Fauna and Regulus

We just added two new themes, Fauna and Regulus 2.

Fauna is great because it has an incredible attention to detail, a beautiful look, and a pretty distinctive color scheme. This theme is not for the weak of heart.

Regulus on the other hand might be familiar to some of you, but it’s received a major overhaul thanks to the great work of Ben Gillbanks. You can now customize the color scheme, many aspects of the sidebar, and the header graphic to create some very interesting and unique combinations. It even has pink! After you activate the theme there will be a new submenu under “Presentation” titled “Current Theme Options” which will give you the configuration screen for Regulus.

We hope you all have a merry Christmas, happy holidays, and enjoy these themes. 🙂

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  1. Waffle

    This is indeed a GREAT Christmas gift.
    Thank you WordPress.Com!

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  2. jaynedarcy

    Love the Regulus theme. I like the little bit of extra freedom in customizing it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. VxJasonxV

    Regulus is a BEAUTIFUL theme. I’ve fallen in love with it.


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  5. 1kahless

    Were there any changes required to install Regulus? I tried to install it on my MU installation and could not enable it for a just a single blog. I had to enable it for the entire site. There also seems to be and issue with the footer in Safari. Anyone else noticed this? Thanks.


  6. Stephen

    Loving the customization. Any chance of allowing HTML in the “about” thing?


  7. bren

    Thanks for the Christmas Gift!

    Merry Christmas WordPress.com! 🙂


  8. jesus

    great job with Regulus…


  9. Little Buddha

    I created a new blog here with the regulus 2 theme… beautiful!


  10. slnewkirk

    Regulus 2 is fantastic! I love that I can customise it, I now have a theam that I feel comfortable with. BTW: It still breaks down a little bit in safari, but it is still IMHO the best theam available.

    Thank You,


  11. James

    Fauna roxxors. It’s so neon! Will different color scemes be avalable for that soon, as well?


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  13. MadMark

    Thank you so much for new themes! There’s the possibility that someone will enhance the default theme? It’s still my favourite.

    Thank you


  14. whatnottocrochet

    Awesome! Thanks for the pink too! 🙂


  15. beeteew

    The Regulus theme is great!


  16. CarLBanks

    These two themes look great!


  17. noshowerfamily

    i like Regulus 2. it’s great! but i wish that there’s a setting for it to show the category a post was placed under on the home page (like the default Kubrick theme, for example..).


  18. noshowerfamily

    i tried out Regulus 2 and i like it! i wish there’s a setting to enable it to show what category a post was placed under on the homepage though (like how Kubrick has the “posted in so-and-so category” at the bottom of every post).


  19. no shower family

    thoughts on regulus 2

    i tried out wordpress.com’s new Regulus 2 theme and i like it. i wish there’s a setting to enable it to show what category a post was placed under on the homepage though (like how Kubrick has the “posted in so-and-so category” a…


  20. joen

    Very cool Christmas gift Matt! Thanks.

    Beta 2 of Fauna is out soon with a slew of fixes here and there. I’ll let you know when that happens.


  21. pangerankucing

    Agree… It’s a beautiful gift. I like Regulus very much. I can customize the theme anytime. Thanks to Ben Gillbanks for the nice works.


  22. Ben

    Hey Everyone

    Thanks for the kind words. There have been enough people comment (complain?) about the categories not being on the homepage that I will be adding them in, but they will most likely be optional since personally I think they serve no purpose. I also have a few other ideas for new features and it will be interesting to see if I can get them to work.


  23. Bell

    I love Fauna! I think it’s a very mature theme, despite still being classified “beta.” Joen did a wonderful job.


  24. Ivan Chew

    I’m glad I dropped by the forum and then read this post. Simply delighted with Regulus (thank you, Ben) since it offers some customisation. Ok, don’t get me wrong… I like Regulus. But if only Fauna offered customisation too… 🙂


  25. Jen

    Regulus is great! I love the calendar. I definately would love to see more templates we can customize.


  26. hamza

    Thank you WordPress.Com!:D


  27. Steph

    Fauna is neat, but — dammit! — why doesn’t it list categories in the sidebar? And why does it only list my “blogroll” links, and not the links that I classified in another category?

    In a world where one can’t edit themes (WP.com) I think it’s important that theme authors provide themes with a few basics — categories and categorized links being part of them.


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