Unlimited Blogs

Ever wanted to start a new blog on WordPress.com and had to register a new account even though you already had one and just wanted another blog, not another login? That was pretty annoying, huh?

No longer! Now when you go to wordpress.com/signup as a logged in user, it lets you simply add another blog to your stable. As many as you want, need, or desire — no limits. You may also notice that when you're logged in the WordPress.com homepage gives you a link to the admin section of all blogs that you have access to.

You can now manage all the blogs you want with a single login and user for all of them. Enjoy. 🙂 (And sorry for the old behaviour!)

Update: If you have multiple accounts, I would recommend going to Users > Authors & Users > Add User From Community to make one of them an admin on both blogs.

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  1. sanyuja

    Awesome! A feature that I had been waiting for like ages. Thanks a bunch.

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  2. K

    You’re spoiling everyone of us a great deal. Thank you.

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  3. Destiny

    cool, this really helps alot, and we don’t have to log out everytime!


  4. wwahmed


    If we somehow get the ability to display our multiple blogs as ‘Pages’ instead of having to show them as ‘Links’ in the sidebar, that’d be great! That might be one way to ‘integrate’ multiple blogs under a single site, but if you guys come up with some other way, that’d be great too!


  5. Matt

    wwahmed, why not add the other blog’s RSS feeds as RSS widgets in your sidebar?


  6. Matt

    Also remember guys, you can still add existing users to blogs, on the Users page.


  7. Sumeet

    GG Matt … so one more feather in ur cap 🙂 Good one !! Was wondering something is missing for a long time after using blogger 😛


  8. macnewbie

    Can we link 2 already existing blogs together?


  9. Abhijit Nadgouda

    This will be helpful in managing multiple blogs. Thanks!


  10. Rushi Vishavadia

    I was waiting for something like this for a while!


  11. Ari

    Yeay! And many thanks!


  12. stacia

    Hi, I’m just wondering, what if I already have multiple blogs. Can I merge them into one account? Thanks!


  13. Sankar

    Nice feature. This was available in blogger and when I switched over, this was one of the feature that I missed. Good that is finally here.
    PS: Wish I could edit the template here in wp.com just like blogger 🙂


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  15. Qwerty Maniac

    Wow real nice idea and feature. 🙂


  16. gapp

    If only that had happened a few days back. Is it possible to merge the exsisting accounts…


  17. rdgujarati

    it is really good feature. thanks.
    can i edit post of my another blog by using single login ? i have added user. now how can i do that ? please reply.


  18. camdenlady


    I’ve already done the double accounts thing for my two. Is there any way I can consolidate them under one login. (camdenlady and cathrynsymons, both under cathrynsymons?)


  19. iabhinav

    Well I would also like to request more feature into it.

    Well that is that those who created there multiple accounts before can add those previous ones into one?
    Is that possible?

    Is so then that will be great!


  20. karthiksn

    oh man i made just another one some days ago i guess i will delete it and register the new one under my present id


  21. TheShortFatKid

    Very cool. Is there a way to connect existing wordpress accounts?


  22. tabreziqbal

    i too had registered a second blog separately some time ago. if only its comments can be imported in the new blog like the posts can be imported currently 😦

    but a great feature nevertheless 🙂


  23. Matt

    See the update.


  24. Mithun

    Hey, this is a cool feature I missed after migrating from Blogger. Well, I just created two new blogs to test this. Now I want to delete one of them, but if I delete that will I loose my account and my original blog as well? Just want to make sure before i attempt something 🙂


  25. bullish1974

    perfect! just perfect!


  26. swartzonmedia

    Cool, I wanted to make a personal blog, but didn’t want to go through the trouble. Now I might do it.


  27. James

    Neat feature, but won’t this only hasten the day when the only avalable blogname.wordpress.com urls are like “nocontent293721.wordpress.com”?


  28. draicone

    Nice, although maintaining one blog is hard enough for me 😉


  29. fuchsiacow

    can i say again that you guys are wonderful…


  30. swartzonmedia

    Hey, I started this new blog where I’m trying to promote random acts of kindness. I think this can make a difference to some people, so please take two minutes and check it and leave a comment if you can. http://makeadiff.wordpress.com/
    Thank you.


