WordCamp San Francisco

Ever wanted to meet other WordPress users? Well now is you chance. We’re putting on a 1-day conference in San Francisco called WordCamp. The idea is for WordPress users and developers to rock out for a day in person and hopefully remember enough the next morning to blog about it.

There will be technical and non-technical sessions, free BBQ for lunch, and t-shirts galore. If you think you can make it, please sign up on WordCamp.org as soon as you can so we have a good idea on how many people to plan for.

We’re still figuring out a venue and such, but it’s coming along quickly. If you’d like a little background, I originally wrote about WordCamp on my personal blog.

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  1. Justin

    oh wow that sounds totally awesome…..i’d definately come along if I could get out to San Francisco quick enough (living in Melbourne, Australia).

    Sounds like a great event!


  2. livingjourney

    Yeah… me too….Adelaide South Australia

    Oh well.



  3. drhaisook

    That’s nice. Would have been nicer of you offered free trip tickets for those of us who are outside of the US! 🙂


  4. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    Yes, I agree to drhaisook. We live far, far away from the US and are certainly hoping for a meet-up somewhere more accessible to us.


  5. generally

    Or you can organise these camps in other places too.


  6. Dewayne Mikkelson

    That would be great, How about a Virtual portion of the camp for those who cannot make it to San Francisco?


  7. Sonnie

    I agree with my fellow bloggers.. waht about us? Can you sponsore one in Manila, Philippines? Virtual Camp is also a good option.


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  9. Moey

    I’d have come if that was close, i’m in jordan and thats way far from the usa


  10. sulz

    oh well, i can hardly dare to hold my breath for one in malaysia lol. make sure we non-us residents get to see tonnes of pictures of wordcamp pls! especially of the wordpress t-shirts, i still cannot get it out of my clotheshorse mind…


  11. the forester

    I’m right there with everyone else, although living here in the DC area, I don’t have as much of an excuse. What’s becoming clear, though, is people’s interest in meeting fellow bloggers in person.

    I wonder if localized “reunion” events could be held. Perhaps a forum could be created where we could shout out to those in the same geographical area as us, and arrange to have coffee or a meal somewhere. Then we could read up on each other’s blogs ahead of time, doing our homework to get ready for the big reveal.

    This wouldn’t be anywhere nearly as formal as a conference — we’d just need you guys to create the forum and let everyone know it’s there.


  12. uncrowd

    An East coast version would be great somewhere between New York and Boston. Otherwise have the first one and get some experience with it and let us know what it takes. I would also go for a global virtual camp as others suggested.


  13. p|nK^bEe

    I hope there’ll be one in Singapore too! =D


  14. marialectrix

    I think it would be a lot easier for users to organize get-togethers (and find local folks with expertise to give helpful talks, and then maybe get WordPress to send somebody, too). I mean, there’s no need to wait on somebody else to do it, or charge much or any money, if local people do it themselves.


  15. traya

    Sounds like FUN FUN FUN. not.


  16. Linh760Li

    interesting! but im living in Ha Noi, Vietnam now.



  17. Caffe

    how about a wordcamp world tour then?!? or have several running simultaneuosly all over the world for a like a threeday weekend (according to the gregorian calendar…im not sure of the conversions to other calendars) aaaaaaand have some kind of computer network connecting them all so we can say hi to eavh other from around the world.


  18. Brent

    San Francisco? Why not Chicago? I wouldn’t step foot in San Francisco, he-ha-he-he!

    I suggest Chicago for the next one.


  19. onecoolsoul

    I would like to go because I would like a chance to meet some fellow bloggers and take in the sights as well! But alas I too am far away. Oh well maybe next time.


  20. rdgujarati

    As i am from India, it is not possible for me to come but my best wishes with all wordpress team for organizing this beatuiful event.

    best luck


  21. Christopher Hradil

    I’d just wanted to drop a quick note to Matt, and the rest of the folks who use and follow WP and the WP mailing lists and forums. WordCamp in my opinion will without question be a smashing success, unfortunately due to the amount if things i have going on at once, and the limited notice I won’t be able to attend, although I’d really love to be there. In fact, I’d like to bring out most of my consulting team just to get them all a little more connected to what’s happening with WP.



  22. Cem Basman

    A WordCamp in Europe would be cool. How about one in Hamburg, Germany? It’s Germany’s most beautiful city. I could set up one … (“uh, shut up, Cem!”)


  23. jetsociety

    Maybe in Bordeaux, that would be great


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  25. janoz

    i wish wordpress.com were in Jordan 😦 i really would like to come but its faraway and costs alot hehe maybe oneday i would let my kids (after i get married and get some) lol


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  28. auxcool

    How about one in Asia. There’s a big Asian community of WordPress users! We’d love to go. World Tour looks great!


  29. ehab

    best of luck to everyone : ) ..

    I live in Bangladesh. Poverty hehe 😛 . . dont even think i would have made it, if it was in India 😛


  30. VDO Vault

    Here’s a second vote for the Washington DC area…I’d go to a word camp in DC 🙂


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