Theme Friday: Hemingway and Benevolence

To celebrate the fact that it’s Friday and we love you all, we’ve added two more themes we think are kinda slick.

Benevolence is an “underground” theme that is pretty straightforward and grassy.

Hemingway is one of the more innovative WordPress themes we’ve seen, however it won’t work for all sites. It shows only two posts on the front page, and puts most of the sidebar content at the bottom. It’s also very dark. Check it out, but your site content might not fit it.

Have a good weekend everybody. 🙂

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  1. alvanweb

    Wow! thank you so much! with today best than yesterday.


  2. Neo

    K2 wanted 🙂


  3. Emily

    Thanks for continuing to fill out the list of available themes for! Keep up the great work!


  4. James

    “Theme Friday”? Is this going to become a regular occourence? That’d be really cool.


  5. Rakesh Kumar



  6. Steve Gallagher

    Lots of these themes are great! and very useful. What I would like to see next is one which allows me to upload a custom graphic for the header.


  7. centraluniversity

    all the better….guess this website would be an alternative to blogger and….great work!


  8. jaschu

    This is pretty cool! I like the new themes coming in.

    My one problem at the moment is that I’m administrating a multi-user weblog, and a lot of the themes don’t state anywhere who the author was. Ocadia 1.1 is one of the few that does this, so I’m using that at the moment, but I like a lot of the other themes better. 🙂 Should I hope that this might be introduced later on?


  9. Carlo

    As everyone said, thanks for the new themes, which keeps getting better! Agree with Hemmingway being quite innovative, excellent. Thanks again 😀


  10. Steve Stander

    Excellent news indeed. WordPress will be seeing many new sign ups from Vietnam as I encouraged students here to give it a try.

    Will there be more themes added for non-paying wordpress members or is that pushing it?


  11. Ryan

    cool Thanx


  12. kusiyay

    tanks staff wordpress, Hemingway is my themes now 🙂


  13. drhaisook

    More themes please…!


  14. brian4saijaan

    thank’s this is the best theme, i like it


  15. beeteew

    The new theme is great! Keep up the good work! 🙂


  16. dragonpoet

    How bout a theme with 3 columns?


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