Custom Headers Everywhere

Well, almost everywhere. 🙂

Based on your feedback we’ve added a button to the custom header section that allows you to hide the header text, so for example if you already have text in your image. The text is hidden but still there, so it still shows up for search engines and such and you don’t have to blank out your title or description anymore.

We’ve also enabled a big batch of themes to have custom header functionality, the ones in this run are:

  • Ambiru
  • Benevolence
  • Blix
  • Contempt
  • Neat

We’ll be finishing up the other ones that can accept images in another batch.

In the meantime, I’d love to see what you guys are doing with this new functionality. Leave a comment on this post linking to your blog with a cool custom header and when we do the next custom header post I’ll link a few of the nicest.

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  2. lily

    Oh BRAVO! I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow…
    have I told you lately that I love you?
    have I told you there’s no other blogging service above you?


  3. Confused


    Thanks. Great job as always.

    You can see mine here-

    I actually changed my theme to take advantage of it.


  4. Julian

    Thank you guys. I was waiting this since I start my blog in wordpress.
    Your are amazing. Thanks again.


  5. Dickson

    Woah! More custom headers!
    I don’t know if mine is nice but worth a try.


  6. sanyuja

    That’s great news. Thanks a lot!


  7. riva

    wow, looks like that just came in while i was, serendipitously, working on my layout!

    great work; i love that you’re adding more customization options for users.


  8. Kunal

    Finally, Neat! is in.. Thanks 🙂


  9. June

    Besides the ability to automatically fit the header image into it, are there any other advantages over Regulus? I’ve been using Regulus for a while; and it has had a custom header for a while now.

    I’m not sure if I would want to change. I would be nice to have a feature that allows us to preview the new template without having readers see some funny things going on while visiting the site.


  10. ychittaranjan

    Cool work Guys! Keep it Up.
    I stick with the Thirteen Theme and hnce may’nt be able to modify the ‘Header’ image…but cheers to all others!


  11. JasonAChurchill

    Is Andreas09 going to be among the next batch?


  12. gapp

    I am with the regulus theme…and just put up some kinda google font with it…


  13. MadMark

    Everywhere? Not in the default theme!!!! PLEASEEEE!!!!


  14. phrostypoison

    when’s K2 coming???

    but this is nice!

    btw, can Ambiru have widgets functionality? please?


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  17. Brent

    Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’ll never guess the irony in this! I was looking at my old blog at Blogger, wishing that I could have the header that I want. Then I logged back into my dashboard here to find this! Can you believe it? It’s too good to be true!

    What’s next? How about custom address-bar icons? You know, instead of the default W? Sorry, now I’m getting way too far ahead of myself.

    Are all of the themes eventually going to be enabled for this?

    Also, one last question: I would really love to see the K2 theme here. I have left a message in the feedback and even on the developers blog. K2 plus custom headers =blogging paradise for me!

    Once again, thanks fellas 8)


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  19. Christopher



  20. Christopher

    Beautiful. How about the custom wordpress template: Kubrick?

    It would also be useful if you guys highlighted on the presentations page which templates support custom headers.



  21. friedreich rommel delos santos

    coolness! before my custom header doesn’t go well with with the connection there now it with the neat theme, it blends and creates the effect i wanted.

    great! thanks fellas.


  22. Justin

    I love this new custom header functionality. You wanna see mine? Sure…..Visit my blog. I did my custom header using photoshop and my blog is under the Neat 0.01 Theme. 🙂


  23. JV

    Thanks. I have changed the header image.


  24. hafar


    Maybe a little out of the ordinary, if nothing else…


  25. kyramas
  26. sulz

    c’est magnifique!

    i just don’t know where to start! ambiru or benevolence or blix or contempt or neat… i hope this doesn’t start another blogging diarrhoea.. 😛


  27. Nobodyknows

    Wow! You guys and gals are fantastic! Prrof positive that the folks at WordPress listen to the users. Thanks a ton.

    Here are my custom headers:

    The Reflective Teacher
    Think, Pair, Share!


  28. Nobodyknows

    Oops. I screweed up the links.

    (if these links don’t work, I give up.)


  29. K is getting better and better. Thanks for including Blix to this header functionality. However like what others said, it would be nice if an additional “preview” function is added before an image is published.

    This function is simply gorgeous!


  30. noggin

    Thanks guys. Nice function. A personalised header gives the pages an extra touch of individuality.


  31. azahar

    Nice to see more themes added, even though I’m quite happy with the original Connections one.

    Agree that a ‘preview’ function is a good idea, both for adding new header images and also for adding comments to posts.


  32. Shiroko

    WOOOOO!! Thank you so much! My blog now is nicer than yesterday!!
    I love you guys!!


