Login Errors

We finally tracked down a few problems with how our login cookies interacted with Internet Explorer. You may need to login again, but we’ve identified the issues and they should be all fixed up now.

This may also fix some problems people were reporting with viewing stats.

If you still have any problems, please send us feedback using the feedback form or let us know on the forums.

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  1. .i dream in red.



  2. bechalem

    txs it has been a while buggin me…seems to work fine now..please please keep up the good work. i have other blogs but i am planing to move here completely once i am sure this littel bugs are fixed…i am hoooooked to this one


  3. linux

    Good … what about the fix with fonts (the whole post) getting automatically “bold” … or is it only with Firefox, as I haven’t noticed the same behaviour with Konqueror browser.


  4. Matt

    linux, this isn’t the right place for tech support. Use the forums or feedback.


  5. Pelf

    OK! My stats graph is finally “understandable” 🙂


  6. jaytomio



  7. jean

    I am not sure if anybody notices I could see stats from 2003 ownwards hmmm…. got a screenshost see it at http://jean.wordpress.com


  8. scottroyall

    Ahha! Now I know why I couldn’t login today.


  9. swartzonmedia

    I was wondering about that. Thanks.


  10. jean

    Since people are wondering where the 2003- 2005 stats in the blog are here you go the right location – http://jean.wordpress.com/2006/03/15/wordpresscom-website-stats-on-user-blog-stats/


  11. taraden

    Thank you very much 🙂


  12. Faidley

    thanks I was wondering why I was having such trouble with the login and cookies. Patients time and diligent effort on your part resolved a stubborn problem for me.


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