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The tag communities have really begun to take off on WordPress.com, with people using it to discover other WP.com bloggers who are writing about the same things they are. Since the launch though we've had two items on our TODO that would make global tags extra useful. (WordPress.com: We work weekends so you don't have to ;).)

The first isn't exciting at all, it's just paging. Before you could only see the first page of results for a tag, now you can see them all. Sorry for not launching with this.

The second is actually pretty useful. Every tag page now has a link to a RSS feed where you can subscribe to the latest posts from around WordPress.com on a given tag. It's a full-text feed, just as if you were subscribing to the blog directly. Not only would this be useful to track topics you love in an aggregator like Bloglines, but you could also add it to your sidebar using the RSS widget.

Please continue to provide feedback if there is any way you think tags or feeds could be more useful!

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  1. In Photos

    Photography Feeds on WordPress.com

    One of the cool things to come out of WordPress.com has been global tags. Everyone who writes articles and posts categorises them in the normal way, but the magic bit is that these posts don’t remain in isolation. They’re added to the tags …


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  3. teen

    Thanks a lot guys. Wp simply rocks


  4. .i dream in red.

    very cool. definitely going to do the RSS feeds.


  5. Mick

    This is a great feature. Was wondering if an option could be created for the surfer to restrict results to a specific site… I discovered that the tags in my header are global and the sidebar are site specific.

    If you were surfing, liked what you saw at one site and wanted to see what else was there, it would be nice to have that option from the global page in case you haven’t discovered the sidebar function or you’re not part of the WordPress community.

    Great work.


  6. karthiksn

    Wow man WP really rocks its great you included the feature


  7. Sankar

    The RSS stuff will be very useful in the sidebar


  8. P. A. Monteiro

    You guys really do work weekends. I love the RSS feed feature for the tags. Since I’ve run out of adjectives to describe you guys, so I’ll use a noun, Super-man. 😉


  9. buxx

    Would be very very great, although will it be possible to migrate existing tags like The Ultimate Tag Warrior to the WP version of tags?


  10. swartzonmedia

    Cool, I’ll need to look into this more.


  11. rlawson

    Great feature! The game now is to create a tag before anyone else. Mine is e-comedy. http://wordpress.com/tag/e-comedy/


  12. legalpad

    I agree with Mick in that there needs to be an option for the reader to limit their tag search to the specific site or globally. I see this as greatly confusing the average reader.

    Additionally, some of the text and titles still treat these as categories (implying in-site results) such as “posted in” and the title element “see all posts in whatever”, instead of “tagged:” and “see all wordpress posts tagged whatever”.


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  14. erinhalfelven

    Very nice. Would it be possible to have the tags listed alphabetically also? It would sure make it easier to look for a specific tag.


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