  33. chaoticmind

    great!!!!!! 😀 thank you all


  34. cardiactamponade

    Great job, you guys! I was wondering though if heading colors could be changed? 🙂


  35. SushiGirl

    Awesome! Thank you!


  36. david

    Love it. My only dilemma is which Theme to use. When you initially rolled this out, I moved to connections, but now…the possibilites. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Thanks for making my head hurt. WordPress is the best.


  37. Cynthia

    you can see mine at

    It looks very neat and organize, love it and that we are able to customize our own header.



    hope this will be an option for the regulus theme as well


  39. sunburntkamel

    i had mine set up here, but then everything went 408 on me, and now i can’t change themes from the default.


  40. patam

    check mine…just finished the header a while ago. all thanks to those new customizable headers. lol


  41. cannedtanchic

    I love you guys. I am so computer illiterate that you all actually allowed me to do a blog. You all have made it just to simple and easy. I don’t know if my header is anything to write home about, but would love for you all to check it out. Thanks again. Cathy (


  42. Matt

    Keep ’em coming guys, these are looking great!


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  44. The I'mPerfect Mom

    I so heart wordpress.


  45. Roxanne

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I did mine with “Contempt”.


  46. the architect

    Nice work! The cherry on top will be when you guys add full color-palette customization of the themes. Is there a way to add a management page of color-only css options? Hopefully that wouldn’t cause a security problem.


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  48. KSH

    More options? How sweet is that? Looking forward to trying more out.

    This one is done with Regulus 2.1.3




  49. the forester

    Huzzah! How cool is that? This is a day I’ve long anticipated. I’ll be posting my new header image as soon as I get a chance.

    Thank you!


  50. ibiog

    I was so happy to see this great addition to WordPress! Thanks! (o:


  51. drhaisook

    Thanks! I’m waiting for Dusk’s!! 🙂


  52. Stephen

    I suppose I should find a picture now. This feature should be fun 🙂


  53. Brent

    Now all we need is K2 to be added to the themes (with custom header support, of course)!


  54. Shilo

    Would love to see this option in Andreas09!

    Keep up the great work!


  55. directions

    well I love mine 😀


  56. volvox



  57. Christian

    Thanx guys! You can see mine go here.


  58. -peng

    This feature is indeed awesome!! I love it. 😀
    Nice work guys.
    But, I think it’s a little bit laggy, the custom header image shows quite a while after the blog page is fully loaded.
    I’m not sure if other users experience the same lagginess, but I hope it’s just my poor internet connection. 😀


  59. moey

    this is just great, check my blog


  60. Brent

    For anybody looking for a good photo editing software solution, and cannot afford Photoshop, or does not want to pirate illegal software, I recommend using GIMP.

    GIMP is open-source, and can do many of the things that other expensive software like Photoshop can. There are versions for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

    I hope this helps anyone looking for a useful (and free) solution for creating a custom header.


  61. realestateceo

    This will be awesome


  62. stevel

    Great feature.
    Here is mine:


  63. Justin

    Wow, there are some really awsome new custom headers people have come up with. This is so great, I love you guys and gals at wordpress for adding this new functionality. I just can’t wait until the next batch of themes to get the new custom headers 🙂


  64. Dennis Pater

    I use regulus so i play unfair but like my header. It’s great that Oder themes get custom headers to, but that’s not the only thing why I choose regulus. So I’m being a rock then 😀


  65. strambinha

    Wow! We love you, we love you, we love you…

    I’m not sure if I’ll give up of my beloved Dusk theme yet, but I am seriously inclined to try my hand with the elegant Neat or Ambiru. I think you made an excelent choice of themes to customize.

    WordPress rules!!!


  66. foo

    Here’s mine 🙂


  67. Mr Angry

    Couldn’t resist. First chance I got I updated my blog with a custom header. It’s nice to be an individual. Like everybody else.


  68. fmatt

    there needs to be an option to NOT have to crop the image!! mine is already 700×200, and it’s a bit annoying having to redo it every time..

    anyway, great addition here … i’m still waiting for more customisation though!! fonts, colour .. oh and how i would love to do it in html… i still don’t understand why we can’t – just disable tags if you’re worried about security??

    o well, my banner is here:


  69. Elsie

    So coooooool!!!! thank you!!!! How about Andreas04, that’s what I was using…this one looks pretty cool, check it out…

    love it 🙂


  70. Dickson

    I have been browsing the many customised headers on this page.
    And I have to say, all of them are WONDERFUL!


  71. dorknation

    Well, I’ve been waiting for this feature, BUT doesn’t look like the three column Andreas template will have the option. I hope I’m wrong, if not, get to importing another three column theme!


  72. Brent

    Alright…..finally satisfied with the look. Check out my blog then.

    By the way, everyone else’s custom headers look really great! This makes instantly, I’d say, about 10X better! 8)


  73. stevel

    I have changed to the Neat theme and changed the picture, but twice now when I have checked the blog, the theme has reverted to the default one. Anyone else had this problem?