  31. T8y8

    It gets better and better!


  32. talkislam

    why are you guys so nice


  33. godfather

    you people rock..this was the only main lacking feature which made me stick on the old and dumb blogger.com ….now i m totally on wordpress..


  34. Lazy Drive

    Kid in a candy store.

    WordPress is offering Unlimited blogs! WOOHOO! So I can finally do what I did with my blogger account – get more blogs than I could handle – and the result was me getting a blogger's block, after tryin to do justice to all the blogs I started.


  35. Logan

    Hot damn! Now all we need is the option of having our own personalized url that forwards to our wordpress.com account.


  36. Rahul M

    Matt how do I thank you??


  37. myscribbles

    Good going, WP admin! This is another good change in the chain of recent changes to your service. We are conitnuing to get the best of the blogosphere here on WP.com–all for free!. Thanks a bunch!


  38. larry h.

    I’ve some mates that have their blogs on Blogger and they’ve got this feature. It is good to see the WordPress is upping the ante. Good show, chaps. Now how about those headers …:)


  39. sudhakar

    simple fantastic


  40. ebonk

    That’s the way (aha aha)
    i like it (aha aha)


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  48. zhaol

    oops. good news. but i am wondering if the hardware and storage can support so much…


  49. burnz

    wooot!!! this is a good news.. 🙂 i’m lovin it… lol


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  54. meneame.net

    Blogs ilimitados en WordPress.com

    "Ahora puedes crear todos los blogs que quieras en WordPress.com. Antes era imposible tener varios blogs en una misma cuenta. Ahora eso ya no es un problema. Si tienes un blog en wordpress.com y quieres crear otro, solo tienes identificarte y lueg…


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  56. dearararat

    This is a great feature! I do have a question, though: how do I remove one of my blogs from appearing on my main page once I’ve signed in? I’ve deleted it, but it is still showing up.



  57. discrepant

    Its about time!!!! :((((((

    I moved to wordpress, made a big noise about it, and then realised couldnt manage multiple accounts…. so switched back to blogger, to much embarassment,,,,


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  59. umeko

    That’s a really cool idea! 🙂


  60. hotdressblogger

    If you have one account in WordPress, no problem. You can have unlimited blogs with that account. WP allows you to do so without a big stick. Way to go! So now, get yours!


  61. a35ramy

    Sounds way cool to me also. I just ned to figure out what to do with mine. I wanted to use it for sharing graphics but from the way it sounds it would be better to go with buying a place for a wordpress site in stead of using the free one. I sure don’t want to do that yet until I learn a lot more about it and I can start making my own themes ect first. So it may be a while for that. So I just need to figure out what to do with it. I can see though that this is the up and coming craze though. So I wish Ihad more time to learn it. I just learned html and now I have to start all over learning this woooooooo Another longgggg time thing here to I am afraid. Lol. Thanks for the info here. Ruth


  62. Mumzy

    I’ve created 2 blogs now here, how do I get to the second? I log in and it takes me to the admin of the first blog. To get into the second I have to log out, go to the url of the second one and log in via that page…its a bit awkward.


  63. Luminus

    This is really incredible guys. Keep it up.


  64. Dr. Jekyll

    Is it possible to give one of the “extra” blogs away, with separate password?


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  66. ShiNa

    that’s fantastic!


  67. JDigital's Segment of the Blogosphere

    Entering the Blogosphere

    WordPress.com is a convenient way to try out the latest version of WordPress. Sneaky. Right now it’s looking pretty Web 2.0. I don’t really know why you’d want to sign up without a blog, but I’m sure there are reasons for it.


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  70. denia

    This is very good idea. Keep it up.


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  72. apckrd

    now let’s get this tidbit of info added to WordPress site / FAQ… i just spent 20 min, gave up, googled “create second blog on Word Press” and eventually found this post in position ~10. thanks for blogging it! 🙂


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