you can hover over the lines to see the exact number of pages for that day.
  • “Referrers” will show the top sites people clicked from to get to yours.
  • “Top Posts” let’s you know the most popular posts on your blog for that day.
  • Finally “Search Engine Terms” will show how people find your blog on the search engines.
  • The stats are almost live, they update every 5 minutes or so.

Our core focus for this first iteration was just getting the most frequently asked for features in place with a highly scalable system. We’ll be expanding the features based on your feedback in the future, so use that feedback button!

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  1. .derek

    awesome! more food for the stats whores within us all.

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  3. Darren

    Will this system be available as part of WordPress 2.0, or as a plugin, or as part of the MU system, or is it only for

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  6. Rory

    Great , I love it
    I was waiting and waiting for this Stats Update.

    Feedback: Unique Visits would be nice.


  7. Matt

    Okay, the feedback form no longer overlaps the flash graph. Sorry guys! Thanks for all the great feedback so far.


  8. Flock Sucks

    I like it.


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  10. Ondas, cables, luces, cacharritos y cachivaches

    Estadisticas en

    Ya esta en marcha la nueva pagina de estadisticas, y aparte de que estaria mejor tener mas dias para compar y no solo los ultimos 7, esta muy bien.
    La nueva pantalla, con grafico diario incluido, esta en la pestaña ‘Dashboard’ y de ahi en …


  11. Jope

    I like it very much, It would be nice to have more days to compare, current and last month would be great…


  12. Ken

    Quite lovely. I second Darren‘s question!


  13. xeph

    goooooooooooooooood! i love it!


  14. 8wheels

    In what time zone does it begin a new day? Looks like it does so sometime in the evening, but much before midnite?

    But I ain’t complainin’. It’s maaahvelous.


  15. wellwisher

    Nice, but I would also like to see my old ‘Referrer’info, at least until the new stats have built up some history. Is it gone forever?


  16. Matt

    The new stats system is specific to, it can’t be bundled into the downloadable WordPress.

    All times on the stat page are UTC, which means it may switch over to a new day slightly different than yours.


  17. CarLBanks

    This is an awesome system!


  18. julor

    i have seen a spike of views on my blog in the last 2 days. I looked at the referer to understand why but 95% of it is from “your site” my own website. Does it mean people enter directly the blog adress? can we have some more info on referer?


    PS: rocks i just love it, thanks to every one involved


  19. Andy

    julor: “your site” means they clicked from one page on your blog to another. We’ll be updating the Blog Stats page with helpful hints like that as time goes on. Thanks for loving! 🙂


  20. pangerankucing

    I love it. But it would be great if the hit counter displayed on the blog page.


  21. seedlings

    How about adding a simple indicator bar that counts up the total number of incoming links, ala Technorati?


  22. Hydonsingore

    Really useful! No need to introduce other codes.


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