  74. greenlightsabers

    Nice work with the custom headers… every blogger’s wet dream!


  75. talkislam
  76. A - Your Story

    Hey, about custom headers, well you can see my site (I hope you like it).
    Custom headers are a great idea. It’s really, really nice to be able to have your own photo/image up there. So, thanks for the great, neat feature.
    For a writer’s website – custom headers are a dream.


  77. baramunchies

    look at my custom header.
    cool dog isn’t he?
    but it sucks that your can’t cusomize the whole page with css.


  78. timethief

    When tagging after a long train of comments like this one it gives one pause to wonder why bother? The answer is of course to express gratitude.
    Using patriotsfan as an example I believe no one can complain about the accomodating staff at wordpress. He began complaining that he couldn’t have a customized header, a chat room plug-in and a change of the font colour. Well, he got everything his heart desired didn’t he? Thanks for being so responsive.
    Hopefully these additional features will remain as a freebie and not become paid for options in the future.
    Thanks again.


  79. theyplaycreole

    How do I actually ADD a custom header???


  80. green

    Really awesome !! :X


  81. Kristine

    Something new to try…woowhoooo!


  82. Michael

    I love it!!!!!! But try to see if we can customise the default theme header!!!


  83. TBleuer

    Great work Guys, thank you!


  84. Jean-Sébastien

    Great and easy. I am brand new to blogging and had no problem whatsoever to customize my header. You can check it at:


  85. Areté

    I am so in love with WORDPRESS. You totally rocked my world when I read that I can upload a custom header for my blog. I’ve been waiting for this moment, and as soon as I found out, I told everyone I knew who then told everyone else, and so far at least 3 people from Blogger have converted over to WordPress, plus a few more are in the wings waiting to change over. I just want to applaud you all on a work well done.

    I’m just estatic that I can change my header whenever I feel like it, and my blog will be unique no matter what.

    Thanks WordPress!!!!!


  86. darki

    really cool. thks


  87. Xavier G.

    You can see my new header here:

    Very easy.

    Thank you very much!


  88. Justin

    Yeah, baramunchies brought up a great point. It is so awesome at the moment with this new custom header functionality on many themes so far (more still to come) but wouldn’t it be great if the whole theme could be customized using CSS?

    I know the guys and gals at wordpress would have a lot of work ahead of them to bring us that kind of customizability, but Im sure many other bloggers out there would be interested to see that kind of functionality.


  89. Justin

    But hey, btw im not complaining or anything. Im absolutely loving the new custom headers and i hear more themes are still to come with new custom headers too! 🙂 Great job wordpress again! Im loving it!


  90. JasonAChurchill

    No way! andreas09 isn’t custom header capable? You’ve got to be kidding me! The only three-column theme doesn’t have the ability to house coolest feature wordpress has ever unveiled?

    I’m hurting inside.


  91. Aj Collins

    They didn’t say that. There doing the themes in batches. I’m hoping that it’s in the next batch.


  92. jb510

    Personally, I’d love to use Andreas04 but I’m not sure how they could let you add a custom header to a theme that scales to width… so I’m using Benevolence with a custom header, although that’s funny since I chose Benevolence originally because I liked the picture of the grass.

    I also second the motion that the header upload tool or something advise us what the proper header size is (700×225 pixels in my case), so that those of use that WANT to use photoshop can make the header the right size and skip the crop tool.

    In the meantime you can, at least from FireFox, right click and “View Background Image”, then right click again and get “Properties”.


  93. snavy

    Just started over here at wordpress. It seems really cool. I’m just really used to being more hands on with the ins and outs of my blog.
    I totally agree with Justin. Also, where comments are should be a choice – I would so much rather have the comments at the bottom of my post instead of having to scroll back up. I love the template I have – that however is a big drawback.

    Keep up the good work and the improvements.


  94. The Eternal Wanderer

    Help!! I’ve already uploaded a pic for my custom header but why is it there’s still a spot of blue from the original template still seen on my main page? Is it the pics problem? Is it not long enough? No matter how many times I resized my pic and cropped it, the original blue is still noticeable and it irritates the heck of me…

    Any solutions from anyone here?


  95. Brent

    I agree that the Kubrick theme would be good to allow to have a custom header. But even more, I would like to see K2 with this custom header function. K2 is so nice.


  96. generally

    Great! Thanks!


  97. Dcn. Steve

    Nice job folks! I like “Contempt” (I LIKE ALL OF THEM) with a custom header. Is it possible to change the colors in the sidebar to match what’s going on in the header? THANK YOU!


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  99. blogo

    And I’d love to see an updated fauna – it was added to in the same «batch» of Regulus, but four betas later and still no new fauna on 😦

    Keep on the great work!! 😀


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