Don’t count me

This was a highly requested feature we put in a few days ago, we’ve just been letting it gel for a bit before blogging about it.

Your stats system no longer counts your own hits to your own blog when you’re logged in. This way you can get a better idea of what your actual traffic is without counting those thousand times you reloaded you home page to see if anyone commented. 😉

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  1. karthiksn

    I should say this has to be the current best feature u have added really great


  2. lucacicca

    Great! This is an useful feature.


  3. Roxanne

    Is that why my numbers went down? 😉 Just kidding…I don’t reload my pages all the time…LOL! 😐


  4. SrWilliam

    Reality is a good thing.And so is WordPress.


  5. Michael

    Thanks! This had me confused for a while…I preview my pages a lot. Now that used to up my numbers by accident.


  6. CarLBanks

    Awesome new feature!


  7. matthias

    that’s a good change 😉

    you’ve got a lot of hits if you had tested a new design or something like that 😉


  8. 59ideas

    Does it recalculates all the previous stats? Or only apply to the recent stats?


  9. Matt

    It only applies to new stats.


  10. Bryan Le

    How about adding an average of the numbers?


  11. office

    This is a great feature. Good work!


  12. M. Liang Liu

    Thank you!


  13. Michael

    I can’t wait for more stats features! You guys are great.


  14. Paulo Ferreira

    The stats page is one of the coolest features in WordPress and it just got a whole lot better.

    Keep up the fantastic work 🙂


  15. lchiles

    Thanks awesome. I really appreciate it ya’ll. U rock -Music news, followings, and my music, coming soon!


  16. Khun T


    Thank you in Thai language.


  17. secretgeek

    …now all we need to know is how the fastest growing blog stuff works. I can see no systematics behind the top lists usually.


  18. Kunal

    Great feature! 🙂
    Could you add a feature that sums up hits posts-wise. So that I may know which post got the maximum number of hits. Not just over a period of week, but total number of hits till now.


  19. desolance

    I think the CMS is fantastic for this platform Keep it up guys!


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  21. erinjulian

    Nice Work!! 🙂


  22. coelomic

    Well thought feature!


  23. Toni

    “This way you can get a better idea of what your actual traffic is without counting those thousand times you reloaded you home page to see if anyone commented.”

    Dangnit, who told you about that? 😛


  24. doreenedwards

    Looking at my stats today I’m confused. Instead of the nice graph line I’m used to I get coloured blocks ‘A’ and ‘B’. What does this mean? But more puzzling is that the stats are for hits from 2003 to 2005 i.e. before I began this blog. Is it me – or what?


  25. jerjer

    It will be even nicer, if I can input the IPs that I don’t want to be included in the count…


  26. hadi

    nice feature


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